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Chapter 2: So Not Fair

And so she ran, she got the message, and she ran. It wouldn't have mattered that she arrived on set late given the sudden schedule change, but she was not-so-blissfully unaware of that. Four miles in thirty-eight minutes wasn't exactly record speed, especially not for Kyoko, but she made it just in the nick of time. "Th-thank you for telling me about the schedule change, Ts- Tsuruga-San," She panted.

"It would be a bit cruel not to, don't you think," All the girls around melted as he flashed them an overly bright smile, all except Kyoko, that is, who cringed at the mere sight of such a vibrantly happy aura.

'Shit what did I do wrong this time?' Kyoko cried internally, fear etched across her face, 'No, I won't get caught up in this like I always am, I'm just going to get work done,' she nodded to herself 'besides, He'd be even more angry if I got in the way of work right?' She straightened up and walked into the room where they would be meeting to discuss the project.

There was a rectangular table, One one end sat the director, the other was the the filmographer, there were 4 seats each on the longer sides of the table. On the far side from where Kyoko entered, there was the man that would play Devin, the love rival, along with his manager, as well as the lovely couple that would be playing her parents. On the same side as her there was Yashiro, closest to the end, accompanied by Ren, and with an empty seat between there was then the large, scary man that would be playing one of the gang's ring leaders. Kyoko looked briefly at the seating arrangement and noted that the only seat left was next to the one person she didn't want to sit with at that particular moment.

She took a seat and waited for the director to speak. He quickly went over the schedule and deadlines, when certain things need to be done, and how much leeway would be on those times given. It was pretty standard and took a little over an hour before she was on set to film the prelude.

This has gone on for long enough. She thought. I can't take it anymore! She pressed the flat side of the knife against her skin to feel the coolness quickly fade away into the warm surface of her arm. It's not fair! How can he just say he loves me like that? He made me feel guilty! He has no right! She blinked a few times to keep the tears at bay but it didn't help. He should be the one who's sorry! How can he swoop in to save me, then disappear for so many years, then expect me to be exactly the same when he got back!? Aiko sighed and remembered the phrase her grandmother had always said, be it a strange one, she still remembered it over all the years. 'Nothing says you never change like 'I don't know how to stay the same.'' "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" She screamed, stabbing the knife into her arm. HOW DARE HE MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY: HE HAS NO RIGHT! She made him forget her purpose, what she was born to do, and he made her feel sick with guilt and shame every time she went to move forward in the world, and she hated it. He'd better not rear his ugly head again, If he does, I'll do everything in my power to destroy him! IT'S ALL HIS FAULT! She took the knife and lightly carved the words into her skin. "It's all his fault," She whispered. "and I'll get you back for it," a few stray tears streamed down the sides of her face. "So watch your back," She watched she silky red blood ooze from her new wounds. "'Cause I'm coming for you,"

"Cut!" The director called out. "That was great Kyoko-San, we hope to see more like that from you in the future. Unfortunately since there was so much time we spent talking, and the rest of the scenes will require prior setup, that's all for today," He repeated what he had said to the rest of the cast and crew, and everyone disbanded.

Kyoko headed home, she still needed to know what she did to make Ren so angry with her. It was just as she was going over the possibilities that her phone started to buzz. "Hello?" She answered.

"Jeez, where are you?" A familiar voice came through the speaker. "I've been trying to call you, didn't you get off of work like 20 minutes ago? Mo, I've been calling you ever since, you really need to start answering your phone."

Kyoko knew every word of what her friend just said passed in one ear and out the other. "Moko-San~" She chirruped giddily.

"MO! Just get back to your house as soon as possible, I'm tired of-" She was cut off by the sound of the door opening. "I suppose I should've told you I was coming, but I figured you didn't care if I stopped by unannounced." She said, hanging up the phone.

Kyoko giggled. "What are you doing here?"

Kanae was angry all of a sudden. "To talk some sense into you! How could you go and do something like that!?" She was pissed, but it was clear from the look on Kyoko's face that she had no idea what was going on. "Oh my god. How do you not know when these things happen?" She reached into her bag and pulled out a laptop. "Here." She pulled up the website for a gossip magazine.

"That's me," Kyoko said blankly, staring at the image on the home page. "Kissing, that damn beagle," All of a sudden she knew why Ren was so mad at her.

Ren opened the front door of his apartment, and there was no one standing on the other side. He couldn't figure out who would've rung the bell and left, it was a bit too classy of an apartment to expect people to be playing ding dong ditch. He looked down at the ground and figured out who would be ringing his apartment at eleven o'clock at night. Kyoko was on the floor doing a flat out dogeza. She muttered something inaudible to the floor. Ren knelt down so he was closer to her level. "Mogami-San,"

Hearing him call her name made her heart skip a beat. ((A/N: I know, I'm terrible)) she quickly propped herself up onto her palms, accidently closing the majority of the distance between their faces. She fumbled for her words, nearly forgetting what she came to apologize for. She tried to speak, intending to say the entirety of what actually happened, but when she opened her mouth to start, all that came out was "You haven't even eaten dinner yet have you?" That was definitely not what she had intended to say, but the guilty look on his face said that it might just help her achieve her goal anyway.

"Tsuruga-San," She scolded in a way that could almost be mistaken for whining. Almost. "You have to eat dinner, you're always talking about professionalism, and you can't even take care of yourself to the extent of actually eating, you can be such a hypocrite,"

Ren smiled, he was actually a little relieved that she hadn't brought up the events from that afternoon. He felt childish for getting so angry, he knew that Kyoko wouldn't actually even kiss that psycho rock star. He thought himself to even be a little bit lucky that she didn't get mad when he started jumping to conclusions. "I'll eat dinner if you'll eat with me,"

Kyoko was going to protest when she realised that she hadn't eaten yet either. She figured it wasn't the best time to be hypocrite, given what she had just been saying. "Alright, but I'm cooking," She said, remembering the omu-rice incident.

"Wouldn't have it any other way," He smiled, leading her inside.

Kyoko was a lot less confident for filming on the second day, the first it wasn't a problem, because all she had was feelings of hate and anguish toward love, but it was a romance, it was only a matter of time before she started to actually have to do romantic scenes. They only had a short while to work on the project, they were only going to finish filming 4 episodes before they aired, normally they would always be filming significantly in advance, but the project was already months behind schedule and they hadn't even started yet. Walking in she saw that the set they had prepared was the main gang's sort of 'base'.

"Alright," The director announced. "We're going to be starting with scene thirteen in episode 3, I thought we should start with this one because it really sums up the characters personalities, as well as the plot.

"I'm in a gang!"

"You get used to it,"


"Yes'm" What is it about this girl that makes it so impossible to disobey? I'll admit, she does have a certain fear factor going for her.

"M-my dad's gon' kill me, you're gon' get me in so much trouble!" She buried her face in her hands.

"What!" The boy's jaw dropped "That's what you're upset about?" He shook his sadly. "I can fix that," Aiko perked up. "And before you say it, yes, really"


"Pixie dust!"

"You're a child,"

"Fine, you need a cover story,"

"Like what"

"You're going to get a job,"

Aiko tilted her head back and groaned. "Gross! Jobs are for poor people! I'm rich, I don't need to work!"

"That," The boy was taken aback, yet he still had a hint of pride in his voice. "Has to be the single most shallow and pretentious sentence I've heard in my entire life," He smiled a little. "Whole new level of respect," The two of them just stood there in an awkward silence for a total of thirteen minutes before the boy spoke again. "It's not like, a manual labor type job or anything like that, you'll work for the company upstairs."

Aiko made a face "I'm going to make video games?"

"No, you're going to sell them,"

"Like marketing?"

"And finance. But yes."

Aiko smiled, but stopped suddenly as she thought of something. "How are you going to get me a job there? I'm only fourteen?"

"Just lie," The boy shrugged. "It worked for me: According to their records I'm thirty-two,"

"They can't possibly believe that!" Aiko choked.

"Of course they don't,"

"Then why'd they hire you?"

"They're pretty shady, it's a real raggedy business, probably gonna go out soon, they'll pretend to believe any lie you give 'em they just need people willing to work for them"

"But that's illegal,"

The boy scoffed, "They don't care. As long as you don't say something ridiculous like eighty-four you'll be fine,"

"Oh," Aiko stood silent, processing. "HOW CAN I RESPOND TO THAT LIKE IT'S NORMAL!?"

Uhg, she thought. This is the weirdest day ever!

"I can imagine,"

"That was outloud?"

"Didn't need to be,"

Aiko raised an eyebrow, and the boy leaned in close. "It was written all over your face," Aiko gulped, as the boy was horribly frightening at close quarters. "Anyway," He stood back up and straightened his tie. "Let's go get you a job!"

"Cut!" The director called out. "That was excellent, I can tell this project is going to be a lot of fun. The filming went smoothly, with only one scene having to be redone, and that was only because Kyoko left her shoelaces untied and they made her fall down.

The majority of the cast was leaving through the front entrance, and that was when Kyoko spotted her, the woman of her nightmares, waiting for her.

"Oh good," Saena said coldly, "I've been waiting for a long time, your filming ran late, funny how even when I come all the way out here to see you, you're nothing but an inconvenience.

Kyoko scowled. "Thanks Mum,"


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