Authors Note- Hi! This is my first fan fiction I have submitted here so I how you enjoy it! I would actually appreaciate it if any of you could point out any spelling/punctuation/grammer errors. I can not stand any of those so I would very much appreaciate it. Also I suppose this is sort of AU where the trolls never left Alternia, Karkat never opened Sollux's stupid virus file, and met the kids on Pesterchum/Trollian :3 Enjoy

Karkat in Wonderland

Chapter One

Just a Nap My Ass!

Karkat sat dow in his chair in a his cold room, reading an e-mail John had sent him. He had said that it included the ENTIRE novel of what his species called Alice in Wonderland. So far it was an okay novelization but it lacked somthing. ROMANCE. Crabdad was already asleep, but Karkat just wanted to see if anywhere along the storyline any romance would catch his attention. However, the curse of sleep tugged at his mind and he soon drifted to sleep.

When he awoke, the sky was blue. Not the darkness that lied above Prospit. Karkat sat up. His vision was still blurry. "What the fuck...? Where am I...?" He tryed to stand up, and was caught by a dizzy spell and fell back down right onto his bum. "Fuck!" He exclaimed violently. He attemted to stand up again and suceeded in this try. Karkat sighed in irritation as he looked down at his clothing. Upon his body was a frilly blue dress with a short apron that had a distinct pattern on it and some Mary Jane heels (at least they were what Kanaya called them) with white stockings. The aprons patter looked similar a quadrents chart. The only difference was that the pale and ashen quadrents had switched places. He took took a step in his newly adorned heels and grumbled. They sure as hell hurt, and he desperatly wished to have his old sneakers back.

Now onto the real predicament. Karkat looked around the small room, and walked over to the only door. It was a very small door, but he knelt down and twisted the handle anyways. Yet the door stayed shut. "Damn it! There's got to be a fucking key around here somewhere!" He exclaimed. He turned around and noticed a round table inplace of where he awoke. "The fuck...?" He walked over to the table and took notice of the small bottle with a note beside it that said, 'Drink me.' Beside it was a much smaller key next to it. Deja fucking vu. "You're fucking kidding me..." he sighed as he redalled the beginning of Alice in Wonderland. He had now realized he was most likely in his own version of Wonderland. "I'm not going to be as fucking stupid as that girl." he said as he grasped the extreamly tiny key in his hand and opened the bottle. Karkat put the opening to his lips and the bitter, milky liquid ran into his mouth and down his troat.

"Bleh! What the fuck is this shit made out of!" He eclaimed before shrinking down to about the size of a normal hive cat. Nothing like the size of Nepeta's lusus Pounce. Karkat sprinted clumsily in his heels to the small door. Once he reached it, he slid the key into it's hole and as it turned the door unlocked and a whimicle, colorful world was unleashed infront of him. As Karkat took his first few steps into the new world, he noticed a a tall figure. It looked much like a troll with the grey skin, horns, and black hair with a recognizable purple fringe. Not to mention the seadweller face-fins. The only noticable difference was the stark white rabbit ears. "Damn. I'm going to be fuckin' late!" the strange troll, bunny, hybrid thing said as he ran off. Karkat's gut told him not to follow, yet he felt he had to. So he sprinted after him. At least, he thought it was a 'him'.