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Japan wakes up, glad that the medication has worn off. His eyes scan the surroundings. Why was the place dark? Did they get locked in the World Meeting Center? Surely someone could've found them. "Hello?" Japan asks, unsure of the situation he was in.

"Japan! I'm so glad you're here! Ve- I'm happy we're not dead!" Italy's voice rings out from the darkness. "Italy-san?" Japan calls out, figuring the Italian was to the far left of him.

"Hey, dudes! This is NOT cool!" America shouts loudly. "Da- whoever did this will pay." Russia's aura spreads throughout the room, making the other countries shudder.

"Russia-aru, I suggest you calm down?" China shakily says. "I second that. These kind of auras are not good for people." Austria adds. "Mister Austria, is that you?" Hungary cries out. "Of course, my Hungary." the Austrian answers back.

"Okay, enough with this!" Romano yells. "Oh Lovi, calm down." Spain replies. "The awesome me is never scared!" Prussia boasts. "What's happening?" Greece sleepily says, followed by a meow.

"Oh, this is weird. I am on top of someone. Wonder who it can be?" France seductively asks. Just then, the countries heard someone slapping the Frenchman's face. "Shut up, France! Now where is big brother and sister?" Belarus questions. Russia answers, "Da, I am here." Ukraine replies, "Oh, this is a weird place!" followed by a couple boings.

England pipes up, "Oh, we'll get nowhere with this." "Maple! This is dark." an unknown voice speaks. "Who's that?" a rough German voice calls out. "I'm Canada, America's brother!" the Canadian meekly replies.

"Oh, ok. Now that we have everyone, what now?" Germany asks. "How about let's try and get out of here-" Japan was cut off by a voice.

"You guys talk too much. And people thought girls talked too much."

"Who is that?" England asks. "Geez, fine. Maria, open the lights!" The nations blink to get the light from their eyes. As they got used to the brightness, their eyes find a teenage girl with long black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing an Aero shirt and capris with a black overcoat.

"Who are you?" Germany asks suspiciously. "Well, I am Symphony. I kidnapped you guys, with the help of a few friends." the girl answers.

"You, captured us?" Romano shrieks. France adds, "Well, how could you capture us? We're grown men, and a few women. You're a teenager, but a pretty one." The Frenchman pulls out a rose from nowhere.

Symphony's brown eyes zero in on France as a purple murderous aura comes off the teen. She pins France to the wall and hisses in his ear, "What, so you say teen girls are weak? So not lucky for you, I am one of the many fans that hate you!" Symphony grabs a perfectly placed katana near her and draws the sword to France's neck.

The Frenchman just gulps and meekly slides to the ground. The rest of the countries just sweatdrop. Symphony puts the katana back in its place and gives out a glare that says, 'Any more people like him?' Japan asks, "Um, Symphony-san. Can you tell us why we're here?"

The rest of the cast just gasps, thinking why Japan was stupid enough to talk. Symphony smiles and says, "Well, follow me to the living room! I'll tell you the basics!" The cast follows Symphony, fearing for their safety.

As they sit down on the couch, Symphony starts talking, "So, you are here to help me on finishing my English paper!"

All the nations freeze and simultaneously say one word, "Huh?" It was too shocking. Spain asks, "English paper? But, it's SUMMER!"

"Tell THAT to my English teacher." Symphony sighs. "Anyway, I need to write about something I really like, but not just details. I have to turn it into a story! I'm posting the story on a website, but a summary of our time together will be turned in as my summer homework."

"WHAT?" The cast says simultaneously, yet again. Is this rehearsed or something? "This is not accepted!" England cries indignantly. "We have better thing to do, bastard!" Romano protests. "We are not staying!" Belarus shouts. The cast walks to the door, but Symphony pipes up, "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The cast turns around and raise their eyebrows. Symphony just smirks and says, "You can't leave. I have an amazing security system with cameras, I also have... The Laptop!" The cast hears a door open to reveal several men and women in church choir robes, singing, "Aaaahhhh!" Symphony walks over to the choir and gives them a sack with a green dollar sign on it. One of the church choir people grab the bag and says, "Thank you! We will leave now." The church choir walks through a door that the cast hadn't even bothered to notice.

The cast sweatdrops and exchange confused glances. Symphony shrugs and says, "What? Choirs and bands have an okay relationship. Well, back to The Laptop. So, whatever we do gets recorded in the laptop, and I can change anything if I want to!"

Russia asks, "Symphony, can I see a demonstration of this laptop? Make a vase of sunflowers appear!" Symphony just opens her laptop and types words into it. Moments later, the living room was covered in sunflowers. Russia smiles and says, "Thank you!" Symphony shrugs and replies, "I'll put them in your room."

China challenges, "Why exactly can't we leave?" Symphony just sighs. "Whatever happens, I can read from The Laptop. Like, Belarus inching towards her brother at the moment. And, if you guys try to escape, there are two things that will happen. Either I throw you in the underground volcano island or my OC's or I will find you and punish you in any fun or harmful ways possible. By the way, only the authoress can use the laptop. Believe me, these punishments are VERY harmful. At this very moment, one of my friends is making a list of punishments. It's usually her favorite pastime!" The countries shudder at the thought.

Suddenly, a crash was heard upstairs. "What was THAT?" Symphony screams. "Sorry, Symphony! Hana accidentally pushed the button that lets out the man-eating bowling balls and the disco rats!" a voice calls out from upstairs. "UGH! You know how those disco rats can get! Quick, hide the 80's CDs!" Symphony shouts.

The cast sweatdrops for, like, the third time? Italy asks, "Symphony, shouldn't you be more afraid of the man-eating bowling balls?" Symphony just shrugs and says, "Eh, they're easy to catch. Those rats, however..." The cast just watches Symphony mutter things like "disco parties" and "senior citizens". They decide to just let it go.

The voice from upstairs shouts, "It's okay now! You can bring them up!" Symphony smiles and says, "Well, follow me to your rooms." The group marches up to the 2nd floor, amazed by the 20 or more doors that greeted them.

Symphony instructs, "So, these are the rooms. You all sleep alone, there are no partners. You can wish for anything to decorate your rooms however you want it. No wishing for ways to get out, weapons or anything in that region of wishes because they will not work. We will talk about rules tomorrow. Good night!"

The now-tired cast pick their rooms, avoiding the signs that say occupied. They wish for nightclothes and drift off to sleep.

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