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It was a beautiful, clear and starry night when they finally reached Metropolis. The moon shone bright, air was crisp and the sound of soft chirping from the crickets filled the air. It took the entire day to fly from Titan Tower to Paris, and then to Metropolis, and their ship was fast... but they were finally there. "Alright Titans, keep to your best behavior," Robin instructed, looking directly at Beast Boy.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Beast Boy cried in indignation.

"Heh heh heh," Cyborg sneered.

"You too, Cyborg," Robin said. "You both get a little too excitable when it comes to the League."

"What!" Cyborg grumbled and crossed his arms.

"HAH!" Beast Boy grinned.

"I do not understand. What is this place?" Starfire questioned as the group walked up the steps to the large, tan building. Around them statues of the greatest of the heroes stood posing proudly over them.

"This, Starfire, is one of the headquarters where the top heroes of our world, known as the Justice League, get together. It is also a museum, an embassy and, at times, a court room... but not all in the same place. This is pretty important building," Robin explained.

"Oh wow!" Starfire gasped. "So there are more Titans?" She

"Well no, they're all adults in the League... they're a group of the best of the best. They've saved the world more times than anyone can remember. Eventually, when we get older and prove ourselves, we'll join the League too," he told her.

"Ah, I see!" Starfire smiled brightly, liking the idea of joining such a prestigious group. When the team go to the door, it opened for them. They walked in and came face to face with the Dark Knight himself.

"Welcome," Batman said simply. The older hero was glad it was night and the "museum" was closed to gawking eyes. He had seen the T-Ship fly in through the computer after the weekly check-in with the League, and went to investigate.

"Good to see you again, Batman," Robin smiled. The team could almost feel the hero-worship coming off the teen. This was Robin's master and foster-father. The man who raised and taught their leader everything he knew and who funded their living arrangements. The other teens straightened and attempted to appear older than they were, though Raven's natural calm and collected persona made it infinitely easier than it did for someone like Beast Boy for example. Said changeling radiated excitement but one sharp look from Raven and Beast Boy managed to stop himself from spouting out how awesome it was to meet the Dark Crusader.

"Likewise. What brings the Teen Titans here?" Batman asked curiously.

"Trouble, and lots of it... we could really use the League's help with this," Robin explained.

Batman frowned. "What's going on?" he questioned.

"A few months ago, we discovered the location of the Brotherhood of Evil and managed to contain them in a frozen state... but somehow, they've gotten free and are out for vengeance. We got attacked earlier from an unmarked jet and we destroyed it a bit too easily. Last time we went up against the Brotherhood, we needed the aid of all the Titans to bring them down... now that they know how we operate, it won't be so simple. Will you help us?" Robin asked.

"Robin, you should have kept a closer eye on your enemies. Have you forgotten what I taught you?" Batman scolded. Even the rest of the team shrunk with shame at Batman's biting tone. "But..." his voice softened a fraction. "I am proud of you, of all of you, for standing up to and beating the Brotherhood of Evil, even if they managed to slip from your grasp. It was no small feat." The teens stared wide-eyed and touched by Batman's praise. Batman clenched his jaw, not liking the attention, and glanced over to the secret entrance to the main base. "We're not on any important missions right now, I'll see about contacting the others. Stay put and don't wander off," he said and spun on his heel, his cape flapping angrily from the sudden movement as he stalked off toward the base entrance.

"Man! This is so COOL!" Beast Boy gushed as he looked around.

"Beast Boy! Batman said not to wander off – and don't touch that!" Robin scolded. Beast Boy froze where he was about to touch what looked like a frozen statue of some strange looking hulking creature. He gave his leader a sheepish look and zipped back to the group, an embarrassed blush tinting his cheeks. There was a loud SLAP, followed by an even louder "HEY!" as Cyborg smacked the younger Titan over the head. Raven rolled her eyes at the boys' immaturity while Starfire giggled.

"Why don't you two at least try acting a little more mature. Do you want the older heroes to look at you as just silly little kids?" Raven asked in annoyance.

"Guess you're right..." Beast Boy relented, stuffing his hands in his pockets as his lower lip stuck out in a pout. Raven blinked and tore her eyes away from said lip and shook her head in disbelief at herself.

The Titans didn't have to wait too long before Batman returned, his strides long and purposeful. "It's your lucky day. I contacted the League and they're willing to help," he told them in a calm, collected tone they often heard in Robin. As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud and violent rush of air and before their eyes, the Flash appeared, two jumbo pretzels in hand.

"What's up, kids?" Flash asked amiable as he chowed down on his snack.

"Hey! We're not-" Raven slapped her hand over Beast Boy's mouth to stop him from sounding exactly what he was about to deny he wasn't. She retracted her hand quickly before he could retaliate. A few seconds later, there was a red and blue blur and suddenly the man of steel himself stood before them. One by one League members arrived. Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter - to whom Beast Boy was thrilled to meet, - Green Lantern, and Aquaman.

"I hear you lot are in trouble of some kind... How can we help?" Superman asked, smiling in fond amusement at the look of awe from the teens.

"Oh don't tease them, Batman already told us what they needed," Wonder Woman grinned.

"Of course, of course," Superman smiled back.

"Beast Boy," Batman began.

"Uh- yes?" The changeling asked, nervous about what the black clad superhero might say.

"I have it on good authority that you have a long history with the Brotherhood of Evil. We'll need you to tell us everything you know about them and their leader," Batman instructed.

Maybe they could sense his sudden timidness, but Beast Boy was suddenly surrounded by his friends. Robin placed a friendly hand on his shoulder and smiled encouragingly. With all the support of his friends at his side, Beast Boy straightened and looked the heroes in the eye. "Of course," he said, and the same look of utter seriousness, that was witnessed on rare occasions, crossed his green features. Beast Boy told them everything he knew about the elusive group of villains.

"Alright. The League and the Titans will work to together on this to do a systematic worldwide search for the Brotherhood of Evil," Batman said, and turned to Robin. "Robin, continue to lead your team as you see fit but stay within constant contact with Watch Tower," be instructed.

"Right," Robin agreed, then, as Batman spoke to his team, Robin turned to the Titans. "Same teams we had this morning," Robin told them.

'I can't catch a break...' Raven thought woefully, glancing at a now eager looking Beast Boy, though she suspected his eager look was because of the fight ahead, however, with a glance over to her, she knew he was also thinking about 'talking about it' with her. 'Great,' Raven resisted the urge to roll her eyes and looked back to their leader. Robin told them that they would split up and spread out from that location, keeping in constant contact so Robin could issue orders as opportunities presented themselves. He would be fighting as well, but his job was a bit more involved than a simple fight. Once he was finished giving his orders, the team once again piled into the ship. As soon as the ship was in the air, he gave the order. "Titans, separate!"

The ship split up into three smaller ships as it had done that morning and the three split up and headed in opposite directions. The flight to their target location to wait for further orders was silent. Beast Boy shifted uneasily in his seat, wanting to bring up what had happened that morning, but wondering if right now was such a good time. Raven, on the other-hand, still wasn't prepared to talk about it. She was afraid of what might happen to them if they confronted what that morning's actions could mean. It took Raven a while, but she was finally friends with the changeling... she didn't want to jeopardize that friendship, though it was mostly her fault for getting into this situation in the first place.

"Raven?" Beast Boy's voice broke through the silence and snapped Raven out of her revery.

"...Yes?" She asked, though she knew what he wanted to say.

"Can we talk? About this morning?" He asked as predicted.

"We'll... speak of it later," Raven promised.

"Alright," Beast Boy nodded, surprising Raven once again.

'Huh, maybe he's finally growing up?' She thought, having expected Beast Boy to whine and mope at not getting his way.

"Don't think I'll forget," he warned her. Beast Boy wasn't about to let her get away without an explanation. He also didn't want to ruin their friendship, but he couldn't ignore the fact that there had been something between them. There had always been something between them, when Beast Boy wasn't being an immature clown, he had caught Raven's eyes wandering over to him... at least, he had lately. 'Could she...' his thought trailed off, unwilling to complete it and give himself potentially false hope, but it nagged at him all the same.

This was going to be a long night.


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