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"Hurry up guys! We're gonna be late!" Tom shouts very loudly as we rush to get into the car one by one. "The train leaves in ten minutes!"

"Shut up, Tom!" Danny shouts from upstairs.

"I'll shut up when you get your arse in the car! Now hurry up!"

Another day of work means another day of rushing into a train at eight o'clock in the morning after sleeping in. Exciting.

"We're never gonna make it in time..." Danny started, but soon enough he was flying down the stairs one after the other, screaming as his head hit the floor. I burst out laughing.

"Hah! You fell!" Harry laughed and pointed at the groaning boy who was curled up as a ball on the floor.

"Get up, Danny!" Tom shouted in his ear which made Danny jump out of his skin and rush into the car.

"Tom, he's just fell down the stairs!" Harry pointed out.

"So? What's new? Hurry up!" he shoos us and we drive off in the car, me still laughing.

"Stop spinning me around!" Danny groans on the way, me laughing at him.

"We're not bloody spinning, Danny!" Tom almost screams from the driver's seat, making everyone silent.

"What the heck is wrong with you today, Tom?" Harry asks the flaming Mr Fletcher.

"We're always late, I'm under a lot of stress, and Giovanna broke up with me last night," he says quietly. Now I understand.

"I'm so sorry, Tom," I whisper.

"Yeah bro, we're here for you," Danny agrees, rubbing his head fiercely.

"It's OK, it just all happened suddenly, you know what I mean?" Tom tells us.

"Yeah, but you've been together for years now, I can't believe she dumped you," Harry says.

"Don't mention it or I'll go all emotional, so, what's happened with you and Rose, Dougie?"

"Oh, I haven't seen her in weeks, she's in Milan doing her modelling," I reply. I miss Rose actually, she used to be there every day for me and I did the same for her. Now she's in Milan modelling and it feels like we've been torn apart.

"Hah! I still find it funny that Dougie got the model girlfriend," Danny laughed shortly.

"Yeah, I expected Harry to get one!" I giggled.

"OK, shut up now, we're here," Tom announces and finds a parking spot.

We sprint into the station, buy our tickets and run towards the train that had now arrived the station.

"Shit! Do we have all our tickets?" I ask as I run, looking in my bag.

"Dougie, look out!" Harry shouts, but I don't know what he's talking about, but I do feel cold all of the sudden, and then I'm on the platform.

"Hey, guys, we're here! The train isn't here, stupid..." I say, but when I turn around, the guys aren't here. "Tom? Harry? Danny?" I call, walking in circles. There's no sign of them.

Suddenly, "Dougie! We've just walked through a wall!" Danny appears behind me, smiling as if he's just seen...me walking through a wall I guess.

"Did we? Yay! I can walk through walls!" I say and punch the air.

Then Harry appears, shortly followed by Tom who looked happy for once. "What on earth just happened?"

"We walked through a wall, Tom, I think you've noticed," I tell him, patting his stupid head.

"Yeah, I did, unlike you," he made his 'duh' face and smacked me. "Now, where are we?"

"We're in... platform nine and three quarters," Danny says slowly, confusion planted on his face.