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Chapter two

"They call it the Underground. It's home for the misguided and misunderstood. Wizards can come here when there is no where left to go." Remus explained. Sirius went off to converse with a few stray members who didn't seem the least bit frightened by the escaped convict. In fact, people seemed to know and smile at him as he passed.

"So this is for poor wizards? Or dark wizards? I don't think I quite understand." Harry questioned nervously. If they were dark, he probably wouldn't be the most welcomed guest around here.

Remus shook his head and spread his arms out in a gesture to his environment. "Look around Harry. This place isn't a place for dark, or light. It's for everyone to go without judgment. See that group over of our left with the long black cloaks?" Harry looked but couldn't see their faces. "They're a vampire clan."

Harry's eyes widened. He looked around again, and was shocked. In addition to the vampires; he saw goblins, men of Hagrids stature and larger. He even heard the beat of music ahead of him, indicating a place for dancing. Remus placed his hand on Harrys back and guided him towards it, Sirius not far behind. He noticed it was coming from a building a few shops away called The Screeching Cat.

They walked towards it at a leisurely pace, green eyes drinking in the new environment. When they got inside someone waved Remus over cheerfully. It was a man looking aged 50, and in the same ragged condition as Remus. He had the lined face of someone troubled, with disturbing scars circled around his neck. A African American woman stood with a hand on his shoulder smiling kindly. Remus wandered over to speak to him.

Harry looked over at Sirius questioningly. "Remus met him while I was… you know where. He's another werewolf, and don't ask about his neck scars." Harry nodded his acceptance. He walked over to the barman and ordered three butterbeers.

Harry was about to join him when he saw something he couldn't believe. It was Loony Luna Lovegood, dancing in the middle of the pub. His eyes widened. She looked up unsurprised and smiled. Harry had never had an actual conversation with her, nor any inclination to, but rumors told him that the Ravenclaw was a couple sickles short of a galleon. He found this easy to believe as he looked at her grayish protruding eyes and messy blonde hair down to her waist. She pulled her red and teal rain slicker tighter around her and waved him over. Seeing his guides were already distracted, he saw no reason not to.

"Hello Luna." He said nervously, ruffling his dark hair. He smiled weakly. Why hadn't see blinked?

"'lo Harry Potter. You're not exactly the person I expected to meet around here. What brings you?" Through this she didn't stop swaying to the beat of the nondescript music that was playing loudly. He vaguely recognized it as the weird sisters from the Yule Ball.

"Uh, I'm here with Professor Lupin and… his friend." Harry amended quickly.

"Oh? You mean Stubby Boardman? Don't worry I know he's just an innocent guitarist. I wont blow his cover if you don't want me to." She said this all very matter-of-factly, with a mischievous look in her eyes.


She twirled a long strand of hair around her finger and bit her lip, "Oh, nothing. Listen, would you like to dance?" He had no time to answer her as she had grabbed his sun-tanned forearm and started swaying and turning him. It was all very sudden, and while Luna was clearly not the best dancer (not that he could be called graceful) she moved fluidly and Harry couldn't help a chuckle.

"Mister Black and Professor Lupin seem to be waiting on you. You should go over. Will I see you here again this summer, Harry?" She said in a dreamy tone he was beginning to associate with her.

He followed her eyes to Sirius and Remus, both looking slightly surprised and impressed. Harry shrugged at them. Finally he addressed Luna, "…Oh. Um, maybe. My plans aren't actually solid right now, but I'll get back to you. If not, I'll see you at school. G'bye, Luna."

"Bye, Harry Potter. Don't let the wrackspurts find you, 'kay?" She tilted her head, smiling, and nudged him towards them. He looked back over his shoulder to inquire about what a wrack spurt was exactly, but she seemed already in her own world, with her arms in the air, dancing alone. He just shook his head.

"So Harry? Who's blondie?" Sirius asked cheekily. Remus rolled his eyes good naturedly.

"Actually, I don't think we've ever had a full conversation before today. Her name is Luna Lovegood."

Remus seemed to ponder this carefully then spoke, "I think we used to know a Lovegood. Xylophone? Something of the sort. Very straight laced, he was a prefect in our early years."

"So more importantly," Harry interrupted impatiently, "I think I've waited long enough for an explanation. Why are we here? How long has this been here? Why isn't anybody questioning you, Sirius?"

"Well cub, were here because your life has been meddled in one to many times. Remus, can you go get us a room?" Remus nodded, with a 'be back in a second', "A prophesy has recently come to our attention. It happens to say something about you and Voldemort needing to face of, neither can live while the other survives and all. And this has been here longer than I've been around, but it really blew up in the first war. It was started by some very powerful wizards who needed a place to regroup. The only guy I know that has more knowledge than that, is the man in the Hogs Head? His name is Aberforth. His older brother being the one and only Albus Dumbledore," Harrys eyes widened, "that's right. You'll find everyone around here has a story. You should listen to them, they're good entertainment in the least. That last part is a question I've been hoping you'd ask. Although some people here know of my innocence, in fact some even keep an eye out for rats missing toes, not all of them do. That's why I have a charm in place that distorts my image to anyone who would harm me." Sirius had to let out a breath after that monolog.

Harry on the other hand was looking a little green. "Can you tell me more about the prophesy in private? And I've seen glamours, but how did you key it to someone's feelings?"

"Well Harry, that opens us to the first lesson I'm giving you out of many. Magic, you'll find, is all about intent. Incantations and wand movements are only an eighth of the battle. What really matters in will power and determination. That's why witches and wizards can cast soundlessly and even wandlessly, eventually better than they could with their tools." Harry was having trouble adjusting to the new information.

Thankfully, before Harry could witness his knees giving out Remus reemerged. He was nodding in agreement to Sirius' words. "Lessons?" He questioned, regaining control of himself.

"Oh yes Cub, were going to school you on the subjects you need to defeat Voldemort once and for all. By the end of this summer you'll be a changed man." Remus and Sirius' eyes met, and Harry saw a very evil gleam in them. "I've got some rooms on the west wing, we might want to get some sleep. Training starts tomorrow."

What had Harry gotten himself in to?

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