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~Epilogue: The Rock Show~


Days passed by as they normally do. When Rose faced against Lou, she thought that she would fail her band members. In her room, she looked at her guitar, fully fixed as if it never even happened. Is Lou really gone forever, or just in hiding since he is the Devil of Rock? She didn't want the others to worry, so she stood up and went to open her door, but someone was already outside of it: Johnny.

"Hey, I was making sure that you were okay," he said truthfully. Rose herself never really thought if she's okay or not. Battling someone who is evil and very dangerous seemingly scarred her. When she looked at Johnny's eyes, she felt safe.

"I'm okay, I guess," she replied, looking away. Last time she was alone with him, she declined their "moment" he was going to have with her. A smile from the singer turned the tables for Rose later.

"I got another call from that record company. The gig's tonight, so you might want to prepare yourself, we'll be playing a punk rock song which you and I prefer." This time, it was her turn to smile.

"Is that so?" Rose replied. "Will it be the best rock show they will ever receive?" she asked crossing her arms.

"You bet," he told her.


Backstage was just extraordinaire. Not a lot of people are watching them play live, but it would be a blast to feel the rocking air while performing.

"Wow... For the first time, I feel so nervous," Rose said watching the people who will watch them to see if they are worthy for signing in. A hand went to her shoulder, Izzy's to be exact. He smiled at her, hoping to give her comfort.

"It's only one song," he told her. "Besides, you love playing it on guitar."

Rose nodded. Pandora, twirling her drum sticks, also smiling. "Izzy's right. I'm probably going home with legs all useless after this." Knowing by the fact it is a punk rock song, this one in particular is a fast tempo type of drumming.

As for Johnny, he smiled for his friend. "You saved our souls after all, so this one will be in our honor for you." The guitarist smiled in return, looking at the platform they will be playing in front of the few people.

"Let's do this, then," Rose said with confidence. Walking like in royalty, Knights of Hearts went in their positions in performing, the drums, bass, and guitar starting off the song. "The Rock Show" by blink-182 was the song, and the lyrics that were coming up referenced how Johnny fell in love with and respected Rose for who she is and for saving their souls from Lou's grasp.

The performance was flawless and perfection. Out of nowhere, there were fans watching, screaming in awe. The people working for the record label were impressed as well. Looking at each other, the four grinned and started out with another song. They don't need Lou Cipher anymore, they need rock.


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