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He threatened to rape her and she didn't even flinch. Admirable.

"You're clearly trying to frighten me" said the good doctor from across the table as if only commenting about the weather. Oh a challenge, Jane didn't know what kind of friend she had.

He had simply smiled at her and admitted, "I am."

"I'm not afraid of you," she had said. She wasn't like some of the weaklings who tried to hide it but it was clear that she truely had no idea why, he should be kind and enlighten her.

"I know," he had said softly leaning forward as far as the restraints would let him to fill her in on a little secret. "Because you're like me." He took in the change across her face, the fear in her eyes was exquisite.

That was when he had seen it. Hoyt smiled at the memory. He had wondered if the thought had ever occurred to the good doctor that they were alike. The shock and fear she had shown him was no less than delicious. The thought had obviously never crossed her mind, and amused him. But the fear, the fear was almost like having Jane Rizzoli within his grasp again. She was afraid of herself. It was such a shame she didn't choose to unleash her full potential. Perhaps he could help her with that. In fact, perhaps a little change in plan was in order.

Yes, he thought. That would do just the trick. That way, if the very low possibility occurred that he should fail in his grand scheme, he could die knowing that he scarred Jane in more than just the physical way for the rest of her life. He'd have to plan this out carefully. This would require a lot more… finesse.

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