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DISCLAIMER: Hetalia Axis Powers is an anime that is owned by Hidekaz Himarayu. All rights go to him, this is purely fan-made work. Enjoy this, dear lovlies! This chapter idea is mapleandmintbunnyz, everyone!

It was a few days after the Nekotalia fiasco, and the nations were acting normal, other than the sudden purrs and frequent naps. Well then, they're all acting like Greece. That means a quiet house and a bored authoress.

The peace and quiet wouldn't last long, Symphony knew that. And she was proven right when Prussia, America, Russia, and Spain wanted to do SOMETHING. "Please, Symphony. We're all bored!" America whined. Symphony looked around. Everyone was either watching a documentary about Pictos or reading long, boring books that suspiciously look like encyclopedias.

The authoress sized up the four nations. They were either too idiotic to sit down and read or someone is replaying the documentary over and over. That's it, time to put these four out of their miserable, bored state. "Okay. Wait here."

The four looked on in shock as Symphony disappeared out of thin air. She then appeared five seconds later with four filled water guns. Prussia took them with glee as Symphony told them where to go and what the rules are. "Okay, so you have to play outside. My friends and I decided to make the backyard look like it was a torn-down city, for fun! Oh, and others can join, just don't-" The authoress looked up to see that the four were gone.


When they got outside, the four decided to split into teams, like how they did in the Axis and Allies, but with a few changes (?). Spain joined up with Prussia, so that makes 2/3 of the Bad Touch Trio. America and Russia sadly got paired up with each other. The poor Europeans were in the middle of the makings of another Cold War. Oh, why does anger stay as strong as peace? The world may never know.

Soon after, almost everyone has joined up except for England, Philippines, Romano, and Italy, who was almost lured in. England was in the kitchen, reading a "book" ((*cough*encyclopedia*cough*)) when Prussia suddenly came in and soaked England. "YOU BLOODY-" The poor Brit was cut off by Prussia's laughter. "Kesesese, you are now my prisoner!" America then chose that time to come in as Prussia dragged England off.

"YOU MONSTER! Let go of Iggy. NOW." America glared at Prussia with unimaginable hate-fillled eyes. Both Prussia and England were in shock at America's seemingly scary mood, but the captor snapped out of it. "Kesese, so you DO know how to channel hate!" The American kept on glaring. "Yes, you moron. Now hand England over, or you'll regret it."

Prussia laughed. "Really? And how would I 'regret it', as you say?" The next few moments are shocking, brace yourselves. America pressed a button on the kitchen intercom and said on a low, steely voice, "I declare war against Prussia and his team."

In the living room were Symphony and her friends. The door opened to reveal a girl with straight black hair that falls to her knees and green eyes. She was wearing a white dress with no back and slits on the sides. Said girl was also weilding a machete. "SUP GUYS! I'm finally here!"

Symphony, Ally, and Kori shouted, "FERAY! You're here!" A voice piped up behind Feray. "You guys, I'm here too. Feray, move out of the way!" The girl moved over to show a green-eyed girl with long blue hair in a ponytail. She had on a brown tank top, green scarf, and jeans.

Symphony got up to greet the newcomer. "Rika! You're here too!" Rika frowned, "Yeah, I was. It's weird how you didn't see me, as I am taller than Feray." Symphony smiled, Who cares?! Come in, come in! A USUK moment just happened and America declared war!"

Feray and Rika froze. The other three girls asked, "Hellooo? What's wrong?" Feray and Rika spoke at the same time, their voices in a low tone. "So, America has started World War Three…"

Outside, there weren't any players on the battlefield itself. America and Prussia set up battle stations to discuss their plans. At America's station, they were currently freaking out.

"America! I think Italy and Romano have joined the Axis, aru!" China reported. America, in general mode, replied, "Well, who else is neutral, or not playing?" Russia answered, "Da, I think England is a prisoner that doesn't want to play. Aside from that, Philippines is neutral right now." America's face furrowed into seriousness. "Hmm. Well then! We have to get as many people as possible! My former colony needs to be in the Allies group, now! China, make a contract!" China saluted, "Yes, sir!" and rushed off.

At Prussia's station, they were cheering. "YES! Italy and Mi tomate are in this team!" Spain cheered as he hugged the two. Japan piped up, "Wait, who else is out there?" Prussia rubbed the top of England's head to get him to talk. "AARGH! Stop messing up my hair! And I am a prisoner, but I didn't really want to play, alright?! But since you've captured me, I might reconsider… By the way, Miss Philia is still neutral, isn't she?" The Axis group froze.

"WAAAH! Sorella's still in neutral?!" Italy frantically waved his arms around, which hit his brother on the face. "Romano swatted Italy's hand away and replied, "I KNOW THAT, you idiota! But how do we get her in? She's hated the Axis ever since World War 2!" The tent froze again and they looked at Japan, who felt like he was getting pierced with hate arrows. The poor thing. Prussia waved his arms and screamed, "QUIET, QUIET! We'll think up of plans later, just go out now!"

Near the Allies tent, China and Philippines were having a chat. "So, America wants me on his team, huh?" Philippines looked at the contract. China nodded, "Yes, aru. He needs more help. As you can see, he started this, aru." He motioned to the ongoing battle with water guns and paint balloons. Philippines nodded, "Sure, let me think about it." and started to walk toward the house.

While walking to the door, she was stopped by Spain. "Hija, be careful out there!" "Yes, pa-" Philippines was cut off by a paint balloon being thrown at her back and a certain American laughing. Philippines turned around to face her new victim. "And you wanted me to be on your team? Ha! Not now!" America looked on in shock as a paint-drenched Philippines ripped up the contract in her hands as Spain looked on with a smile.

"Now, as of today, I declare war against America and his team, and I will no longer be neutral. I will join over to the Axis!" The Axis combatants cheered, and they all raced on to their station, including the newbie. As the Allies went back to their station, Canada went to a frozen America and said, "And you fail once again. Sorry bro, but why am I not surprised?" With a last bye, Canada left America to follow the rest of his teammates.

Inside the Axis tent, Prussia faced Philippines. "So, you have decided to join the awesome team!" Philippines nodded, "Yes, I have been hit by the other side's general, as you see." Prussia nodded as he examined the paint-soaked clothes. He then snapped his fingers and said, "Hungary, Japan! She needs new clothes!" The two that were called rushed up and grabbed Philippines by the arms. They dragged her off, leaving Prussia to his battle plans.

At America's tent, everyone was mad, and I mean MAD at their general. " Idiot, aru! Now we lost an ally, aru!" China slammed his hands on the table. France flippped his hair, "Amerique, you sure are bad with young people." America yelled back, "Please, I'm ONE YEAR OLDER than her!" Russia sat down in his chair, obviously enjoying the fight between the three nations. "Daaa, this is fun to see them fight…"

Inside the living room, the authoress and her friends were peering over Symphony's laptop while said girl was doing WHATEVER that's called. "YAAAAAAAHHHHH! MY COUNTRY IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!" Symphony ran around the kitchen, eating, no sorry. INHALING ice cream mochis from her freezer. The others looked on with obvious fright and a bit of amusement in their eyes. Rika leaned over to Kori and asked, "She's on a sugar high. That's a REALLY bad thing." Kori looked at Rika with surprise and replied, "Who CARES about her on a sugar high? I WANT ME SOME MOCHIS!"

Outside, the battle has restarted. America shot at random for some reason, which got him glares from both teams. Prussia, on the other hand, played smart and made sure to shoot at the Allies, occasionally "slipping" and shooting Germany and Austria, his teammates. "YOU DUMKOPH! SHOOT AT OTHER PEOPLE, NOT ME!" Germany yelled to his brother. Prussia yelled back, "Kesese, West. I'm doing better than America!" America yelled at Prussia. "I HEARD THAT!"

Inside Prussia's tent, Japan and Philippines sat inside, bored out of their minds. "This is the best way we can help right? It's like being neutral, right?" Philippines asked Japan. The Japanese man tilted his head, "Hm. In a way, yes. Anyways, it's weird how this war got started. America declared war when Prussia captured England." Sinister smirks started to creep up the Asians' faces. " Oh yes. America got unusually mad for England… Hehehe.." Philippines smiled at England's turned back. "Should we interview first or doujin?" Japan asked. "Who cares, we got our USUK!" The Filipina exclaimed.

The battle has gotten ten times worse outside. Somehow, America and Prussia now had a dagger each and are in the middle, having a stab-and-dodge kind of fight. The rest just warily shot water and threw balloons, keeping an eye on their generals who were starting to bleed.

"WHAT. THE HELL. IS HAPPENING?!" Symphony screamed at The Laptop. Ally puts her hands on the authoress' shoulders and said oh-so-nonchalantly, "Oh. Prussia and America have a dagger each and are stabbing each other, both have a few REAL wounds right now.

"This has gone too far! I can't send them home bruised and hurt!" Symphony rubbed her forehead. Feray asked, "Hey, two things. One, we should stop them. Two, you're keeping them for three months. They won't be bruised and scarred for THAT long." "AHA! THAT'S IT! Let's stop them now!" Symphony cheered as she walked outside.

Her friends face palmed at Symphony's idiot-ness. "Oh, yes. NOW she gets that idea."

America dodged Prussia's dagger as the authoress walked outside. "LISTEN UP! THIS BATTLE IS NOW DONE! Please go inside to clean up!" DSymphony shouted as she got to Prussia and America. America frowned, "But what about the whole point of this war?" Symphony smiled, "Wait a second." and disappeared again.

She came back, holding England. Symphony then threw the poor Brit at America and said, "There! Now we can stop!" The nations cheered as they entered the house with awaiting sodas and chips Symphony's friends placed out. The authoress left a near-blue England getting the life squeezed out of him by America's hugs.

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