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Chapter 3

Tom was in a Teacher's meeting along with Severus and Lucius and all the other teachers when suddenly Fawks flashed in his human form right behind Lucius. Fawks shot Tom a mischevious grin before leaning toward Lucius and blowing in his ear. Lucius jumped in his seat and looked behind him and saw Fawks doubled over laughing really hard. He looked back at his lovers to see that both of them were trying to hold in their chuckles but failing horribly. He huffed a bit but he did smile after he was done being grumpy. Tom turned to Fawks after he finally got his laughing under control, "So where did you disappear to after we got Harry from his relatives house?" he asked. Fawks pulled something out of his sleeve, it was pure white and fluffy.

"I was getting this for Harry, I thought he might want her since he hasn't seen her in a long time," he said just has the fluffy thing started to move and reveal that it was an owl.

Lucius stared at it trying to remeber where he had seen the owl before when it suddenly hit him, "That's Harry's owl isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." Fawks said.

Suddenly the door flew open and Harry came barreling through he took one look at his owl in Fawks' hand before quickly taking her into his hands and gently hugging her all the while shouting, "Hedwig, Hedwig" over and over again. While Harry was doing that Hedwig was cooing at him respectively. All of the adults shared a small smile at this tiny reunion, they hadn't seen Harry so happy in a long time. Harry was so happy he didn't notice Tom trying to get his attention after telling everyone that the meeting was over and the next one would be in two weeks on Thursday. When all the teachers were gone and Harry gave a hug to Professer McGonagall and it was only Tom and his lovers that were in the room, Harry gave them his full attention while holding Hedwig close.

"Harry, do you want us to call your godfathers? I have already informed them of us finding you," Tom asked.

Harry nodded his head, his godfathers were the two people he wanted to see the most. "But before you do that, who was the crazy knife lady that tried to kill me?" he asked. Tom shuffled through some papers on his desk before pulling out a piece from the pile.

"Her name is Katherine Dutchum, she was a Ravenclaw student a few years below you when you were in school. She had aced all her O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s we couldn't find any reason she would have to kill you, do you know why she would want you gone?" Tom asked after he gave the information. Harry wracked his brain until he remembered something, "When we were still friends Hermione had a Ravenclaw friend named Kat, but I don't know if that was only a nickname of if that was her full name. It would explain why she would try to kill me if she was still friends with Hermione," he said nodding when he thought about it more.

"Yes it would explain why she did it but not how she got in the school since she graduated a year ago. Unless she is part of the Board of Goveners or she has a sibling in the school she shouldn't be here. And I can assure you that she isn't on the Board as I am and we haven't got any new members in the last fifteen years," Lucius told them while sipping on some tea that he had a house elf fetch for him earlier. Tom nodded his head then sat behind his desk and shuffling through some more papers on his desk looking for something. Harry felt it got a little too quiet for his liking and decided to talk to Severus as Fawks had flashed back into his phoneix form and looked to be asleep on his perch.

"So what have you been doing since I vanished?" he asked with a smile.

Severus looked at him for a little bit before answering, "After we couldn't find you we all tried to get back into our normal routine of things. Unfortunatly no one has been happy with you being gone, expecially that mutt and the wolf. They about drove me insane you have no idea how many potions I had to pour down their idiotic throats before the were themselves again. The mutt still has nightmares on certain occasions."

Harry looked at him worried that his godfathers weren't going to be alright when he met them. Severus saw his face and put his worries to ease, "Don't worry brat, they're fine. I said on occasion not every two days."

Harry relaxed a bit but he was still worried. He was brought out of his talk with Severus when Tom gave a shout of triumph. They looked over to where he was and saw that he was holding up a file filled to the brim with paper. Some of the pieces were sticking out at odd angles. Harry looked at it and wondered if the person who wrote that had cramps in their hands still.

"What the bloody hell is that and who wrote it?" Harry asked with his mouth hanging open. Lucius leaned over and with two fingers pushed his mouth closed, "You'll catch flies doing that and trust me flies do not taste good. I know because I had the unfortunate event of eating one because I was yawning in a meeting one time and it flew in my mouth," he said with a frown.

Harry looked a bit green at that and asked him to never tell him that again, he looked back to Tom when he heard him clear his throat for their attention.

"Now that I have your attention this big old file is actually a medium size book of rules," he said and then continued on pretending to not notice their looks of disbelief when he said the book was medium sized, " as to who wrote it, every headmaster since the Founders made this school, has added rules to it, well almost every headmaster. Dumbledore never did add anything he did however try to scratch out a lot of the rules already in the book. He was able to scratch out the corprel punishments and most of the ridiculus rules that were made by incompetent headmasters before him; however, there is one in here that he tried to scratch out but didn't get to scratch out the entire thing just half."

Tom sat the book on the desk and pulled out his wand and pointed it at the rule that was half way scratched out and said, "Reparo." The entire book shone gold befre the rule was clear for them to read, they all leaned over the book to read the rule.

" All of the Founders shall have their potraits displayed in the Great Hall and all of their possessions shall be displayed in their respective house dormitories" was the part that had been scratched out. They read the part that Dumbledore wasn't able to scratch out, " All founder heirs are to be informed of who they are and what they inheireted upon being found, all family heirlooms are aloud to be used. No one can confenscate said heirlooms. Should this rule not be followed, you will be punished severly."

Harry read the rule twice , why would Dumbledore erase this rule? he wondered confused.

Severus saw the confused look on Harry's face and smiled softly before saying, " He probably tried to erase it so he wouldn't have to inform the heirs of their heritages and so the founders wouldn't be able to recongnise them either."

Harry looked like he understood, but there was still something that was bothering him, " But why would he not want to inform them of their hritages?" he asked as he turned his head to look at Severus. " Because if he didn't inform them, they wouldn't claim their fortunes," Tom answered for Severus, once they both looked at him he continued, " If the heirs to the founders don't lay claim to their heritages the headmaster/headmistress can claim the money as their own. Honest heads would usually use for the school, but Dumbledor would have tried to use it for himself most likely."

Harry thought about and mentally nodded when he understood what where saying. Tom snapped the book shut, startling them all out of their thoughts, and put the book back on the book shelf. As soon as he let go of the book the whole castle started to shake lightly and flash a rainbow of different colors. Then almost as soon as it started it stopped, Harry looked around and wonder what happened. " Man, it is good to be back," said a male voice behind all of them. Everyone whipped around so fast they all almost had whiplash and Harry tripped on his hair, he fell with a dull thud. Severus and Lucius helped him back up while Tom looked on worriedly as they checked for injuries.

" Oh, the poor dear!" a women's voice said close to where they heard the male's voice. Once everyone was situated, and the others made sure that Harry wouldn't trip again, they looked at what startled them to begin with. There on the wall behind the headmaster's desk and chair was a portrait with two men and two women. The were all sitting in comfy, armchairs around a roaring fire. The first man fathest away from the fire and closest to the edge of the painting had broad shoulders and a muscled body. His ruby, red hair fell to his shoulders in calm waves and his dark brown eyes held a slight tinge of red around the pupil. Beside him was another man that had a lean build and curly, black hair that went to his waist and curled at the ends. He had silver eyes that shined with hidden cunning, across from him sat a woman with with straight, black hair that went just below her shoulders and yellow eyes that held compassion. She had a slim build and a small bosom while the woman next to her had a bigger build and a large bosom. She had dark blue hair that was held up in a bun, and bronze eyes that had a twinkle that told of her intelligenence. Harry thought she reminded him of Professor McGonagall except she didn't look as severe as the professor did. All of them were wearing different colored clothing, the red-haired man wore robes of gold and the other wore green colored robes. The women both wore black robes, the only difference was that there was blue and gold lace on the hems of the sleeves, collars, and the ends of their robes.

At the moment the black haired woman was stretching with her arms above her, when she was done she settled back into her armchair. The man with red hair jumped out of his chair and went to the middle of the portrait, he looked around the office until his eyes landed on Harry.

" You okay there, laddie?," he asked.

Harry nodded his head slightly, before he sat up and asked what everyone else was wanting to ask, " Sorry if this sounds rude but, who are you?" he asked with a little uncertainty, he didn't know if this would offend the four people in the painting.

Instead of being offended the man laughed loudly as if that was the funniest thing someone had asked him. He continued to laugh until the blue-haired woman scolded him, " Godric, will you cut that out and tell them already before me or Salazar does it for you."

Harry's eyes wemt wide as the woman said this.

"Wait you mean, you and the other three people are the founders?" he asked her still wide eyed as she nodded her head.

The other men in the room stared at the portrait, they would have still been stairing at it if it wasn't for the floo flairing up and Sirius and Remus came out of it. Well more like stumbling because Sirius in his infinite wisdom had decided to run through the floo and grab Remus' hand to pull him with. They both would have fallen had it not been for Remus' werewolf senses and caught them both before either one of them could fall. As soon as Sirius was able to stand on his own he looked around the room, when his eyes landed on Harry he ran and glomped him. Harry squeaked before he hugged his godfather just as tightly back.

" God! I missed you, pup!" Sirius whispered as he hugged his godson. Soon both of them felt another pair of arms wram around both of them, they looked up to see Remus hugging them with a small smile on his lips. They stayed like this until someone coughed to get there attention, when they looked around they saw both of the women in the portrait glaring at Severus, who had an innocent look on his face, while the other males were trying to stop from laughing or snickering. But Sirius knew that Snape was the one to blame for making that cough, he wasn't fooled one bit. However he decided that it wasn't worth it to put up a fight, instead he sat on the couch with Remus and Harry. He looked at everyone there, that's when he saw the portrait and when he did his jaw dropped. So did Remus' when he decided to look at what had caused Sirius to drop his.

" Merlin, how did you four get back? I could of sworn Dumbledore had gotten rid of you guys after you had tried to tell Lily and James that they were missing a mate." Sirius yelled after coming out of his shock. He then got hit on the arm by Remus who had sensetive hearing.

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