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III. Sensations of the Ship

Officer Lowe brings Captain Smith a cup of tea on the bridge joining him and Officer Murdoch, they are later joined by Officer Lightoller. They all too don't spend all of their past-living days aboard Titanic. Harold Lowe sometimes visits his newly unveiled slate plaque honouring his heroic deeds on the Titanic in Barmouth, on the foothills of the beautiful mountains of the North West Wales coast, but always comes back to the most immaculately exquisite ship in the world.

Captain Smith, however, is the man who probably spends most of his time aboard the liner - he feels at home on her. The sound of the crews footsteps along the wooden floors, the sea breeze against his face, the rumble of the engines deep in the heart of Titanic. The beat of her heart beats along with his. It's his heaven.

To most of them, it didn't happen… they only relive those happy and memorable times they experienced aboard her.

Mr Andrews is now walking along the deck on her stern, his hand running along the railing, his deep dark brown eyes follow; he's meticulously calculating, thinking… just thinking about his ship and the next new ships he's planning to design and build.

"Good day, Sir,"he hears a cheery voice in his right ear, he is torn away from his personal other world full of designs, calculations and visions. The Strausses stand in the sea breeze behind Andrews, smiling, awaiting a reply.

"Ah, good day to you both," he tips his hat slightly, with a teeth baring smile, his Irish tone as charming as ever. The couple keep walking arm in arm nodding and talking quietly to each other, presumably about how grand and magnificent the ship is. Andrews' eyes follow them as they walk along the stern and eventually rest on the railing, close to each other, eyes on the horizon. He is so proud of his ship, it's like a child to him. He smiles and momentarily closed his eyes to feel, to experience the sounds, the sensations, the ship.