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Harry heard the door of his room in the Helicarrier opening, and with a resigned sigh, he dropped a grey shirt into his open trunk, which was lying on top of his bed. He closed his eyes for a minute, looking up only when a warm hand touched his shoulder.

"Hey, are you all right?" Coulson's honest smile was a great relief after months of fake ones from the Avengers. Who would have thought that the two of them are going to find comfort in each other's company?

"Do I look like I'm all right?" Harry asked, taking a step closer to the agent, whose arms came around the smaller man as he leant his head onto Phil's shoulder.

"You got in quite a mess, kid," Coulson sighed, running his hand slowly up and down on Harry's back. Before the wizard could have said anything, Phil let go of him and took a step back. Harry watched the other man curiously as he took out a flash drive of his pocket, and plugged it into the laptop lying on the table. "I thought you might like to watch it." Harry looked at him, unsure, but seated himself on his bed, turning the laptop so when Phil sat down beside him, they both could see the screen perfectly.

That evening was turning out to be more and more similar to the one which happened on Harry's very first day there…

It happened when Harry was brought to the Helicarrier at the first time. He just got dismissed by Director Fury, who explained to him quite vaguely in a 'don't-ask-anything-or-you-will-die' tone why he was basically abducted from his little forest and dropped off at the Helicarrier. Not that the wizard wanted to ask anything, but it was great to know he was welcomed. Harry just shrugged and went to find his room, where he should have stayed until someone brought him to the meeting next morning that Fury mentioned during his short explanation.

He locked the door of his new room and threw himself down onto the bare bed, trying to finally comprehend what the hell happened with him again. Not even ten minutes later someone was knocking on his door. Without even waiting for Harry to acknowledge him, the agent who brought the wizard here let himself in. Harry stood up quickly, only to be pushed back down onto the bed, getting a laptop shoved into his face, and be forced to watch himself on a video as he goes out of Fury's office, and not seeing anyone else, finds the way to his room on his own. It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't use a pen – in the absence of a wand – and an advanced version of the Point Me spell. Oh, well…

That night, he told Coulson almost everything. Next morning, the agent erased every trace of the video about him, reporting back to Fury that Harry ran into him shortly after leaving the boss' office, and so he showed him to his room. The agent who was supposed to be waiting for Harry just outside Fury's door was fired by noon.

After that, the black haired man got frequent visits from Coulson. He was the only one – aside from those who watched the cameras, but they knew when to hold their mouth – who knew about him being a wizard. The two quickly developed a close friendship, giving Harry someone to talk to without the fear of being exposed to the media or Fury.

Apart from that one night, Phil rarely brought the videos with him; only if it was something big or incredibly stupid. Though those things usually went hand in hand in Harry case…

The video for that night began with Harry dropping his fork into his plate.

He turned to his friend, surprise written all over his face. He's been living on the Helicarrier for months and sometimes he still managed to forget about cameras being absolutely everywhere. Yes, he shouldn't have been so shocked over that there were cameras in that little room too, which has been unused until the Avengers decided they needed a private dining room, but he couldn't help it. Living in the Wizarding world for so many years had that effect on him.

"Don't give me that look!" Phil said, laughing. "What did you think, what was on the video?" Harry would have guessed it being about when he opened his door with a small motion of his wrist instead of the usual method because he was too distracted to pay attention to what he was doing, but it seems that nobody noticed that one. "I won't scold you for this one, even though I was forced to save your ass. Again. This is the only copy of the recording," Phil put an arm around the wizard's shoulders and pulled him closer, his smile fading. "Though I think you've gone too far now. I don't think I can cover this one up." The dark haired man just nodded, unable to form an actual answer, and turned back to the screen.

On the video, a very smug looking Harry Potter just left the room, managing to leave behind more chaos than Loki, the God of Mischief ever could. The video was a little blurry for a few seconds from even that minimal use of Harry's magic, but it cleared up not long after he left. Tony Stark, swearing like a sailor, grabbed the snake hissing around his neck as soon as he could, and quickly threw it across the room. The only problem with that? The other Avengers standing just there.

After too much yelling, cursing, even more yelling, and a high pitched scream which definitely didn't come from Natasha, a dagger found its way into the poor animal's head, making it disappear through a puff of smoke. There was a moment of absolute silence, only broken by the Hulk's loud, ragged breaths, as he stood in the corner with one leg up and hands held out protectively in front of his face. Then Clint cleared his throat and jumped down from the table to help up Steve, who's been knocked off of his feet by the too hastily retreating Thor. The said god coughed some, before collecting the blade and giving it back to Natasha with a quiet 'Thanks'. The woman stopped muttering about 'stupid, incompetent men' just long enough to flash a predatory grin at the blond man. "Nice scream, Thor."

"The snake didn't frighten me at all," he denied, even without being accused of it. "My brother often did that trick at home. I was merely… delighted to see it." Through his little speech, the man grew more and more red, resembling more of a tomato by the end than a Norse god. Natasha just scoffed, and turned back to the table.

"What the hell was that?" Tony's sudden exclamation was backed up by the clearly distraught Bruce, who just managed to turn back into his human form. It was lucky that he succeeded in gaining some control over the Hulk during their continuous fights with Loki, or the Avengers would have been in a big trouble.

"There goes your drug addict theory…" Clint murmured, referring to Tony's great idea about wizards. The archer threw himself into one of the chairs that Natasha but back to the table, earning himself an annoyed look by the said assassin. Even when all of them were seated again – even Tony, betraying his distress -, all of them just sat there looking at each other, not knowing what to do now. They've been in tough situations before; Loki made sure they never got bored. But this was different. This was about one of them. Harry was part of the Avengers, even if he wasn't particularly strong or brave or clever or…

"Oh, god, how could we miss that?" Steve's voice was laced with guilt and anger directed at his own blindness in the case of Harry. Everyone looked remorseful and uncomfortable, but it was Bruce's next question, which made them all freeze in their seats.

"Shit. Do you think Fury knows of this?" before anyone could think about an answer, Natasha slammed her hand down onto the table top.

"What in hell was it, anyway?"

Steve, always the clear headed type, tried to solve the situation quickly, in case they needed to act and… capture Harry. "Maybe we should go to Fury–"

"And admit we didn't know anything about the boy? No way! It's bad enough that he managed to scare the Hulk out of Bruce," the billionaire began, without taking notice of the scowl directed at him by the professor, "but to admit that no one knows anything about him, a potentially dangerous man, who has been living with us for months… Fury would never let us live it down."

Before anyone could snap at Tony for thinking only about himself again, Natasha stood up from the table. "We should go to bed. If anyone saw that little… performance on the security camera, they will report back to Fury. If he didn't know about this either, he will contact us; and if he did, he will have a good laugh on Thor's scream, and that's all. I'm tired and want to sleep. Good night" and with that, the woman left the room swiftly.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Steve began to talk again: "I'm not sure… I think we should still see Fury–"

"Oh, knock it off, Cap! Everything is all right. I had enough for today, too," Tony said with a fake yawn. "Good night, people!"

And with that, the billionaire walked out of the room, and the video ended.

Harry sat on his bed, glaring at the laptop screen even after Coulson switched it off. "Is it only me, or Stark was really…"

"He came to the room where we hold the recordings after he realized that they are on a completely separate computer system, so he couldn't hack into it from afar," Phil explained, a smug smile visible on his face. "I was there, of course, and kicked him out before he could do anything about it."

Harry didn't even bother with questioning how the agent was always at the right place. Sometimes he was pretty sure that Phil knew about a lot more than Fury did.

"I knew he gave up too easily!" Harry wanted to say it in a cheerful tone; it's a shame, really, that Phil always knew when he was pretending.

"I think you impressed him. He would never admit it though." Phil said with a laugh. "Harry…" he sighed, before sitting back down next to the wizard. "They are not bad people. If you gave them a chance–"

"I already did!" he jumped up and began to space in the small room. "Several times, in fact! But I'm sick of it all! I can't take this anymore, Phil. I can't stay here…" his anger just disappeared by the end, leaving behind only depressed resignation. "You don't know how hard it is already for me. I have to hold back everything. And even then, it's almost never enough. I slip up more and more, Phil. What if this time, Fury will get a wind of what happened? I can defend myself pretty well, but if he surprises me, I can't guarantee that he will live to see the next day. And this is true for anyone, who could be a treat for me," his voice turned to a desperate whisper. "I'm dangerous, Phil, and I can't control it until I succumb to it fully. But then there will be no turning back…"

There was a moment of absolute silence, before Phil stood up with a sigh and put the last few clothes from the drawer into the still open trunk. Harry watched in awe as the man shut the lid and closed his eyes, hands lying on the top of the trunk. Then the agent turned to him, the forced smile on his face made him look older than he really was.


"Go, Harry. You are right. I just… will… Will I see you again?"

"You will." Harry said it with such a certainty that it almost convinced Phil himself. They stood there for a moment, just staring at each other, but then the wizard turned his eyes towards the trunk, and stepped closer to it, trying to lift it up. He could barely lift it a few inches, before the agent pushed it back down. "Phil…?" The man smiled at him, stepping closer to Harry.

"Stark got a parting gift, but I don't get anything?" his arms came up to wrap around Harry's waist, but unexpectedly the wizard just vanished from between his arms. He stood there, dumbfounded, blinking at the place where Harry stood just a moment before.

"What, do you want a snake into your neck, too?" a soft voice whispered into his ear, making him shiver as his breath caught in his chest, heart beating fast. The hot breath on his neck felt like liquid fire, but when he turned around to capture the source of his sudden problem, no one was there.

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