Title: Rose With Its Thornz

Genre: Friendship (main), Drama, Humor (main), Romance, Adventure

Rated: T

Summary: Four members, one opportunity, one adventure. Let's just say this woman discovered an ad on the newspaper for a new guitarist. Her name is Rose, an eighteen year old who just graduated high school. With behind the scenes, she will meet famous people, face band drama, and a strange surprise that she thought was in fantasy...

Pairing(s): Johnny/OC/Izzy, but mostly Johnny/OC

Warning: Includes events from Guitar Hero III with deleted scenes of the band.


~Chapter One: The Audition


Rose was just an average woman preparing her summer with a year off of everything and with a mom helping her future. With black hair she dyed, due to the fact that she hated her natural chestnut hair, and her brown eyes, she knows how to attract men, but men just wasn't her goal in life yet. Her boredom was at fifty percent in her head. If there was something, anything, that could bring her to adventure and excitement; she would have one hell of a good time in her life.

The school bell rang, meaning her money-making day, which was also her final day in high school finally came to an end. She took the time to help her former teachers with grading exams and other stuff, which was worth the two hundred bucks she made. The graduating class of 2012 was done this morning, so nothing was standing in her way. Hurrying to the door, Rose's friend encountered her before she headed to her car.

"Wait, Rose!" she yelled. The woman turned around to see the brunette running to her until she almost ran to Rose's car. She always had the craziest responses every time her friend called her name.

"What is it Kate?" she asked. Kate panted like a dog scared during a thunderstorm. If it's a shopping sale or celebrity news, then she deserves a nickel.

"I found this ad on the newspaper!" ...Or maybe not this time? As soon as Kate showed her friend the ad, Rose nodded. She looked at the brunette with arms crossed over her chest.

"Why didn't you show me this during lunch?"

"I just realized it!" Kate replied slapping her forehead. "I'm so sorry about that, but maybe you don't have to worry about going to college!" Maybe it might not be that bad, but of course, there are circumstances...

"I don't know what my mom will say." Rose shrugged, since her mom needed to make sure of what's going on.

"I'm sure she won't mind. She just wants you to be happy, right?" The black-haired teen nodded in agreement, looking at the address of the ad.

"I'll get my guitar and head there. I'll let you know what happens," Rose replied getting in her car.


"Do you think anyone will respond to it?" a white and blue haired woman with Gothic appeal asked beside the blond man with tattoos all over his arms.

"There are always takers, Pandora," the blond replied. "We just hope it won't remind him of her."

"How come she only framed him just because he broke up with her and left the band, Izzy? Wouldn't that bitch ruin us as well?" Izzy's eyes flared with worry.

"She thought of us as family," Izzy replied. "I guess she left because—" The doorbell rang and it nearly scared them, since they haven't heard one in a while. The two stood up and looked at the peephole, seeing a black haired woman checking her phone and holding her guitar case. A whistle came from Izzy, admiring what he's seeing. "Damn! For her natural looks, she's pretty hot!"

"Izzy, you just saw her!" Pandora remarked. "I'll stall her until you get Johnny to come out of his room."

"Good idea," the blond replied. Just as Pandora opened the front door, Izzy went upstairs to a door that looked beat up, covered in old paint and scratches.

"Hey! Come on, Johnny!" the blond said banging on the door. "The guitarist is here!" All he got for an answer were swearing censored words that would appear on television, but after that, he replied clearly,

"To hell with that, Izzy! If it's another blond, then he or she will be kicked out in a snap!" Izzy sighed, since he is technically one, but barged in the door seeing the Mohawk wearing man drinking out of a beer bottle and listening to loud music.

The man had green dyed hair and brown eyes. His expression was of a man who looked completely pissed off, with a toned, pale body and tattoos across his abs and arms, looking someone like the drummer Travis Barker.

"Look, this is our last chance! If we don't give this guitarist a chance, then good luck trying a sing for the elderly or something that pays good money. Besides, from when I saw her, she looks like a smoking hot brunette!" Johnny grumbled, getting up and turning off the punk rock music. He looked at the man three inches shorter with his attitude still the same.

"She gets a five-minute limit. If she pisses me off, I'll learn the guitar and we'll be a three-man group. When I'm in a band, nothing will stop me."

"Thank God," Izzy mouthed following Johnny downstairs. It didn't take long for them to head to the living room, in which they encounter the two ladies in front of them.

The young woman looked at the two figures carefully. Izzy, being at least six feet, would make her scream "You're so hot!" and Johnny, who was glaring at her with impatience, would make her nervous if she just met him and would have to perform with him immediately.

"So, tell us why you're here, babe," Izzy said to her. The brunette flinched and blushed. She just got here and she's already having someone flirting with her.

"I saw your ad in the paper, so I want to show you what I can do." Izzy nodded while Johnny looked away.

"Just relax, Rose," Pandora told her. "I'm sure you'll sound fine." The brunette took the comment carefully and got out her guitar, with a pink outline and black base. Putting the strap around her, she took her guitar pick and started to play an unidentified song, meaning she must have created the tune herself. Pandora earned a smile along with Izzy, while Johnny remained bored.

Hitting the high note, it took the British man by surprise. It reminded him of punk rock, his preferred genre. He could think of countless ways to how punk rock can be described, like cool and deadly, or slow yet grabbing attention. This was different; however, being the type fast and aggressive, the type of punk he likes the best. With a chord done, Rose strummed the last note that remained sustained for a few seconds.

"Whoa... That was a bad ass tune from a Les Paul Gibson," Izzy told Rose. A smile escaped her, but she was still a bit shy.

"T-thanks. I actually made this by myself by listening to Green Day and My Chemical Romance. Punk rock saved me and swept my high school years away."

"I say she's in!" the blond replied showing his the rock symbol with his hand.

"I agree," Pandora replied. With two out of three with yes, it was basically the taller man's decision. Despite her amazing skills, Johnny still seemed pissed about something.

"Yeah, sure, whatever..." Johnny grumbled. "You're in, but you don't want to piss me off." He left the room beforewhile getting another beer bottle and heading to his room.

"What's his problem? Man period?" Rose asked the two. Izzy laughed due to her sarcastic prediction, but was serious a second later by clearing his throat.

"Bad break-up. I shouldn't tell you anymore or he'll destroy my drum set," Pandora told her.

"Pandora's right. Besides, this Friday, there will be a backyard bash here and we got the people who will pay to watch. Now before that, how old are you?" Izzy asked with a smile.

"I'm about to be nineteen in two weeks, so yeah, June 28th."

"Perfect! Trust me, darling, you'll be having a blast with us!" Rose raised an eyebrow from his flirting.

"Yeah," Pandora replied sarcastically. "You'll ask her to be your girlfriend and then off you go to the honeymoon phase." Rose chuckled, admiring their words. "Anyway, Rose, be here every day around three or so."

"Thanks for letting me know!" Rose replied heading out the front door. Watching the brunette's car leave, Izzy never looked back and headed to Johnny. He looked nearly drunk, but his stubbornness helped him endure from being completely intoxicated.

"Is she gone?" Johnny asked. Izzy leaned against the drawer in Johnny's room.

"Yeah. This will work, man. Just believe in her and she'll be better."

"Maybe if she doesn't get mad if I say anything perverted or insulting."

"I'm sure it won't happen, Johnny. She's doesn't seem to be hot-headed like her."

"Well she's been your friend since God knows when. Next time she sees me, she might throw a hair dryer or her guitar at me."

"I know that Rose will be kicking ass. She has the personality for it."

"If she's like Judy, then maybe she will. Besides, I only let her in because she and I have the same favorite genre." Izzy left his room with a smile. Now they just got to do this from the beginning. If the woman the three spoke of doesn't interfere, then maybe they can start anew with what they're aiming for: playing for the music.


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