Well what do you know, it became a one-shot collection after all.

This one-shot is kinda based on a dream I had last night... I'm not really sure why I was dreaming this kind of sad romantic weirdness... but it turned out kinda nice...

Kaitou Kid's Truth: The Moment When The Two Met

Nakamori Aoko was looking at Kaitou Kid in the moonlight, really looking at him. Sure, she'd seem pictures of him many times before but to actually see him in person was a different experience altogether... he seemed so familiar.

"Who are you?" She couldn't keep herself from asking even though she knew he'd never answer... at least she never expected him to answer.

However the thief did answer, his voice was just as familiar to her as his presence and yet she couldn't quite place either of them, "I could be anyone you want me to be, Ojou-chan."

The fact that she couldn't understand why he was so familiar is what made her angry at him, but her tone led him to believe it was his haughty attitude that had caused it, "That's not what I meant, Kid."

The way she said 'Kid' so bitingly had hurt him, the word had stung him. He knew why it was she couldn't stand him, he even hated himself for constantly having to hurt her, for taking her father away from her, and more than anything else for always lying and deceiving her. He wished so much that he could end the charade -in vain.

"I'm sorry, Ojou-chan, but I'm afraid you're better off not knowing the answer to that," His poker face hid his true emotions well, making him appear calm and collected when all that existed inside him was the opposite, anguish.

Aoko couldn't take it, she had to know who he was, there was something about the thief that reminded her of... she pushed the thought aside not wanting to dwell on impossibilities. Still there was a part of her that saw her childhood friend behind the thief's trademark monocle and hat, she didn't like it, every other part of her rejected the thief... but that one part wanted to help him.

"Please..." She said, her eyes on the verge of tears she would have normally thought he would be the last person she'd show, "I have to know... so just... please."

He sighed, he hadn't realized he'd been hurting her this much. No- maybe he had realized it and just didn't want to admit it to himself... strike that, he'd definitely realized it, but pretending he hadn't was always easier than accepting that she was taking on the pain he always kept hidden behind his poker face. He couldn't keep pretending now, he wasn't capable of it.

"No... I can't... it's dangero-" He started, but he abruptly stopped and changed the entire flow of what he was saying, "-Will you promise me... you won't tell anyone who I am... no... just promise that nothing will change between... us."

His voice was shaky, he was no longer the fearless thief, no longer the bad guy, no longer Kaitou Kid. Aoko noticed the difference but still had yet to actually recognize that when he cast aside the facade of the magician under the moonlight he became her childhood friend -her best friend Kuroba Kaito.

"I promise."

She thought the thief was just trying to protect his own identity, she didn't bother reading deeper into his words... as strange as they seemed. She took the promise at it's face value not understanding at all what it really meant, and Kaito knew that she wouldn't, he knew her well enough to understand that she wouldn't realize that even this was meant to protect her from the shadow world he'd become involved in.

Still it's a wonder she was able to keep herself from shaking, she hadn't in a million dreams expected him to go along with her request, yet here it was actually happening. The Kaitou Kid was going to reveal his identity to her, sure, she had her suspicions -the very misguided suspicions that had brought her to her breakdown in the first place- but she never expected him to go along with her.

"I'll hold you to it," He said, slipping out of his heist voice and using a sad yet cheerful tone that could belong to none other than Kuroba Kaito as he added, "Ahouko."

"Kai... Kaito?"

He turned so he wouldn't be meeting her eyes and opened his mouth to respond but before he had the chance she rushed up to him, causing his hat and monocle to fall off as she hugged him tightly from behind. He flinched at hearing the monocle's glass crack when it hit the floor, before relaxing, melting into the hug.

"Yeah, it's me..." He didn't bother denying it, what would be the point of revealing his identity only to deny it when everything's over.

Aoko didn't know if she should be sad or angry. There was a part of her that still wanted to help him, knowing he must have become a their for a reason; but there was another part that wanted to turn him in, Kaitou Kid is Kaitou Kid who he is makes no difference, stealing is wrong.

She let go of him, backing away, "How... Why... Kaito... tell me..."

He knew what she meant. The full story would explain everything, but he was going to have to give her the short version.

"Eight years ago dad was killed by people that wanted a certain gem, back then he was already acting as Kaitou Kid-I'm still not really sure about why- but in order to find his killers I took up his cape and hat. When I found them I discovered what they were looking for -a gem that would grant immortality- and I vowed to find and destroy it before they got the chance to use it," He explained, trying his best to make his tone sound casual, but he'd never told this story before and it was making him emotional just thinking about it, "Ever since I've been stealing gems and protecting Kaitou Kid's reputation, I still haven't found the gem I'm looking for, but I'll retire once I do."

Aoko listened carefully until he finished, frozen in shock. How could it be true? In her mind there was no way Kaito could have been through all that and still been his usual self at school, no one could learn that their father was murdered then become a thief to catch the killers and still smile and pull pranks at school. It wasn't natural, she knew he was probably hurting on the inside more than she could ever imagine.

If anything the story at least confirmed he was being honest, no one would make up such a story as a lie. Kid... Kaito was a practical (if not a bit impractical) joker, not a cold-hearted criminal. Even if he stole he returned it, if he lied it was always just the line up for a fun prank... he wouldn't lie about something like this.

"Kaito... oh God! Kaito! Why... why didn't you tell anyone?" She was stumbling over her words, "We... we could have helped..."

He wasn't sure what to say to that, so he waited, just for a moment.

"Kaito, I want to help you."

He didn't want her to, if she got involved she could be killed. At least that's what he was thinking but his mouth and brain seemed to have ceased all communication.

"It'll be dangerous," he suggested.

"I don't mind."

"It'll be difficult."

"That's why I'll help."

"You'll become a criminal."

"If we return what we steal it's really borrowing," She said with a determined twinkle in her eyes.

"You'd be going against your father."

This time she hesitated, "I'm fine with that..."

"Are you sure?" He asked, running out of reasons why she shouldn't be.

"Absolutely," no more hesitation.

For a moment he was speechless. What's the proper response to accepting someone's becoming a criminal to help you spite your father's killers? There probably isn't such a thing.

He sighed, "Then maybe it's time for Phantom Lady to come out of retirement..."