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The Snow Phoneix

Chapter 1 : ) Finding Harry Potter ( :


It has been two years since the Dark Lord took over Wizarding Britan. He sat, at the moment, in the Headmaster's chair at Hogwarts, thinking about the school and the students it contained. Much to the shock of everyone he actually allowed half-bloods and muggle-borns in still. But not before they made sure that the parents would never harm or leave their child or children and wife. Then everyone found out the truth about Dumbledore, they also learned about the two Weasley women and the youngest son along with the Granger girl were bad trouble, thanks to Ron's big mouth. It was then they learned about Dumbledore's plans for Harry Potter. Apparently once Harry finally killed the Dark Lord he, Dumbldore would either use plan A, plan B, or plan C. Plan A consisted of feeding Harry a Love Potion so he would fall in love with Ginny Weasley and marry her, and when they were married she would then kill Harry while he slept. Plan B consisted of Ginny seducing Harry to make love with her, become pregnant, then marry him and kill him and the child. Plan C consisted of Dumbledore killing him right after the battle and lie about why he did it. All of them were in on the plan but the others had no idea about it. Arthur Weasley then divorced his wife and disowned his youngest son and only daughter for thier treachery. They, along with Granger and Dumbledore were then shipped off to Askaban. They later found out that all of them were stealing money, books, and faimly heirlooms from all the Potter vaults.


Voldemort, or has he liked to be called, Tom, sat in thought of what would of happened had they been able to get to Potter in time. For Dumbledore had taken him before he was caught and transported him somewhere and then obliviated himself so they couldn't find out where he sent the boy. His last words before he took his last breath were "You Lose". No one understood what he was talking about seeing as they had just won. They didn't dwell on it, they spent a year and a half trying to find Potter before they gave up. While he thought of this he looked at the calender, it was the 30th of July.

"He'll be sixteen tomorrow," he muttered to himself, however his companions heard him.

"What was that, Tom?" Lucius Malfoy asked from where he was sitting in front of the desk with Severus Snape.

Tom looked at his two lovers with a raised eyebrow. They had been together for almost a year when they admitted they liked each other. Of course thanks to a ritual that wasn't dark and wouldn't transform his natural apperance, he got his twenty to thirty aged body back.

While Lucius may love his wife but not as a lover. They had divorced after they both had admitted their feelings for someone else. And Severus never was married or had a lover since he was still in his teen years.

"Yes, Tom, who are you talking about?" Severus asked with amusement lacing his voice as he tried not to laugh.

"Oh, just thinking about how, Potter, would be sixteen this year," he answered thier similar questions.

No sooner than the words left his mouth then a bright white light filled the entire room. Once the light died down and they could see again, did they see Fawks, Dumbledore's Phoneix. Lucius was the one to come out of his shock first.

"What is that blasted bird doing here, I thought it died with the old coot."

Tom, who had still been staring at the bird, answered his question/statement."Normally it should unless the bond was forced or the phoneix has a son/daughter or any family at all really."

"So let me get this straight he is still alive because he was forced into a bond and/or has family somewhere?" Severus asked with a hint of exasperation in his voice.

"Yes basically." Tom said as if it was the most natural thing in the world which it probaly was.

"Wonder why he didn't die with dumble bee?" Lucius asked aloud.

As soon as his question ended on his lips Fawks began to transform. He was tired of listening and not being able to reply to the questions and other things. When his transformation was done where the phoneix used to stand was a man about 6'3" tall, he had scarlet colored hair that reached his shoulders and a face that would belong to a model. His eyes were the same gold color as when he was in phoneix form. The others stared at him until Severus asked what was on all of their minds.

"Are you Fawks?" he asked.

"Yes I am, sorry I would have revealed myself earlier but Dumbledore kept me to weak to do so," he answered their question, "I want to answer some of your questions that you were wondering about earlier, is that alright?"

The others all nodded and sat down to learn what happened between him, Dumbledore, and Potter.

"Well to start off you all need to stand back up," Fawks said.

Severus looked at the phoneix now turned human, "And why do we need to do that?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because if you do not get up and hold onto me so I can take you to where Harry is, then Harry is going to die real soon!" he said.

As soon as the words left his mouth the others all jumped to their feet and each one of them took a hold of some part of Fawks. As soon as the last person grabbed Fawks' arm they disappeared in a blinding flash of gold light. They soon reappeared in what looked like a muggle park in the middle of a neighbor hood. The park itself was surounded by thick and tall trees.

"Where in the name of Merlin are we?" asked Lucius as he looked around.

Fawks turned his head to look at him, "We are in Surey, London,"he answered ,"we need to get to Harry's Aunt and Uncle's house right now!"

As soon as he said that he took off toward one of the houses that all looked the same. He ran until he reached a house with the number four on it. The door was blown off its hinges when Fawks reached it. He ran inside not waiting for the other three men. He raced up the stairs, he didn't stop until he reached a door that had too many locks and a catflap. He kicked the door down and went inside, by then everyone else had caught up to him. When everyone was inside they looked for Harry. They almost gave up when they didn't find him. That is until they heard something or someone whimper in pain from under the bed. They all looked to see a tiny, pure black kitten that had emerald green eyes.

"Harry!" Fawks shouted in relief.