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May 4, 2011, A week after Jeanette's labor...

Jeanette was back on her feet again, thanks to the blood Brittany had donated. She couldn't get anymore happier to be out of that vet. It was just this morning when Beatrice told her it was alright to walk and go home. Dave fetched Simon and Jeanette from Beatrice office, including their eleven children.

Jeanette couldn't be any more happier. She had a family now, a big one, just like she dreamed of. Seven girls and four boys, all perfect little angels. The boys were spitting images of their father. Simon and the boys look almost alike, except for one who looked more like Jeanette.

J'Nell, that was the name Simon and Jeanette gave him. He looked more like Jeanette, Simon even thought he was a girl. Jeanette felt he cursed himself for not even knowing his child's gender. But who can he blame? J'Nell and Jeanette look exactly alike, except for the gender. J'nell's fur, the elevation of his snout, his long tail, curved eyebrows, the sharp corner of his eye, even the colour of his fur. He was the third oldest. And also, he got her (as Simon stated) amethyst eyes. She never knew she'd enjoy that eye colour so much.

Jermaine, the fourth one. She has amethyst coloured eyes just like her mother. Her smile flashed her like Simon would, and her face reminds her of him despite being a girl. She has her mother's fur.

Then there's Jasmine, she was like a little flower when they first laid eyes upon her. The way her eyes fluttered open, the way her ears flinched slowly as if it was a bloom of a flower bud. Her fur was between dark and light brunette, resembling them both. Her eyes were Jeanette's and her lips were Simon's. The elevation of her snout resembles her father. She's the fifth one.

The sixth one looked so cute when she was asleep. The way she moved elegantly resembled the calm waves of water. She looks so harmless, so innocent, so peaceful. Simon and Jeanette gave her the name Serene, which means calmness and peace. Her fur was just as brunette as her mother, and her eyes undoubtedly came from Simon's blue beryl. The look on her face was just as timid as her mother. By that, they can already tell she'd be the shy and quiet one.

Shannon, the seventh child that came out of Jeanette's womb. She was so playful, she even toyed with her father's nose when they came face to face. Her fingers were so cute. She had the longest tail among her siblings, and she was just as beautiful as her mother. She had dark brown fur just like Simon's, and and the rest from head to toe were her mother's.

Stanley, the eight one. His eyes were like Simon's, but way more fierce. He was giggling like a baby, but his eyebrows remained arched, like an eagle. Simon remembered the eagle that nearly ate Theodore. If he didn't forget, his name was 'Stanley the eagle'. Simon remembered how fierce he was, so he named his son Stanley. Stanley has Jeanette's light fur and snout elevation. The rest were Simon's.

Janice and John, ninth and tenth one respectively. They were twins, looking exactly alike. Jeanette couldn't tell who was who. They had Simon's dark fur and eyes, and their faces resembled Jeanette's. Their tails were long.

And then lastly, there's little Simone. He was like Simon, with the face, and cheekbones, but her fur and eyes were Jeanette's. His grin had a playful atmosphere to it, as if he was going to do something, like a prank, something only the French alter ego of Simon would do. The way he smiled reminded Jeanette of Simone.

"Oh, Simon, they look so cute." Jeanette cooed, examining them from head to toe, one by one.

"Just like you, Jeanette. I'm so lucky to have you." Simon replied.

She cuddled Simon's arm, nuzzling it against her cheek. As soon as her fur brushed with his, she resisted the urge to lick his dreamy body. A warm sensation came into her, like being burned in a furnace, but in a good way. Then a thought came into her, but she was a bit embarrassed to say. "S-Simon?" She called.

"Yes, Jeanette?" Simon answered.

Jeanette gulp. She's probably going to feel embarrassed after this. "I- I... um... I was just wondering."

"It's all right, Jean. I'm open to you any time." Simon told her.

Jeanette nodded. "Y-You know, I- I may not be in heat any more, but... I was just wondering. W-when are we going to start mating again?" Jeanette mouthed out the words timidly, slowly, and shyly. As soon as she saw Simon's confused, face, she quickly backed herself up. "I-It's just that... I just love you so much that I don't know how to show it by simply kissing you. I became addicted to mating with you ever since our first time, and that one month not being able to do it with you made me want you even more than I ever had. P-Please don't call me a... I don't know- but please don't think wrongly of me. I just want you so much, and nobody else. You're the only one who can give me that enormous burst of pleasure I've never felt before. And I miss that more than anything else."


"Please don't think wrongly of me, Simon." Jeanette insecurely cuddled with his arm tighter as if it was a pillow.

"Jeanette, don't think that. I'll never think wrongly of you. But I never knew you could want like that."

"I just can't help it, Simon. I'm addicted. That's what you get for loving me without stopping."

Jeanette felt Simon's lips on her forehead. She let her tail ran freely and tangle with him. "Don't worry, Jeanette. We'll just do what Alvin and Brittany are doing. But on one condition." Simon's dominance could be heard.

"Anything." Jeanette replied, sounding desperate.

"One round each night, and not longer than two hours. We don't want the kids to wake up parentless." Simon said.

"Deal, then. When do we start?" She asked.

"Next week."

"Next week?"

"Hey, I don't want the wait any more than you do, but your body isn't ready for straining activities yet."

Jeanette sighed. "Alright."

They ended the late afternoon with a passionate kiss before going into bed early.

. . . . . . .

Eleanor's head was laid down on Eleanor's shoulder as she took one paw and placed it flat and gently on her fully enlarged stomach. Theodore had his paw around her waist. They stared at the empty spaces of the living room, since they rarely watch T.V. these days. T.V. used to be their life, but now, their lives belong to each other, and their future children.

That's what Eleanor getting excited about - their future children. She's close, she knew it even before they went to Beatrice for the check-up. She's in the third trimester, and way close to her due date. Very close. Just one week, one more week, they'll earn the title 'Mum and Dad'.

Excited they were, having three children as the ultrasound showed them. It turned out, they were having what Eleanor was expected. It seemed like deja vu to her. She could've sworn, she had a dream like this once. They were having three children, and they already decided the name.

Elisha. They were going to name her Elisha, because Theodore wanted to name a girl after Eleanor. It's the only name he thought of that was closest to 'Eleanor'.

Theodore Jr. Because of everything Theodore has done for her - being her best friend, girlfriend, for mating with her, and for giving her children -, it was the least she could do. And also, Theodore is a nice name for a gentleman. Most gentlemen are named Theodore. Like Theodore Roosevelt, president of America.

And Carol. Singing is what brought both of them together, the career they shared. Or they used to share. Carol was the only female name they could think of.

Their future children, Elisha, Theodore, and Carol. They will be treasured, loved, cared for, and for the rest of their lives, their going to be happy even if it kills their parents. Smiles will always be around in the family, and that's the vow Theodore and Eleanor took as parents.

Just one more week, Elisha, Theodore, and Carol will greet their parents, and their parents will greet them with all the love and happiness they could ever give. Just one more week of this pride-filled suffering.

"Theodore?" She called.

"Yes, gumdrop?" He called her by a nickname. Theodore has been giving her sweet nicknames, and gumdrop is what she gave her after a few weeks in their relationship.

Eleanor giggled. Theodore's level of sweetness can't be match by anything. Even something in Theodore's natural taste was sweet, and that's what turned her on every time they mate. "I was just wondering. What would the kids call us when they can talk?"

"What do you mean? Mum and dad, of course. I'm not going to let them call us by our names. It wouldn't be nice to have our kids call us Theodore, or Eleanor, even if it is a sweet name."

Eleanor giggled again. "If I'd tell you to stop being so sweet, you wouldn't listen. Then in a matter of minutes, I'll die for being loved so much. Too much love can kill, can't it."

"There's no such thing as 'too much love', Ellie."

"No, there is. Too much love can lead me to mate you constantly just to express it. But it can't kill me."

"Of course it wouldn't. But anyway, what made you think our kids would call us... you know... not mum and dad?"

"No, I was just wondering. What'll they call is exactly? Is it mom? Or is it mommy? I just want to find out very soon."

Theodore kissed her on the head, and immediately, Eleanor felt the blood rising into her face. "Kids don't want to be rushed, you know. I don't care what they'll call us, just not by our names. It sounds freaky enough to me."

"I won't let them."

. . . . . . .

Brittany and Alvin had been staying on the front porch ever since lunch ended. Let's say the kids were maturing quickly, and thoroughly. One day, they're going to be in their teenage years, and Brittany is going to miss carrying them. But hey, more kids are coming, right? And it's not going to stop.

The sun was starting to descend down to the western skies. The earth's blanket was slowly beginning to turn orange, and despite the early summer temperature, the heat of the sun was slowly starting to die down, being replaced by the breeze of the late afternoon and early night.

But that didn't stop the family from bonding. Ever since lunch ended, they've been sitting on the front porch, then playing, then back to the front porch for a rest, then back playing, and so on. This is the sight Brittany had dreamed of - Alvin being happy with the children she gave him, and the children being happy with the father who brought them into this world. She can see their laughs, them and Alvin. She can spot even the tiniest grin Alvin made, and the widest smiles their children form.

"I've never had any fun that matched with the fun I had playing with our kids." Alvin had said that, constantly. It kept repeating in her head, and it only gave her tears of crystal hoy coming out of her sapphire eyes. Seeing Alvin and the kids happy had been the only sight that made her happy. Not Jeanette's children, not being an aunt, not her sister's recovery, none of those made her as happy as she is right now.

"Mommy?" She heard a voice, making her ears flinch. It's one of those voice that turned into harmonies in her heart. She felt someone pulling her skirt, calling for her attention. She looked down at her right side, and one of their daughters was already standing. Standing in her two hind legs. She'd walked her first steps.

"Oh, hey, Ally? Why aren't you with your sister? Or your brothers? Daddy's having fun with them." She looked at Alvin and the others, and yes, they were having so much fun. Even Alienelle has developed a habit of pulling his tail.

"But mommy, I want to play them with you."

*With. Brittany wanted to correct her. But hey, she's a baby. She'd spoken her first words and began to speak little English. She's not fluent with it yet, but she's just a toddler, why make a deal out of it? Brittany and Alvin were so proud with her. Not just with her, but all of them. They're not babies anymore, just kids. Their front teeth are starting to grow taller, and the other teeth had began to show. Their facial features have developed. Not much, but it was enough to see how beautiful and handsome they were going to become.

Alienelle's fur hasn't grown fully yet, but Ally's fur grew fast. It was about Brittany's length, so she tied it into a ponytail. She resisted at first, but she got used to it then.

"Come on, Britt, join us!" A voice called her from the lawn. As she looked, Alvin was already waving an arm at her. That was then Bryon sneaked up behind him and pulled his tail, again. "Ow, Bryon, I didn't say ready!"

Bryon gave a childish giggled before running away. Alvin then looked to his side and spotted Alienelle off guard. He slowly sneaked up behind her and touched her back. "You're it, Nelle!"

Alienelle looked behind her, surprised. "Daddy, not faiw! I wasn't weady!"

They started running again.

Brittany felt another tap on her skirt. Looks like Ally's going to be a stubborn one, just like her. "Join us, mommy."

She didn't know what to say. This was her daughter's first request. She couldn't say no. Brittany debated whether or not to, but the answer was pretty clear.

This is a family bonding. Whether they're out here or inside, they're still going to be happy. But they're going to be twice as happier with their parents complete. Brittany stood up and Ally led her to the rest of their family.

As she walked, she reminded herself how everything flew by so fast. It was only several months ago, not even a year when she and Alvin got together as boyfriend and girlfriend. It wasn't even a year through the International Music Awards, yet. It was only last year since they got stuck on that island where their friendship grew.

It was only a few months ago when she wanted to go to the prom with him so bad, but her shyness didn't want her to. She hated Alvin once, but look where she is now? Now she knows it's true - 'The more you hate, the more you love'.

It was only a few months ago when she and Alvin started their relationship. Alvin even made a song for her! He confessed his love to her in front of millions of people, even the world. Then, there was the the hour before Ian's party. While she was taking a bath, she suddenly rinsed her eyes with shampoo and wet the towel. She asked Alvin to give her a spare, and as a result, Alvin saw her naked in the bathroom. She didn't know whether to be mad, or to make out with him right there and then. But she knew she was going to have a 'problem' after what he saw, so she teased him.

And then there was Ian's party. Alvin made his first promise there.

"Brittany, if I ever cheat on you, I'd slash my own wrist." It might just be a simple sentence, but it touched her. No one has ever said that to her before, not once, and Alvin was her first boyfriend, and the first and only one to say it.

And then there was the prom. Alvin made a song for her again, and that's where they got their first kiss. Alvin led her to the garden of West Eastman, and everything just went loose! All of their love expressed in one kiss that lasted for nearly several hours.

And then the next day, their first date came. It was back at Carnival Dreams, the ship that brought back so many memories. There, Alvin gave her a necklace with a garnet gem shaped into a small heart. One side of it had the name "Alvin" engraved, and the other side had "Brittany". Every since that night, she never took off that necklace, even until now, she's still wearing it. Even when taking a bath, she never takes it off, when they mate, she never takes it off. It's the scapular of their love.

Then Alvin made a vow that locked into her mating instincts, forcing her to mate with him. The instincts only got stronger during the full moon, and she almost lost her virginity to him back then. It was a good thing Alvin was able to slap her out of it before she got more aroused.

Then days passed by, turning to weeks, then months. Spring Break came, the most memorable season of all. Everything happened. She lost her virginity to Alvin, she became his mate. After that, she had a fight with her sister, Eleanor (A/N: My favourite chapter, C.11). But nothing in what Eleanor said made her regret even one move she made with him.

They mated again for the last time that month. She never forgot that night. The pleasure, no pain present anymore. And what's best was, it was when Ally, Alienelle, Alvin Jr., and Bryon were conceived. The day after that, the symptoms of pregnancy occurred, and there was an equal measure of nervousness and happiness.

She told Alvin. There wasn't any trouble there that was fit to be remembered. Any complications they had were erased from their memories, never to be remembered again. After a few days later, they told Dave all about it. They got into a small fight, and they won that round.

The next day, they went home, but were greeted by paparazzi, the most annoying people in the world. After one of them called her a slut, it hurt her. A single word struck evil daggers into her heart in vast numbers. She couldn't move after that. She nearly regretted all of the experiences she had with Alvin, but when she saw him beating up the person who hurt her, she was sure enough, she's never going to regret anything with him. They can call her a slut, a bitch, a prostitute, anything. But as long as Alvin's still Alive, she'd be happy to hear those words again. Fine, call her that, but Alvin owns her. She's Alvin's slut, his bitch, she doesn't care, in fact, she's happy to be called that.

They got home after that, bloodstains were all over Alvin's right paw. But she was happy to see them. The blood of her offender in her mate's paws.

After that, they finally got Dave to agree with them. They then, met Beatrice. Their loyal veterinarian. She's like an aunt to the chipmunks. She's been a great help to them.

Then a few days passed, then weeks, then there, her due date.

She remembered it all - Her water breaking, the pain, the relief, then the pain again, the pushes, Alvin's encouraging voice, how she swore to him because of all the pain she put him through. She never meant to swear to him, but mood swings were at their best when it comes to labour.

Then before they knew it, Ally, Alienelle, AJ, and Bryon were born, the fruit of her womb.

"Tag, you're it, Britt!" Suddenly, Brittany felt a poke at her side, followed by Alvin's voice.

She snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her surroundings. She was already on the middle of the lawn, her kids keeping distance from her. She shot a glare towards Alvin. "Hey, I wasn't ready!" She complained.

"That's what I said when Bryon tagged me. Now come on, Britt, don't tell me you forgot to play catch!" Alvin ran away from her.

"Oh, you are so on!" She challenged. She suddenly felt like a teenager again.

"Catch us, mommy!" Ally jumped and waved her arms around.

Brittany ran around, trying to touch anyone in her reach. Laughs came out of their mouths, and smiles formed on their faces. Brittany couldn't help but join them. The happiness they were in is the only thing she needed to make her happy. They're a family.

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