A/N: Sorry if all of the dating stuff seems weird in comparison to the real world, I've never been on a date and was only asked out once by a good friend of mine to a school dance, which resulted in us never speaking again so I'm not well educated on the topic.

Also, I've been really wishy-washy on which ending I started from, I'll amend any lack of continuity when I start rewriting these more recent chapters, I have started from the first ending, not the alternate one.

Chapter 14: Ready, Set, Date!

The week passed casually without any issues or mistakes and before she knew it, it was time for Kyoko to get ready for her date. She stood in front of the mirror with three different outfits in hand, one was a short white sundress with patterns in lace at the bottom, the other was a light grey crop top that showed her stomach and had the batman logo printed large across the front paired with a dark blue denim skirt that didn't go down anywhere near as far as it should have, 'Dammit isn't there a place to buy clothes that are more useful than saran wrap in this city?" the last option was a pair of skinny jeans and a sweatshirt, but for being she went to the coffee shop they were headed to once earlier in the week, and it was ridiculously overheated.

Kyoko shook her head. "This is ridiculous, I met him and agreed to go out on a date on monday, didn't learn his name until wednesday, and now it's friday, and I haven't got work, just a date, with someone I know nothing about, I definitely have bigger problems right now then maintaining a social life," She tapped her foot nervously for a few seconds before dropping the dress and the sweater/jean combo. "I am definitely going to regret this."

"Hey Kay," Her date smiled, he had opted out of calling her Kyoko, because it sounded strange with the New York accent.

Kyoko smiled in return, but with much less sincerity. "Hey, Devin." She waved and the boy was none the wiser that her smile wouldn't reach her eyes, he never would be. She sighed internally, 'Tsuruga-San would at least bother to ask me what's wrong, maybe Devin just doesn't know that I'm upset? Ren would.' she shook her head violently, trying to get rid of the wretched thoughts. 'What is wrong with me!? I'm trying so hard not to let him know that I'm in love him... not that I'll get a chance to give it away if I never see him again,'

Devin may not have been an expert on women, but even he couldn't miss the tears welling in the corners of Kyoko's eyes. "Hey," He called softly. "Are you alright?" Having no will to speak, his date just nodded her head in response.

Kyoko produced a cloth from her pocket and dried her eyes. "I'm fine," She assured. "Just a little shaken, everything's so different here, I don't know what to think,"

Devin chuckled. 'Jeez, I was worried she was reliving some terrible trauma or something,' which, in a way, she was, nothing could be more traumatizing to Kyoko than to finally find a place where people truly cared for her, and to have to leave. "Well come on then,"

Kyoko looked up from her thoughts, afraid she'd missed something. "What?"

"Well," Devin explained. "If you're feeling nervous because you're not used to New York, Then I should show you around right?

'Wrong!' Kyoko screamed internally. 'Don't you know it's rude to spring a sudden change of plans on someone like that?' But she knew she wouldn't be able to sway his decision, so she obediently followed to the busstop. 'I didn't dress for this!"