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SPOILERS for Criminal Minds episode 6x04 Compromising Positions (this fic basically uses the plot from that episode)

Spoilers for Criminal Minds episode 6x03 (uses a minor scene with a HUGE season six spoiler, so beware).

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Garcia sat in her office worried. She had just finished convincing her Unit Chief, Aaron Hotchner, to all her to go with the team to Ohio on the latest case. She had been allowed to go with the team as a Trial Communications Liaison and as their Technical Analyst. She had locked her office door, ready for the onslaught of tears and the need for preparation before they headed out to Arkon.


Garcia stared down at the name tag for room 620, JJ's room, tears threatening to fall and ruin the case files she was to bring to Hotch. She knew something had to be done about JJ's leaving of the team. She knew how difficult it would be for them all to tackle press conferences, the media, and families, seeing as that was something JJ always did, and did it very well she did. Any chance JJ got, just to relieve the stress of her job, she would call the bubbly tecnical analysist just to relax and talk. Penelope knew how hard JJ's job was. She knew she could help – she did many things for JJ all the time when they were out on cases. She knew exactly what she could do for the team while they were out on cases and she was in her cave. She vowed to help the team in whatever manner she could, wiped the dangling tears from her eyes, and walked back on to Hotch's office.

She stared down at the go-bags she had packed the previous night. She opened up her office door and walked proudly to the office bathroom with her bags, tears threatening her eyes once again. She knew she could do this job. She knew she could.


After Garcia had left Hotch's office and watched him head to the Conference Room, She watched from the bullpen as he presented the Bristol, Virginia case. She greeted Rossi as he walked by, boxes in hand, responded with a mumbled, "Hey." She realized exactly what else she could do for the team in that moment as Rossi walked in and Hotch continued to present, along with the general team discussion. "But how," she wondered. She walked back to her office to sort it out, hoping that there was more she could do.

In all her mourning and thinking, 20 minutes had passed, two and a half hours left before they left for Akron. She had also managed to mindlessly grab a black blazer, a white, black polka-dotted dress, her straightening iron, her shiny black high heels, dark red lipstick, light red blush, contact lenses, and a black, flower pin.

She had undone her large green flower pin in the time, wiped some more tears away, banishing them to the floor, and removed her shiny orange heels. She slipped off her pink skirt and colorful, un-FBI sweater, and grabbed some wippies from her top go-bag to wipe off her vibrant purple lipstick, silver eye shadow and her black eye liner and mascara. She pulled off her glasses and stared at herself in the mirror for a moment before getting dressed and putting on the necessary make-up.

She straightened out her hair, put the clip in off to the side, and packed her general attire away. She gave herself a once-over before slipping in her contact lenses. She was surprised she got ready so quickly and easily after 45 minutes without any type of support for her eyes. She opened up her contact lenses case and quickly slipped them in. After letting her eyes adjust as she packed everything else, she headed back to her cave, a little less than 2 hours left before they left.

She got whatever information she needed from her friends, AKA her babies – her computers, built herself a case file and looked over the case. She knew she had to be professional, so she willed herself to not cry seeing all these dead bodies, seeing all these lives being taken away by some jag off. As she learned about the case she got in touch with the Akron PD, got everything set up for her team, contacted the families, and checked out some FBI provided guides on How to Be An Efficient Communications Liaison, The Communications Liaison Handbook, and how to interact with families on the job. By the time this was all said and done 15 minutes were left before they left for Akron so Garcia gathered her stuff and said goodbye to her babies.

As Garcia headed out she made it about 5 feet from the elevators when her eyes felt a little funny. Her vision went slightly blurry and her lower eyelid HURT. It HURT. Garcia walked into the elevator making strange faces to get her contacts to adjust back, getting a few glances in the process. She shrugged it off and got her contact back in place, hoping that it stayed that way.

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