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one: this is a sequel to another story of mine, you'll probably get confused if you don't read the first one but if you choose to skip it and just read it then that's your choice

second: this story happens two years after the main story line Yusuke is 19 years old as is Kuwabara, and Shuichi is 20 years old and Hiei, is who knows really xD.

third: This will be a love story between an OC and Shuichi, if you don't like then please don't read.

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A tall figure stands on a building, looking over the humans as they passed by, his long silver hair in a ponytail and his face partially blocked by his long bangs and mask. His golden eyes were cold as he surveyed the city in the night. His eyes shifted as he heard someone approaching him from behind. He looked over his shoulder and saw something kneeling down on one knee. She had her bright orange red hair in ponytail, held up by gold rings. Her long ears were like an elves but were frayed and almost looked liked wings. She looked up at him, her pupils slit like a felines and blood red, her eyelashes long. Her clothing consisted of almost a belly dancers.

"Sir are you sure you want us to deliver the fake scroll in the human world? Isn't this a bit risky considering the new spirit detective and the ex detective in this city?" She said.

"If they are so weak that they can't even defend nor run away from them then they deserve to die, you know we can't have weaklings in our defenses Tanya." She looked towards the ground, her eyes sympathetic. He resumed looking out in the city. "You should join the team, remember if they get through the barrier then kill everyone on the team." Tanya looked at him with wide eyes. "Remember than our revolution cannot continue if we have weaklings or traitors. This will ensure that no one can be captured. If you think you are too overwhelmed then pass these around." He walked over to her, reached into his pocket and retrieved a bag. She stood up and took it.

"Are these...?" She started.

"Yes these are the pills that our tactician has been working on. Tell your team that if any of them were to get captured then to immediately swallow it. Then they will not be cowards but instead martyrs working towards our true goal." He said and she gulped. "Keep surveying the area Tanya then return to demon world with your findings."

"And you sir?" She asked, putting away the pills.

"I will remain and watch over our cattle. Tell the negotiator to ready himself for turning the ones in our list." He said and she nodded, disappearing from view. He looked towards the stars and took off his mask. He took a deep breath and also disappeared from view.


"I still can't believe you didn't go to college Shuichi." She said. She had long brown hair wear a simple blouse and skirt, her sweater draped over her chair as she sips on her hot coffee.

"I found working is a lot more enjoyable than spending hours studying a career that might not even make me happy." He said, his red hair going past his shoulders, wearing a white long sleeved shirt and jeans. "But I'm more surprised by the fact that you were able to even get engaged Hikaru."

"I know it's so amazing! He's so strong and sweet to me and his smile makes me melt!" Hikaru gushed. Shuichi smiled, also sipping coffee.

"Hard to believe he would choose a gorilla woman such as yourself." He said nonchalantly.

"Hard to believe you haven't gotten a single girl when you look like one." Hikaru said back. Shuichi sweatdropped. "But anyways, I had to tell you that Naota is coming back, you know my old apartment? We're renting out to her. She says she'll probably be back within the week, isn't that awesome! We finally get to see her after almost a decade!"

"Yes." Shuichi smiled softly. A waitress came by and gave them their check. Shuichi reached over to check it over.

"Don't worry Akage, it's on me because I have money since I have a job now and money." Hikaru said, smirking.

"You said money twice." Shuichi said. Hikaru giggled and pulled out her purse and wallet.

"I know it's so amazing to have money, I love working, I just wish my coworkers wouldn't look at me like I'm too young for this job." Hikaru said, taking out a couple of bills and getting up to pay. Shuichi followed her. They came out, people walking around even though it's slightly late, the neon lights lighting up the city. Hikaru and Shuichi randomly talked about things, walking down the street when they were stopped.

"Hey Kurama!" Someone shouted. Hikaru and Shuichi turned back to see a young man with his hair slicked back in a green sweater with a white shirt underneath came up to them. A taller guy was behind him, his orange hair stood out especially with his hairstyle.

"Yusuke, Kuwabara, how nice to see you two." Shuichi said.

"Yea what are you doing out this late? A date?" Yusuke said smirking.

"Uh huh, me and Shuichi dating, wow that's even worse than all the horror movies put together." Hikaru said. Yusuke blinked twice.

"Forgive her Yusuke, this is my childhood friend Hikaru, we were only catching up." Shuichi said.

"Oh you never said anything about her." Yusuke said.

"Yea you never even had friends really in high school either Shuichi, so who are these guys?" Hikaru asked, crossing her arms.

"This is Yusuke and the one behind him is Kuwabara we met when I stole the mirror to save my mother." Shuichi said. Hikaru 'oh-ed.'

"Woah! Hey you think you should be telling her the truth Kurama?" Yusuke said.

"Don't worry she knows everything, after all her powers are just like yours." Shuichi explained and Hikaru smirked.

"No way, never saw a pretty girl with spirit powers, or at least the ones that weren't human." Kuwabara muttered.

"Thank you for the compliment." Hikaru said sarcastically. Kuwabara looked at his watched and slapped his forehead.

"How'd it get this late! I gotta go Urameshi, my sister is gonna strangle me if I don't do good in my next test." Kuwabara said, saying good bye to everyone.

"So why were you and Kuwabara out here?" Shuichi asked. Yusuke's face turned slightly serious.

"Kuwabara told me how he'd kept sensing some demonic energy around here and finally told me that they're all gathering in the park in the middle of the city. I was going over there to kick some demon butt, wanna join?" Yusuke said.

"Of course." Shuichi said.

"Hey what am I chopped liver? You ain't gonna ask me to go with you guys? Who knows you might need the extra muscle." Hikaru said.

"Of course, your gorilla skills will come in handy when distracting them." Shuichi said and Hikaru hit him over the head.

"What you say you freaking transvestite? I can't even hit you hard enough because you look so much like a girl!" Hikaru exclaimed, Yusuke surprised by the way they act around each other. They started walking towards the park, Hikaru hanging in the back and Yusuke walking to match Shuichi's speed.

"Weird how you let a girl hit you Kurama, I've never seen that happen before." Yusuke said.

"We've been together for a very long time, it's the only way we can act around each other without feeling awkward. We were three, there is another friend of mine but she has not been around for a decade, but Hikaru told me that she is moving home again. I'm very happy to hear that." Shuichi said, his voice growing a bit softer when mentioning Naota. Yusuke took note for future references but shut his mouth as they walked further in the park. They came in a clearing and saw demon corpses everywhere, strewn about. Yusuke, Shuichi and Hikaru became more aware. Shuichi noticed a person standing in the carnage and gasped when he recognized him.

"Yasu." Shuichi said. A man turned, his face slightly splattered with blood but his clothes were drenched with it. His hair long enough to cup his face, his icy blue eyes penetrated the emerald ones that Shuichi held. In his hand was a scroll tightly wounded with seals. He smiled.

"Well now, isn't this a fantastic place for us to meet again, Shuichi." Yasu said, putting emphasis on Shuichi's name. He immediately took out his whip and Yusuke got into a fighting position.

"So you know this guy?" Yusuke said. Shuichi glared at Yasu.

"Yes he is not to be trifled with, seeing the massacre here, that was probably his doing." Shuichi said.

"What? He killed all these demons?" Yusuke exclaimed.

"With little to no force I believe." Shuichi said.

"You have grown, dare I say, more beautiful Shuichi. Of course nothing can compare the difference of Hikaru's change." Yasu said.

"Why thank you, and you seem to be the same bastard that we grew up with Yasu." Hikaru said and Yasu smirked.

"I try my hardest." Yasu said. "Now if you'll excuse me." He turned his back on them and Shuichi used his whip to grab his arm. Some blood started trickling from the pressure. "Do you intend to dismember my arm just like before or do you intend to kill me, my dear Shuichi." Yasu said mockingly.

"I was unable to before, but let me assure you, I will not hold back this time." He started to pull back when some bushes began rustling.

"Yasu? Hey I was able to finally capture someone that didn't, HOLY SHIT!" A girl exclaimed. Her hair up in a ponytail with a few bangs and her golden eyes surveying the carnage. She was wearing a long sleeved cotton black shirt and jeans. She sighed and put her head in her free hand, in the other she was towing a demon that was restrained with rope. "Did you do this again? I thought I told you we needed a survivor! Jeez, you were going to waste all that time we tried locating their rendezvous point for your little penchant for killing everyone?" She said walking towards him.

"Truthfully they all began killing each other and then one swallowed the scrolled, I retrieved it." Yasu said. She looked at him with a disbelieving look considering that most demons wouldn't kill each other so horribly. Shuichi's whip loosened and lost their grip when he saw who it was. Shuichi took one step towards her.


"Naota!" Hikaru exclaimed with tears in her eyes and giving her a bear hug, lifting her off the ground.

"Hikaru!" Naota was surprised in finding her friend there.

"Wow, what a small world, I missed you so much, now why didn't you say you were coming back today!" Hikaru said, punching her head. "Really you couldn't give me a freaking heads up or something, or was I not important enough huh!" Hikaru said, pulling on Naota's cheeks.

"I'm showwy Hikaruh." Naota said through pulled cheeks. Hikaru hugged her again in relief and sobbed loudly.

"I missed you so much! I'm so happy, I'm so happy you're here again." Hikaru said and Naota patted her shoulder, smiling with tears in her eyes.

"I missed you too Hikaru." The demon that was restrained started to wake up. As Naota was distracted, he tried to wiggle his way out of there before Naota kicked him down again. "Oh no you don't, you're not leaving until I get the info I was sent here to retrieve. Now, who's your leader? What are his plans?" Naota asked. The demon chuckled.

"You really think I'm going to give out that information?" The demon snarled. Yasu walked over to Naota's side.

"I successfully retrieved this scroll from one of your compatriots, I would have no remorse doing the same to you, I wonder how the contents of your stomach will look like when they're spilling on the grass." Yasu said with a cold smile. The demon cackled.

"Even if you have the scroll, you will never get to the contents inside." The demon said, cutting the ropes off his hands. He reached in his pocket and swallowed something.

"Hey wait!" Naota said but it was too late. He started to foam at the mouth and his body started to disintegrate.

"Long…live…Akuma…" The demon said before his body boiled down to a black puddle. Naota stared at him before shouting in frustration.

"All that time doing surveying missions and collecting info in the demon world, only for them to come to human world and kill themselves! What the hell! All that time wasted and all we got is a frigging scroll which will probably blow up as soon as we open it! And we didn't even get the leader's name, just the same damn thing!" Naota said, kicking the ground. She sat down and pouted.

"Will someone explain to me what the hell is going on!" Yusuke finally said. Naota was able to explain when she saw Shuichi staring at her. She got very red and stood up to stand behind Hikaru.

"Um Yasu, go to spirit world and deliver that to Koenma, would you? We will see each other in a bit." Naota said softly. Yasu nodded and vanished in a whirlwind.

"So what is going on?" Hikaru said and Naota slightly calmed down as Shuichi and Yusuke went to where she was standing.

"Covert mission, top secret if I were to tell you your life would be in danger so-"

"Just shut up and tell us!" Hikaru said pinching her cheek again. Naota rubbed it and took a quick glance at Shuichi before looking at Yusuke. She went up to Yusuke and took his hands into his own.

"You must be Yusuke Urameshi, Koenma told me many things about you and your missions, it is an honor to meet you!" Naota said while Hikaru made a remark about her ignoring her.

"Um thank you and you are?" Yusuke said, taking his hands away from her.

"My name is Naota Yukino and I'm your replacement, I'm the new spirit detective."

What is this covert mission she is talking about? What is the deal with the scroll? Why is she the new spirit detective and will Shuichi have some quality lovey dovey time with Naota? Find all this and more on the next chapter of Someone I can love!