Chapter One

A/N: Umm…yeah, again I own nothing but my character Jesse Leon Hawkins.

Jesse sat on the steps of the school on the last day before summer, nursing the bruise on his left arm with a wet napkin. That was the third time this week he'd been picked on, all because of the fact his father still wasn't back from his stupid business trip.

"Go run to your daddy," the ringleader had taunted as school let out. Jesse winced. This one would be hard to hide from his mother or from Jim, as he'd been doing since the bullying started four years ago. Jim would go ballistic if he knew, exactly the reason why Jesse hadn't said anything. He could fight his own battles thank you! Never mind that he was eight, Jim was fifteen and could scare the crap out of the bullies with a single glare.

He sighed and then looked at his watch. Jim was late. Despite his over protectiveness, Jim also was a mess up. Jesse scoffed at those who thought they were alike. Jim was tall, with grey eyes and dark brown hair. Jesse was short, with green eyes and light brown hair. The only clue that they were related was their last name.

He's not coming, Jesse thought with a sigh and proceeded to make the long well known walk he'd made a few times before. Jim meant well, but sometimes he was an idiot. When Jesse saw the robocops leave the Inn, he rolled his eyes. Typical Jim. He meant well though, and tried to make up for broken promises.

"Hey Mom!" he called out, flinging his backpack to the side. "Need some help?"

"Jesse!" his mother exclaimed in relief. Jesse looked at the clock and saw that he was an hour late. At least if he wanted to he could blame Jim. He wouldn't though. Sibling loyalty and that junk. "Wasn't Jim…"

"It was a nice day," Jesse said quickly, "I walked. I let Jim know before hand so he wouldn't wait for me."

Let no one say that Jesse Leon Hawkins was not a good liar or that he didn't stick up for his siblings.

"Go upstairs and do your summer work," his mother smiled at him and shooed him away from the Inn part of their home. Jim was probably either put to work or on the roof. Most likely the former, as he just got a ride back from the cops. Again. Pulling out his books, Jesse got started on the work and found himself completing it just as the window to the room next door opened.

"Jim?" he peered out his own window. There was his big brother, brooding again.

"Hey Jes," Jim said with a nod after realizing his little brother was there. "Don't you have work for the summer?"

"Don't you?" Jesse shot back, ignoring the nickname. Jim was constantly trying to find ways to shorten his little brother's name.

"All done," Jim smirked.

"Yeah right," Jesse teased his brother. Jim hated any kind of work, be it school or helping in the Inn. "Anyway, I'm done too. That's the perks of being eight."

Jim rolled his eyes at his brother. "Hey, I'm sorry for—"

"Forget it," Jesse said. "It's not like this is the first time it's happened anyway."

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two brothers. There honestly were times that Jesse hated Jim but the times he forgot about him were surprisingly not part of them.

"Mom talking to Delbert again?"

"Yeah," Jim nodded. "I just tuned in. Guess who they're talking about this time?"

"The giant frog family at table four?" Jesse asked innocently, trying to cheer up his brother.

"No, the resident screw-up," Jim told him and leaned back on the side of the house.

"H-Has Mom mentioned Dad at all?" Jesse asked. Jim hated talking about their father and Jesse didn't know why. He'd come back, right? He had to; something was just taking a long time on his trip.

"No," Jim answered after a few minutes of stony silence. "Look, go back inside Jes. It looks like it's going to rain and the windows should be closed. Give mom less work anyway."

"You'll be in soon?" Jesse asked.

"In a bit," Jim promised his little brother and Jesse closed his window and locked it shut. Then he flopped on his bed and grabbed his favorite toy. It was an old ragged bear that his mom told him had been his father's when he was Jesse's age. An eye was missing and an arm was missing stuffing but Jesse didn't care. Less than five minutes after that though, Jim barged into his room.

"What the—"

"No time to explain," Jim said and flipped Jesse over his shoulder. "Got that old thing?"

"Yeah," Jesse nodded and Jim tore out of there like a solar surfer. Delbert and their mother were right in front of them by a window.


"THREE!" they all jumped out and Jesse saw the Inn succumb to flames. What had happened during those five minutes?


Pirates? Blast it, Jim got all the fun! Wait, why was the room green? Jesse really needed to learn how to pay attention to his surroundings.

"It's a map," Delbert exclaimed and put on his glasses. Jesse chuckled; the dog-man always amused him in ways that annoyed Jim. But Jim was too preoccupied with where the map led to than anything else.

"Is that—?"

"Treasure Planet," Jim exclaimed, interrupting his brother. "I don't believe it! That's Treasure Planet!"

"It's real," Jesse whistled in amazement. All the stories, all the legends…they'd all been real! He couldn't believe it.

"So when are we going?" he turned to his brother with a grin that looked as if he was going to split his face in two. He rarely got to do fun things with his brother—mainly because Jim was too cool to hang out with his little brother.

"Hold it!" their mom held up her hands. "No one is going anywhere!"

"Aw Mom!" Jesse grumbled. Jim tried a different approach.

"Mom, this is it! With that treasure we could rebuild the Benbow a…a hundred times over!"

"Well this, this is…Delbert will you explain to him how serious this is?"

"Completely preposterous," the dog-man said, puffing up his gut. "Traversing the galaxy all by yourself."

"Now, at last, we hear some sense," Sarah Hawkins nodded in approval.

"That's why I'm going with you," Delbert threw in there and Jesse giggled at the look of shock on his mom's face. Even Jim looked amused by the dance Delbert was currently doing.

"Okay, you're all grounded!" Sarah exclaimed. Jim went over to her and tried once more to beg his case. Eventually, it took both Delbert and Jim to let her agree to both of them going.

"What!" Jesse exclaimed. "But Mom!"

"No buts Jesse," Sarah scolded. "I'm not letting you go. It's too dangerous."

Jesse scowled and ran out of the room. Jim was getting to go on this cool trip even though the robocops brought him back to the inn and he left him at the school! How was that fair?

"We'll leave early Sarah," Jesse heard Delbert tell his mother in a low voice. "That way, he can't try to sneak out with us."

Jesse smirked and quickly threw a bag together. If Jim was going on an adventure, so was he and no one was going to stop him.