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It was another world meeting in the great country of America. Everyone was undoubtedly tired; who plans world meetings the day everyone gets there? It just doesn't happen. But since we ARE talking about the U S of A here, it will have to slide.

Everyone was slumped on their chair, either trying not to sleep or casually snoring their heads off. It wasn't even THAT important of a meeting; the only thing on the agenda was to take roll, present the statistics of your country, then eat. After that, everyone's pretty much free.

Continually clicking his pen in absolute boredom, England sleepily lifted up his head and glanced around the other countries. They weren't faring better; South Italy looked right about to fall from his chair from his sleeping position, and never even mind Greece! Turning his head once more, England gave a weary smile to Romania, who gave an equally weak smile back. It just wasn't a good day.

After a few more uninteresting statistics from Hungary, Taiwan, and Estonia, Germany decided to assume his natural leadership position in these meetings and dismissed everyone for a small break.

Meanwhile, two figures in dark overcoats ran as fast and as quietly as they could to hide themselves, only getting so far as to hide behind a potted plant. The taller of the two, or Person 1, sighed, keeping her eyes on the water dispenser.

The more petite figure, or Person 2, chuckled. "Way to look unobvious."

Person 1 turned, snapping back, "I am NOT being obvious!"

"Oh, you aren't? You, a tall figure, totally enshrouded in black and quite obsesive over some stupid water dispenser, are yelling at me." Person 2 snided.

Without even responding, Person 1 clamped her hands around Person 2's mouth shut as the nations began to file out of the meeting room. She dragged them both away from peripheral view, and went back to 'investigating'.

Within minutes, a few handfuls of nations were lounged on the couches, all drinking water from the dispenser. Some were talking while most tried not to fall asleep. Tried; being the key word in that sentence. One by one, they all fell asleep. The other nations didn't think of it as much, and they left to get some rest in actual beds, instead of sofas and floors. Even the coffee table, in Prussia's sake.

Once everyone (except the knocked-out few) left the building, the hooded figures came out again. Person 1 admired her handiwork while Person 2 hoisted France by the feet and started dragging him, face first onto the floor.

"DUDE! Be gentle! They might… wake." Person 1 hissed as she helped with lifting the Frenchman at his top half.

"Nah, I pinched Francey before dragging him. Out cold. What did you use?" Person 2 wondered out loud, pinching the man's ankles too, for good measure.

"Sleeping meds. I just ground them into fine powder, then dropped a half-bagful i the dispenser." Person 1 proudly said.

Person 2 pushed the door open, her jaw dropping. "A HALF?! And how much pills did you have to grind?!"

"Um. 25 to 30 to 40?" Person 1 replied sheepishly, both walking over to the unsuspicious black pick-up truck.

"Shit. Just hurry up with this before anyone catches us." Person 2 dropped France's legs, only to open the back and to wake a sleeping teen inside said truck. "Mikasa. Help. Us!"

The teen yawned, then frowned at the sight of the nation. "How much more?"

"Possibly 16? Maybe?" Person 2 replied, looking back at Person 1 confusedly. Person 1 only shrugged.

Sighing, Mikasa stretched her arms to the sky. "Fine. Let me wake up a moment."

Once all the bodies were transferred to the back of the truck, all three girls climbed inside as well.

Mikasa looked into the mirror, meeting Person 1's eyes. "Home, boss?"

"Yes, Mika. Home."

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