"Jesus, man! How do you have so much stuff!" Curt growled as he struggled under the weight of another box of Arthur's 'stuff'.

"Most of its clothes and that!" Arthur defended, "And some of its work stuff like the computer!"

"Hmmph!" Curt exhaled as he dumped it in the sitting room of his apartment, along with the others and the one Arthur put down after him. Mustn't grumble too much or he'll think I don't want him here, he remembered and clambered back over to the boxes toward Arthur to kiss him briefly to erase any thoughts his lover had along those lines because there was nothing he wanted more than to share his life, including his flat with this man.

They'd tried to take things slowly after they'd had their little reunion but being two fairly young men who'd been deprived of each other for the best part of 10 years made it considerably more difficult than they'd hoped.

Curt was surprised it had taken him this long, 2 months, to get this far and pluck up the courage to ask Arthur to move in with him. He practically slept there every night and was there the rest of the time too, only going home to change clothes and to get some stuff for work.

But now he, and his masses of crap, we're here permanently. Curt felt the urge to kiss Arthur again…so did so.

"Ok, let's get the rest of my stuff I off the street before we get into that, ok?" Arthur chuckled.

"I wasn't even suggesting such things! Can a man not innocently kiss his lover, simply because he wants to?" Curt replied, feign being aghast.

"Any other man? Yes. You? No." Arthur retorted before heading back out for the rest of his boxes.

Two hours later they had got the boxes into the house and were starting to unpack them when they realised the time.

"Let's leave this and head to bed." Arthur sighed, shoving the box he had been about to empty away from him and standing.

"What a marvellous idea!" Curt exclaimed, finding a new burst of energy and springing from his chair.

Arthur groaned, "Can we not…? I mean, just not tonight? I'm so tired from lifting all these boxes, I'm not like you for whom energy is created at the thought of sex or anything related."

Curt looked at Arthur and studied him for a moment and noticed how tired his lover did look, "Sure, like I said when we started out, it doesn't have to be all about sex. As long as I have you in my life, and especially in my home, I'm the happiest, luckiest man in the world."

"Oh dear…you're going soft, Curt! What will the paper's say!" Arthur laughed as he collapsed on the bed still fully clothed, "But thank you…it means a lot."

"Anytime…well, actually preferably not all the time because a man has needs, you know but, you get the idea." Curt babbled as he took off his shirt and trousers before crawling into bed too.

"Don't worry, it's just tonight." Arthur sighed as he relaxed into the pillows.

"Good, because it'd be impossible to leave such a sexy man un-serviced for long! Can I give you a massage?"

"That'd be great, thanks." Arthur rolled over and Curt set to work but within only five minutes his subject was lightly snoring so he snuggled down beside his lover.

What would the papers say?

Curt chuckled when he realised that he was so happy as he was he couldn't give a damn.