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Raven stared into the mirror, and trying to figure out just what happened. She knew what was going on, knew why it happened and how, but why her? Dr. Pierce had been having relations with Kelly, so she understood why he had wanted that with her, but she and Beast Boy never did anything like that! Could just thinking about it be enough? Raven frowned thoughtfully and wiped the steamy mirror. If it had been a different situation, would she had let him? If he were 'normal'? She blushed when she realized that maybe she certainly would not have in the past, but now... She shook her head, banishing the decidedly too pleasant thoughts and images and got dressed.

As she got dressed, her eyes dirfted over to the spot on her bed where he would cuddle up to her in his cat form, never his human form. She wondered why that was? Why he had never crawled over to her in his human form and lay next to her. Would it have been too tempting to do something? It was true that their intimacy had been becoming more and more enthusiastic lately, more... intense. She didn't know how long they would hold off from doing anything more. But where they ready? His snake-mutation certainly thought so, so maybe it was simply magnifying his true feelings? Could that mean... 'Enough of this,' Raven frowned at herself. Since when had she been so interested in that subject? She had never even thought of boys like that before!

Leave it to Beast Boy to turn her into a typical hormonal girl!

When Raven got back to the infirmary, Beast Boy was spread out on his usual bed, still unconscious and breathing shallow. "How is he?" Raven asked, walking over and using a rag dipped in warm water nearby to wipe the blood and sweat off of him.

Her friends watched her clean him in silence, now truly understanding how deeply she felt for the boy, even if she herself tried to hide it from them and probably from herself as well. "No change, I haven't scanned him yet though," Cyborg told her. When she nodded he proceeded. He prepared his scanner and hovered over Beast Boy's prone form. After a few minutes, a green light lit up and a cheerful beep told them the scan was complete. "Scan shows he's completely clean," he smiled broadly. "No sign of the virus!"

"That is wonderful news!" Starfire grinned.

"Agreed," Robin smiled.

"Could I... I'd like to heal his wounds, if that's alright," Raven said quietly.

"Sure, we'll leave you alone then. I'm going to go and try to find Dr. Pierce's next of kin. Call us if you need us," Robin told her.

"I shall assist him," Starfire declared.

"I guess I'll go clean up the basement," Cyborg sighed wearily.

Raven nodded, watching them smile and walk out. She then turned to the sleeping form on the bed. She went over to him and was about to start healing him when his eyes snapped open and he gasped for breath. "R-Raven?" he blinked.

"It's alright now, take it easy," she soothed, going to his side immediately.

Beast Boy went to rub his eyes but stopped with a gasp of pain. He looked down at himself and saw the blood seeping through his medical gown. He lifted the shirt carefully and his eyes nearly popped out in shock. "What's going on?" he demanded. "Why do I have this? Why am I not dead? Raven?"

"Relax! I was just about to heal you. Beast Boy, you don't remember what happened?" Raven asked. 'He doesn't remember... I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not,' she thought.

"I -what do you mean? Should... should I remember something?" His eyes were wide with worry. "Raven, what's going on? Tell me," he said, struggling to sit up. Raven pushed on his chest gently, pushing him back onto the bed. Beast Boy fell back without further protest, too weak to struggle anymore anyway.

"I'll tell you, but you have to promise me that you won't freak out," Raven began.

"Freak out? Why would I freak out? What happened?" He demanded.

"Just promise me," she insisted.

"Alright, fine, I won't..." he frowned.

"..." She took a deep breath and nodded. "You were almost dead, Beast Boy. You told me not to, but I healed you when you. It seemed to work at first, I healed your wounds, but the virus was still there, I couldn't get right of it... in fact, I think I might have accelerated it, it mutated you into... into the snake thing you fought," she told him.

"What! I- that thing! I had so much trouble fighting it! And you say I turned into it too? Did I-" Beast Boy struggled, frustration and panic clear in his eyes, and managed to sit up this time. "Raven, did I hurt anyone?" he asked seriously.

"No, you didn't, you stayed in the tower the whole time, no one but us knows what happened," she reassured him. She reached over and brushed her fingers through his hair. "I'm... glad you're back..." she told him. "Lay back, I'm going to heal you again," she said. Beast Boy hesitated, knowing it would cause her some pain as well, but he saw the determination in her eyes and nodded, laying back. As she placed her hands over him, he shut his eyes, breathing in a sigh of relief when the fiery pain in his chest disappeared. Her hands stayed on his chest for a moment, feeling his chest rise and fall steadily. She leaned over and kissed his cheek tenderly, her lips lingering on his skin. Beast Boy smiled softly and turned his head to the side ever so slightly, meeting her lips with his. The kiss was sweet and gentle, a whisper and caress, their way of expressing their relief to see each other, happiness that they were okay and together again.

Beast Boy reached over, taking her hand that she used to caress his cheek and stroked her palm and wrist with his thumb. He frowned when he felt her wince in the kiss and so he reluctantly pulled away. "What's wrong?" he asked her, and glanced down at her wrist. His eyes widened when he saw fresh bruises and his eyes shot back up to hers. "Did I do this?" he demanded. "Raven, did I hurt you? What did I do to you?" his eyes bore into her.

"You didn't do anything, you were just a little... affectionate..." her eyes dropped down to where he still held her hand tenderly.

"Raven..." she could hear tears in his voice and looked up to see them welding in his eyes. "I – what did I do? I'm so sor-" Raven leaned in and stole his words away with a kiss, silencing him. She took his face with her other hand and made him look into her eyes.

"You didn't do anything, understand? I'm still... 'complete', if that's what you're worried about," she explained with a blush.

Beast Boy sighed an visibly relaxed. His smile still held guilt but he seemed better now. Raven gazed at him, her thoughts on everything that had happened to them so far, what brought them together, what almost tore them apart. When she thought he would die, she felt like a part of her was being ripped away from her, something so foreign to her, a feeling she had never felt before, but so strong it had threatened to suffocate her. Beast Boy could see the emotions swirling in her eyes but stayed silent. After a few minutes though, curiosity got the better of him. "Are you okay?" he asked when she continued to just stare at him.

Raven paused, collecting her thoughts, then nodded. "For the past few hours, when I thought you were dead or going to die... I was... it was the worst I had ever felt..." she admitted. "Beast Boy..."

"What is it?" He asked, sliding closer to her.

Raven shook her head and smiled. "I finally understand now," she whispered. She reached over and slid her hand along his jaw, caressing his cheek with her thumb affectionately.

Beast Boy's eyes became half-lidded, but he struggled to concentrate. "What's that?" he asked, gazing up at her, love swimming in his eyes. Raven could see this and her own eyes softened, the most they had done so far since defeating her rage. She smiled and stroked his jaw, tracing her thumb across his bottom lip.

"I understand my feelings for you now," she admitted.

"Really? And what's your conclusion?" he asked in a quiet voice, hope now joining love in his expression.

"My conclusion, is that I am in love you, Garfield Logan," she told him softly.

"Yes!" Beast Boy pumped his fist, and chuckled when she slapped his chest with the back of her hand softly. She rolled her eyes but the smile was still on her lips. "I think... I think I've always loved you, been in love with you, in some way or another, but I figured it could never work between us, I was an obnoxious little kid and you had your thing with Trigon and your emotions, so I never bothered..." he admitted.

"Was obnoxious?" Raven teased. She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair affectionately. "Even if those problems were still here, I would make it work," she told him, then leaned in to kiss him.

The End.

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