And so here is the last chapter, the epilogue. And time for my final rant.

Yasu, I made sure to make him a villain but I knew, I knew things would change with him. From the start I had planned his plan lol He was fun to write, the villainy was oh so awesome but I tried to make him a sympathetic character as much as possible. I feel as though he was the one who grew up the most from being truly evil to understanding love. I will miss you Yasu, everyone will.

Without further time wasting, here's the last chapter.

A young boy with spiky brown hair and eyes wearing a green sweater walked down a small road. Houses surrounded him and he lightly tapped on the gates with a stick he found. He hummed, being in a good mood because of what will happen later today. He found himself out of the neighborhood and follows a street to a ramen store that said 'closed.'

"Papa I'm home!" He said.

"Hey Toshio, me and your mom are almost ready. Wash your face, we're going to Kurama's today!" A man shouted from downstairs.

"Ok!" Toshio goes upstairs and into the restroom, passing his parents room. He opened the faucet and cleaned his face.

"Toshio are you almost ready?" Toshio looked at his mom, her long brown hair up in a ponytail wearing a conservative maroon long sleeved shirt and light blue long skirt.

"Yeah!" Toshio said with a toothy grin.

"Keiko, have you seen my jacket?" His dad shouted from the room.

"It should be in the closet, have you looked?" Keiko said, going over to the room. Clothes were scattered everywhere, making it a mess. Keiko trembled with anger and Toshio smartly goes downstairs.

"Yusuke!" Toshio heard with a series of 'ows' afterward. So they begin their journey towards Kurama's house. Toshio grabbing onto Keiko's hand and his dad Yusuke, with his cheeks swollen from being hit, lags behind. His hair down, growing past his neck. He had a few wrinkles here are there but Yusuke still looked around his late teens even though he's almost thirty years old.

"Keiko, I already said I'm sorry, can't you walk just a little slower?" Yusuke pleaded.

"After I spent all day yesterday doing laundry and cleaning, not likely. Let's go Toshio, your father will catch up to us later." Keiko said, speed walking.

"Keiko!" Yusuke begged before finding a tall man with orange hair.

"Hey Urameshi! Going over to Kurama's I bet." He said.

"Yo Kuwabara." Yusuke said and Yukina stood beside him, their twins following close beside her. Toshio left his mother's side to go to the twins. They were fraternal, one boy, one girl. The girl looked like her mother but her hair was more darker and the boy looked like his father but his eyes were of his sister and mother.

"Hi Suzu, Tatsuya." Toshio said. The three made their way ahead of their parents, even though they had just seen each other at school, they made no complaints seeing each other after.

"Man, they grow up so fast." Kuwabara said.

"Yep." Yusuke agreed.

"So Toshio is 9 years old huh?" Kuwabara mentioned.

"Yea but he said he can't wait to be 10 years old, that won't be until Dec 31st though." Yusuke said.

"Suzu and Tatsuya were excited to become 7, they both very much admire your son." Yukina said.

"Especially Tatsuya, he sees Toshio like a big brother." Kuwabara said. "But Suzu said she wants to get married to Aoi, she doesn't want to be with her daddy anymore." He pouted. Yusuke laughed making Kuwabara mad, making them go into one of their brawls. Keiko sighed and Yukina giggled. Some things never change.

They finally come to a house at the edge of the street. A sweet smell wafted into the air, they enter and find stacks of break and some cakes sitting behind a mirror. A woman with her hair pulled back put the finishing touches on a cake as she heard people come in. She washed her hands and goes to greet them.

"Hey everyone, how you all doing?" She asked.

"Hey Naota, we're all here. Where's Aoi and Kurama?" Yusuke said, trying to stop Toshio from eating some of the bread.

"They went out, their going to come back soon. You and Kuwabara want to help me set up the back yard? I still have to put out the chairs and tables." Naota asked them, her face remained the same with a few wrinkles under her eyelids but she looked good for a woman at 30.

"Alright, let's go Kuwabara." Yusuke said.

"I wanna help!" Toshio said.

"Me too!" Tatsuya said, followed their dads. Their mother's giggled and followed them out. Naota put her cake onto a plate and went upstairs to change. She let her hair down and put on her grey long sleeved shirt and some jeans. She put some lotion on her dry hands, pulling on her ring to not get it dirty. Putting it back on, she hears the ringing of the front door and goes downstairs.

"Where is everyone Dad?" Aoi said, his green eyes glistening in anticipation.

"You'll see." A red headed man chuckled. "Go to the bathroom and wash your face, I'll meet you downstairs." Aoi pouted and went up, passing his mother and she gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. Naota smiled warmly and took Shuichi's jacket and groceries. "Kuwabara and Yusuke helped me set up in the back, get changed quickly, ok Shuichi?" He nodded and gave her a quick peck. He took off his tie and put on some more comfortable jeans before joining his son downstairs.

"Let's go to the backyard for a bit." Shuichi said.

"Ok..."Aoi said, not feeling too happy. He opened the door.

"Surprise!" Everyone shouted. Aoi was definitely shocked and looked at his father. His mouth grew wide and he let out a laugh and smile.

"Happy Birthday." Came from everyone, Toshio, Suzu and Tatsuya greeted him and they went off on their own little world.

"Aoi, aren't you going to blow out the candles?" Naota said.

"Yea!" Aoi said, sitting down. He looked down at his chocolate cake, at his family, his friends and blushed.

'This is what you always wanted, wasn't it Uncle Yasu?' Aoi thought before blowing out the candles.

~Several Hundred Years Later~

"Ah man that cake tasted so good, You wouldn't believe. Well you would believe since you did it yourself. I didn't even care much about the presents later, I was just happy that everyone was there. Uncle Yusuke is still around you know, Toshio and him rule together. Me and Dad still wander from here to there. Suzu, Yukina and Hiei have settled into Genkai's old place as well. I still miss you, but I'm glad you were with us. Even Dad, though he tries to hide it misses you." A young man with short black hair and green eyes said.

"Aoi, let's go." A silver haired man said behind him.

"Yea, I'll be right there Kurama." Aoi said.

"Don't call me that, I'm your father." Kurama said.

"Yea, yeah. Got to go, take care. Mom." Aoi kissed his hand and laid it on a simple tombstone. He got up, letting Kurama spread his rose seeds and letting them grow, covering the tombstone. Aoi looked at the engraving, with the passage of time they have faded but he can still read them.

Naota Minamino-Yukino. Mother, wife, may your love transcend the passage of time.

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