From the beginning, I wanted this to be a love story between two longnecks I would eventually come to see as the ideal couple: Little Foot and Ali. Some of you who read this story may view it as a "kissing cousins" type of love affair between them, mostly because of the reference Grandpa Longneck made to Ali's herd in the 4th movie "Journey To The Land Of Mists".

At first, I thought of creating a totally new female longneck character to be Little Foot's love interest; but then I thought that Ali would be a more suitable fit for that role, mostly because of the bond they shared between them in the 4th feature length movie, and in the TV episode "The Brave Longneck Scheme". Also because, in the setting for this story, they are both longnecks holding positions of power. Ali being the Leader of the Land of Mists longnecks, and Little Foot being the Leader of The Great Valley Herd.

I also wanted this story to talk about the unusual, and controvertial, mating of two other characters I see as two peas in a pod: Petrie and Ducky. Why do I see them as the ideal couple? Maybe it's because of their identical size, the fact that they always worry about something, or are scared of something, or are always willing to help their friends in times of peril. In any case, some of you who read this story may say I've crossed the line when it comes to inter species relationships between The Land Before Time characters. This possible opinion is reflected towards the end of the story as the result of all the "trouble" they've caused.

Although I don't see myself as being a particularly romantic person, I thought I did a pretty good job with the love scenes, and the "wedding ceremony". But I'll let you, the readers, be the judge of that!

Finally, I'd like to state that the characters portrayed in this story are copyrighted by Universal Studios and their respective owners and creaters(except for my own ).