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Chapter 15: Time!

Sure they had met several days prior, but they had only actually started dating that Friday. That Friday marked the first boyfriend of Mogami Kyoko, and the relationship that lasted exactly 26 minutes and 43 seconds.

Kyoko tapped her foot repeatedly, all she could think about was her life back home, how she wasn't even part of them anymore, that everyone that cared about her had probably moved on in the week she hadn't been there. She couldn't help but think, that maybe they never cared at all. It ruled her mind, all the overwhelming thoughts of whether or not she could bare to settle down in a new life. She kept telling herself over and over that New York wasn't the worst place she could've gone, she could've ended up in Italy. 'I hate Italy, but New York still sucks right about now...'

6 minutes 17 seconds

"Could you stop tapping like that?" Devin complained, "It's irritating"

"Sorry," Kyoko replied absently, but within moments she started tapping her toes again without noticing, Devin opened his mouth to whine again, but just at that moment the bus whirred to a halt at their stop.

"Where are we?" Kyoko asked, but her lack of interest was evident in her voice.

Devin sighed, this girl had no taste for the finer things. "We're gonna order a pizza, then go for a walk around the area while we wait for it to be finished. He paused, contemplating the difference in culture "Have you ever even had pizza?"

"Yes I've had pizza," Kyoko huffed. She wasn't sure why she reacted the way she did, she wasn't usually so angry, at least, not without a good reason. For some reason Devin just annoyed her to such a great extent, Not exactly the kind of guy she thought she should be dating, but she didn't really know how she was supposed to reject him nicely, without doing it by accident. It was about to be the longest twenty-six and three quarters minutes of her life, and she had no idea.


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