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Brittany's point of view

It's been a whole month since we've been together. The days get better as they pass. No worries, pains, hardships had ever passed me, you can thank Alvin for that. He's always been there for me, everytime. He makes me smile even in the most pressurized moments I had in school.

Basically he's the best guy, like I say everyday.

School's not going to last long,... spring break is coming. Only one day left, this day, we'll be out of school for the rest of March. If only time would run faster, we're waiting for 30 more minutes before we'll be out.

25 minutes left... I sat on my chipmunk sized table, together with Eleanor, Spanish class. Jeanette came to a different class with Simon. I buried my whole face on the desk, thinking it was Alvin's comfortable, hard, furry chest. But it wasn't working, Alvin's body was way more dreamy than just a dusty old table.

20 minutes left... I spent my time copying the notes, re-reading the things I have written, which I find boring. The teacher just keeps repeating the things she's saying.

15... I am completely bored. The entire room was quiet, only the ticktock sound of the clock can be heard. Another fifteen minutes of my life needs to bee wasted just to have a whole month with my boyfriend. It's worth more than anything.

5... It's almost there, just a little bit more,...

4... come on, hurry up!

3... I felt funny at the pit of my stomach, excitement.

2... Alvin... I'm ready for a whole month...

1... 60,.. 59... 58...


As if it was summer, students from all over the school hooted and cheered as the bell rang. Sweet music to my ears. Finally! Spring break!

Everyone packed their bags and stood up. Everyone, as in everyone exited the classroom. I patted Eleanor's shoulder to get her attention.

"Ellie, it's the break!" I exclaimed as we walked out of the classroom towards the hallway.

"I know. Finally, a whole month with Theodore." She replied.

"Or with Alvin." I added.

"Dave said that we'll be somewhere fancy for two weeks. I wonder where that'll be." Eleanor said.

We approached the lockers, "I don't care, as long as I'm with -" I was interrupted by a pair of paws wrapped around my face, covering my eyes.

"Me?" The owner of the voice spoke up.

I smiled as I heard that voice. The voice of the hottest, charming, best, handsome chipmunk in the world.

"Hm,... let me guess... Matthew Gubler?" I joked.

"Take another."

"Jesse Mccartney?"

"Do I even sound like that guy?" The high pitched voice replied.

"Justin Long?"

"Getting close."

"I don't know, but it's probably the best boyfriend in the world." I joked.

"Correct." He removed his hands from my eyes.

I looked behind me, a chipmunk with a red jacket stood there with a handsome smile. "Alvin Seville, a whole month with you, do you know what that means?" I said.

"Yep, there's going to be a whole lot of this..." He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

Passersby and students awed at the sight of us. We both pulled out and coughed in awkwardness.

"Eleanor told me that we'll be going somewhere special for two weeks." I said.

"I know, Dave told me. I don't know where, though." He answered.

We walked up towards the exit, outside. We headed over to the parking lot where the cars were. And yes, we used the cars for school. Even me and my sisters drive one, occasionally, problem? It was a relief that my first time didn't end up as a wreck. Well, Alvin taught me how to.

We spotted Simon, Jeanette, and Theodore regrouped on Alvin's car which was parked between theirs.

"Hey, Theo." Eleanor greeted and ran towards him with a hug.

"So, spring break's on. What's the plan for a whole month?" Jeanette asked.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you. Dave's taking us to a classy hotel. I hear it's a five star." Simon answered.

My eyes widened with stars, "A five star hotel with Alvin? This is going to be the best month of all!" I cheered.

"Hey, don't get excited. Even though it's a five star, it doesn't have a chipmunk day care center." Simon told.

"Well, Dave's going to give the details. We'll have to get home. We'll leave tomorrow, directly." Theodore informed.

"You knew about this?" Eleanor asked.

"Dave told me." He answered.

"That makes sense." Eleanor replied.

"Well, we could all just ask Dave. He'll give us the detail." I said. "And besides, I can't wait to spend my spring break with you in a five star hotel." I added, hugging Alvin, nuzzling his face.

"I can't wait either." He led me towards the passenger's seat of his car. "...but tomorrow isn't that long."

He opened the door and led me inside. The others went back to their own car and started their ignition.

Our car came out of the parking lot first, followed by Simon and Theodore.

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