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It was only moments after walking back into his flat, having just bought his copy of the Herald with his article, for the first time, on the front page, when the phone rang.

Arthur had expected it to be his boss, maybe even Ray(the one he'd always been closest to) from The Flaming Creature, hell, he even considered his mother despite their past because this was a big thing 'for her boy'. What Arthur didn't expect was what he got though.

"This Arthur? Arthur Stewart? The reporter from the Herald?" A smoke dried voice inquired.

"Yeah…Who's this?" He'd cautiously replied as thoughts of 'Oh crap I'm getting my first hate mail' ran around his mind.

"It's…Curt…" The voice said and Arthur's stomach pitted out.

"Oh. Look, I sorry. I was gonna warn you that night-"

"You did good, kid." Curt breathed, "I knew you were different night, knew somewhat better that the rest of us- even if you didn't know it yet."

"I was just doing what I always do with interviews, even very brief and non-responsive ones." Arthur replied, confused.

The was a whisper of broken chuckles at the other end of the phone before he heard, "Not that night, Arthur…and sorry about that but…seeing him on that stage as Tommy…it brought home a few truths I guess and I'd wanted to think them through myself before seeing anyone, least of all you."

"Oh." Was all Arthur could say to that then, "How d'you get my number?"

There was that laugh again, the one his had joined so many times that night on the roof top, "That all you got to say to that? Well, I rang up the paper, got put through to your boss and he gave me it, under the impression you'd love to hear from me…Was he right or do you want me to hang up and disappear again?"


"Uh…ok….bye then…" The voice replied in confusion.

Arthur quickly rectified his statement, "NO! I mean, I meant I don't want you to hang up…um…crap now I sound fucking desperate." He muttered.

There was that laugh again, "No, I get you Arthur, don't worry…How old were you that night…on the roof…if you don't mind me asking, of course?"

Arthur laughed this time, glad to be back in on the amusement, " 16, though, hell, does it feel longer ago than that."

"Oh, bloody hell." Groaned Curt.

Arthur grew concerned that this man, the one who'd shaped so much of his life, sub-consciously, was going to walk away again, "What?"

"You were so fucking young! You- You-" he sighed, "I guess this serves me right for no giving a fuck in them days, right?"

"You were only 25, if I remember correctly, Curt and besides I'd been living with The Flaming Creatures for about 7 months by then so hardly what you'd call innocent, if it makes you feel better…What you said…do you 'give a fuck' now?"

He heard a sigh, "I still didn't, after you, for a while but there was something that…I guess it just didn't have the same effect after you so I stopped."

Arthur's breath caught in his throat, what was this man saying? That he'd been that bad? No one else had complained? He supposed it was rude to say such a thing but still you'd think Ray would have?

Curt chuckled again but this time it was nervous and everything the fiction of Curt Wild wasn't, "Arthur, I can hear your mind working from here, what are you thinking?"

"I don't know…I'm confused, I guess."

"A smart kid like you? Although I suppose you're not much of kid anymore. Look I don't really want to say this over the phone…You know that bar where you saw me last? I'll meet you there in an hour."

It was safe to say that it was one of the longest hours in Curt's life. It was also safe to say that Curt had had quite a few long hours in his life- thanks to one Brian Slade- so the fact that his measured up to them was saying something.

He managed to occupy himself quite sufficiently though by filling his mind with fears like 'What happens if I've got it all wrong- it wouldn't be the first time?' and 'I should have just said it over the phone-since when was I one for doing things properly?'…oh and putting some respectable- for an ex-rock star- clothes on.

Just as he was walking out his apartment, he spotted the dog collar that he'd worm the night of the Death of Glitter Concert. He'd felt sure he'd lost it but seeing it now, he knew it was the one time missing from his outfit; a lucky charm, because boy did he need it.

He arrived five minutes late because the bus had got stuck in traffic so in the end he jumped off and walked the last few streets.

Arthur was already there nursing his pint like a mother a child. God, had he grown up since that night. All traces of the juveniles glittery past had gone and there, smiling nervously under scrutiny, was, undoubtedly, a man. Not a bad looking one either. Curt smiled, glad that Arthur hadn't lost that.

"I ordered you a pint." Arthur muttered, gesturing to the second bottle on the table.

"Thanks" he sat down and in doing so, spotted that Arthur had worn a good luck charm of his own, "I see that despite your protests you like the pin then." He smirked.

"Yeah, I forgot to thank you for nearly choking me and skewering my tongue with it." Arthur quipped.

"You're more than welcome!" Curt laughed, before taking a mouthful of the cool beverage in front of him, causing a somewhat awkward silence to fall over the pair of them.

"What…what was it you couldn't say over the phone, Curt?" Arthur inquired tentatively, eventually.

Curt felt his guts churn and he sighed, "That night, after Tommy Stone's concert, you know I said I discovered a few home truths? Well one of them was why casual shags didn't have much of an effect on me anymore and another was what I need to do about it. So I thought I was fucking freaky that you walked in that night-even if I didn't recognise you instantly."

There was a long pause.

"Ok…so…" Arthur said and Curt couldn't believe he still didn't get it.

"I need you, Arthur Stewart. I've no idea why but I know I do. You've got the view on life, the past, everything, I need to finally pull me out of this hole Brian and drugs managed to dig me in. I don't want to force you, or for you to think that I'm using you because, hell, it's a bonus, Arthur, that you're hot and gay-well I think you are- too. If you don't want that I get that, Arthur, but I just need you in my life somehow…it's just up to you to decide how.

Arthur Stewart could not believe what he was hearing. The man that had haunted his past ten year, no matter what he claimed, because he couldn't forget him, wanted him. Properly wanted him. No, what was it he said?- needed him. He thought he'd start hyperventilating.

Instead, the realism that is Arthur Stewart's mind, took over and spoke while his insides did crazy things, "If you want that, Curt then I can't just be sex, right? I-"

"I know Arthur and I wasn't asking for just sex. I told you that that doesn't work anymore. I need you, all of you." Curt explained, his eyes widening and reminding Arthur of a stray he'd once seen, looking desperately for a loving home.

"Ok. Alright" Arthur nodded, because how the hell could he say no? This was Curt Wild and, if he was honest, he needed Curt as much as Curt claimed to need him, "So, how do you want to do this, I mean-?"

"I play it by ear but I think we should just do what come naturally." Curt offered.

Arthur's mind lost control to the crazy insides, at this point.

"Well, in that case…"

Arthur Stewart proceeded to kiss Curt Wild like Curt Wild had never been kissed before.

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