Chapter 2

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"Justin it's been a long time my friend?" said Tommy as Storm Blaster stopped at Tommy Oliver's house in Reefside.

"Hey Tommy yeah it's been too long?" he replied jokingly punching Tommy.

"What was that for?"

"That was for the Little Brother line" smiled Justin.

By now Tori had made her way out of Storm Blaster and towards Tommy.

"Hey Tommy it's been a while?" said Tori

"Hey Tori how's Storm Chargers doing?"

"Not bad but as I told Dustin I don't even work their?"

"Fine then is the Abyss of Evil calm or still active"

"No it's fine thanks but do you really think you should be talking about it so loudly with a civilian around?"

"Justin have you told her yet?"

"No Tommy not yet I was waiting until I got here before I tell her" said Justin.

"Hey whats going on why do I feel like I'm part of a joke?" asked Tori.

"Tori, Justin isn't a civilian he's a Power Ranger" said Tommy.

"What how can that be I don't remember ever seeing him?"

"Justin is the Blue Turbo Ranger his Jeep is called Storm Blaster and he has had his power for a long time"

"Wow Cool but how come he never came to Blue Bay Harbor to help us fight Lothor?"

"You guy's never asked the Silver Guardians for help did you?"

"Who I've never heard of them I mean I know Cam researched Power Rangers but only came up with two results one was from a distance space center orbiting a planet called Mirinoi, and the other from a planet called Aquitar?"

"And hear I though the Count down was world known?" said Justin

"The what?" asked Tori

"The count down when the Earth nearly got destroyed by monsters from space"

"No I don't remember it"

"Well seeing as you're staying over for a few days how about I give you a history lesson all about the Power Rangers" said Tommy

"Cool can we do it now?" asked Tori

"Sure let's go to the command cave"

Half an hour later Tommy, Justin and Tori had made their way down to the cave and Tommy put his computer on and loaded up the video on the former Rangers.

"My story begins in Angel Grove where five teenagers were chosen to fight the evil space sorceress Rita Repulsa. They harnessed the Power of the dinosaur the become earth's first Power Rangers. Under the guidance of intergalactic being Zordon. Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy and Jason bravely defended Earth, forcing Rita to create her own ranger." Tommy said as the screen showed five teenagers become power rangers and fight bad guys.

The next clip came on. "Hey!" Kimberly said. A boy with long dark brown hair in a ponytail turned around. "I'm Kimberly. You're new around here right?" Kimberly asked.

"Yeah I'm Tommy." The boy said.

The clip then turned to Rita choosing Tommy as her new Green Ranger. "Her Evil magic was too strong. I couldn't fight it." Tommy said as the clip rolled. It showed Rita turning Tommy evil.

"She commanded me to destroy the Power Rangers and I almost seceded." Tommy said.

"But my friends never gave up. They destroy the sword of Evil that was controlling me. Once it was destroyed I was free from its control." Tommy said.

It showed Tommy joining the team. "And that's when I joined the team." Tommy said. The computer screen showed a picture of the Green Ranger standing side by side with the other Rangers fighting Rita "We soon found out though that the Green Rangers Powers were temporary." He said. The screen then showed Tommy loose his Power "A new villain, Lord Zedd, arrived and tried to finish what Rita had started by destroying the earth. Then it showed Zordon talk about how they needed a new Ranger and he introduced the White Ranger. The White Ranger took of his helmet and there stood Tommy.

"With three rangers leaving replacements had to be found." Tommy said. The video showed the rangers retrieving a sword and transferring Jason, Trini and Zack's powers to three new teens.

"Trini, Zack and Jason passed on their powers to Rocky, Aisha and Adam and the three new Rangers stepped forward. And just in time because Rita and Zedd teamed up to creating our greatest enemy yet bringing with them a new terror. Rito arrived he was Rita's Brother. The new team fought bravely but it wasn't enough. Rito destroyed our Zords." Tommy said. The video showed a skeleton like man destroy the Zords. "But a Ranger never gives up so Zordon sent us to find Ninjor, A Mythical warrior from the past who along with Zordon had created the Power Coins and the Zords. We found him and he taught us the way of the ancient ninja our mission complete we gained new weapons and new Zords." Tommy said. Then it showed Tommy greeting a girl named Kat. "When Kimberly decided to leave for the pan global games, Katherine was the only choice. Katherine assumed the pink Ranger power and just in time. We were under attack." It showed the command center being attacked and Zordon teleporting the rangers away. "We got out just as Rita and Zedd seceded in destroying the command center thanks a lot to Rita's Father Master Vile's help." Tommy said. It showed Tommy pick up what he called the Zeo crystal. "Beneath the ruins we found the Zeo crystal. A mystical power that guided us to the next chapter of our lives as Rangers." Tommy said. The screen showing them get the Zeo powers.

"The Zeo powers were awesome but when we needed reinforcements we turned to an old friend. Jason returned assumed the Power of the Gold Ranger."

The video showed Jason getting the Powers of the Gold Ranger.

"After high school graduation we were ready to face the world. But not before one more adventure as Power Rangers. It was time to switch into a higher gear. The old Rangers were gone forever but the Turbo Rangers were born. A space pirate named Divatox launched an attack on Earth. We were given the power of Turbo but before we could leave we needed to wait for our new Blue Ranger. Rocky had damaged his back while training for a martial arts tournament. Thankfully with a little help we managed to hold her off." Tommy said.

A clip of a boy. "Guys I'm the new blue ranger, isn't it cool or what." The boy said.

"Justin joined the team. TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos took our places when we gave up the power." Tommy said. as it showed Tommy, Adam, Tanya and Kat pass their powers on.

"Divatox was tough and her Pirahnatrons were relentless but Divatox wasn't ready to give up and staged a fearsome attack and took out the Turbo rangers command center and their powers. She headed for space and Earths ultimate destruction." Tommy said.

It showed the Rangers losing their Powers.

"The Rangers knew they had to follow Divatox into space and embarked on the most dangerous mission and leave behind the world they knew forever. Justin chose to stay on earth with his father. The journey into space was treacherous and the line between friend and foe was a thin one. Andros proved he was more than just a friend, he was just the leader they needed to fight a new enemy." Tommy said as the video continued. "An enemy called Astronema. They thought they had no hope but Andros brought them the Astro Morphers bring fourth a new team of Rangers the Space Rangers." Tommy said.

They watched the new team Morph and fight some monsters.

"When Storm Blaster broke free of Divatox it went in search of the Space Rangers or its former master Justin which ever it found first, but while the Space Rangers tried to protect Storm Blaster they ended up getting caught by Astronema and one of her monsters. Storm Blaster escaped and found Justin and revealed a fully recharged Turbo Morpher together they saved the Space Rangers and defeated the monster then went to free Lightning Cruiser who stayed on the Astro Ship with TJ"

A picture came up on the screen of Justin and Storm Blaster on Earth and TJ and Lightning Cruiser on the Astro Ship

"The Space Rangers freed Zhane from his deep freeze and the Silver Ranger was a valuable addition to the team. Together they defeated Astronema and Earth was safe but at a great price. Zordon sacrificed himself to defeat the evil." Tommy said.

"Deep in space another battle raged. On the distant planet of Mirinoi five new heroes Leo, Damon, Kendrix, Maya and Kai retrieved the Quasar Sabers and were chosen to be the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers. They would have to combine their Powers to defeat their mortal enemy Trakeena and defend the colony Terra Venture. When the mysterious Magna Defender appeared so did Leo's Brother Mike. But soon after the Lost Galaxy Rangers were shook to their core. Kendrix died in the line of battle saving Cassie from Psycho Pink. Kendrix's sprit returned to give her power to Karone, Andros' sister and formally known as 'The Queen of Evil' Astronema. Trakeena threaten to destroy the space colony Terra Venture and took on a horrifying new form. The red Ranger and his battlizer were the colony's only hope of survival." Tommy said. The Dino Rangers watched the screen as it showed Leo destroying Trakeena. "With Trakeena destroyed the people of Terra Venture were forever grateful to the Rangers of the Lost Galaxy. When the Lost Galaxy returned their swords Kendrix returned. Meanwhile on Earth an elite team was being put together to fight a new battle against an invasion of demons. The Light Speed Rangers needed one more to complete their mission that's when Ryan joined the team." Tommy said.

"Rangers from the future chased a mutant criminal named Ransik though time. But it took a modern day hero to finish the job. It took Eric awhile to learn the virtue of being a Ranger is not the Power but the reward of helping mankind and saving the people who need it." Tommy said.

"After they defeated the mutants that had been sent back through time Wes and Eric started up the Silver Guardians a Ranger help center of sorts if any Ranger team's get stuck they ring the Silver Guardians and they send some help." The computer showed Ransik getting arrested and brought to justice. Then the screen showed a baby being raised in the jungle then heading off in to the world.

"Cole joined and the Wild Force Rangers used sprits of the ancient animals to fight the evil Orgs, creatures determined to concur Earth using pollution and destruction. The final member to join the team was Merrick the Lunar wolf." Tommy said as the video show the Wild Force Rangers.

"Three unlikely students were chosen to command the powers of Earth, Water and Air. Shane, Tori and Dustin soon met their match in the Thunder Rangers. But their greatest enemies proved to be their greatest allies. With Earth on the brink destruction another friend Cam went back in time to retrieve the one thing that could save them all, the power of the Samurai Ranger. Their final battle against Lothor the Rangers made the ultimate sacrifice." Tommy said.

"With the return of Mesogog it was necessary to invoke the power of the Dino gems. The Dino Thunder team fought with honor help Trent break free of Mesogog's mind control and become good and then he helped in the fights together we managed to defeat their enemy" Tommy said. It showed Kira, Ethan, Conner, Trent and Tommy.

"Wow I never realised their was so many different Ranger teams out their?" Tori said.

"Well now you do I really should've shown you it when you were hear last time?" said Tommy.

"Yeah but I've seen it now so it doesn't matter"

"Well it's getting a little late now so I'll order a take out and then I guess I'll head to bed unless you two want to talk some more?"

"Nah your ok Tommy I'll answer all the questions I can, if Tori has any?" said Justin.

"Right so what Food do you want me to order?"

"No idea whats good?"

"Well theirs a new place opened called Rocky's Fried Chicken?"

"It's not is it?"

"Actually it is he opened it a few days ago I've been meaning to order from it since then but I've been busy"

"You know what lets just go their and see him?" said Justin.

"Fine it's been a while since I've seen Rocky" said Tommy.

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