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Kushina and Minato stood side by side. They both stood tall looking at the monster that is known throughout the elemental nations as the nine tailed fox. They both held a bundle in their arms.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way Kushi-Chan." Spoke Minato his voice low and filled with regret.

"It's something that must be done."

"I know but-" He was cut off by a kiss.

"Let's get this over with." Minato smiled looking at her lovely eyes.

"Summoning jutsu!" Minato summoned the toad boss. He took the bundles from Kushina and held them next to his chest. Kushina looked at the two childs in his arms and couldn't stop some tears from sliding down her cheeks.

"Naruto-kun, Nami-chan... please forgive us for what we're about to do, it was never out intentions to force you into a life of misery but promise me, No, promise us-" He held Kushina hand. " that you two will become strong... even if your miles apart." He was crying by the end and the child sensed it as they started to cry too.

"I love you." Her face harden as she stood next to her husband.

"What are you doing Kushina?" Minato yelled.

"I'm going with you. I have a plan, if it works we'll both live... hopefully."

"But-" He try'd to protest. She raised a finger to his mouth.

"Do you trust me?" He bit his bottum lip nervously.

"More then anything in my life."

"Then trust me, it'll work." He nodded and tapped Gamabunta signaling the giant toad to approach the nine tails. When they were close enough he started the hand signs that'll seal the beast into his kids. This jutsu was only for one person but if he fed it enough chakra he'll sure it'll work for two.

The Kyuubi spirit chakra, power and his will would be sealed into Naruto. The demon thoughts, knowledge and physical energy will be sealed into his only daughter Nami. Kushina took the time to look at the kids in Minato hands. they look so peaceful, not at all realizing, Naruto blue eyes staring upon the stars and Nami violet eyes staring up at his.

"It's ready Kushina." Minato shouted over to her. Kushina nodded. Her chakra escaped her body forming chains that sunk into Minato body.

"This is the Uzumkai clan Kekkei Genkai. Spirit chains. These chains purify any evil in the soul. This is why the Kyuubi is so well controlled inside a Uzumaki. Our chakra kills any foul foul taint in the spirit, while these chains are inside you, the Shinigami could not take your soul as it's chakra won't be able to wrap around your spirit. Now hurry! This takes a lot of effort and Chakra!" Kushina yelled, her mouth already beginning to bleed.

Minato didn't really understand but nodded anyways, the shinigami looked at Kushina and roared and tried to pierce her with his blade, Minato didn't allow it.

" I control you!" Taking control of the being on his back, the sword stopped inches from Kushina neck. The Kyuubi looked at the scene amused before preparing a tail beast ball. Minato turned back to the beast and took a breath.

"I'm sorry Naruto, Nami!" He made some hand signs, ending in boar.

" Seal." And just like that the Kyuubi disappeared. Two different designs appeared on the infants stomachs. On Naruto, a trigram swirl appeared on his abdomen, Nami had a triangular crystal surrounded by a circle. Both seal's glowed before dying down.

Both Minato and Kushina fell to the ground as Gamabunta disappeared. Minato was still holding his kids, as they fell, Minato looking at the moon, a soft smile on his face.

'We did it.' Before he felt consciousness leave him.

Two blurs caught the bodys before they hit the floor.

" A-are they..." Asked a spiky white haired man with make-up. The man next to him took a pull from his pipe and walked closer, bringing to fingers to both of their necks before shaking his head. This man was the god of shinobi, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"No, but they will be if we don't get them some help. Come on let's get them to the hospital, maybe Tsunade could save them." Jiraiya took the liberty of carrying both Minato and Kushina, letting Sarutobi pick up the kids. They looked to the side as a group of ANBU arrived.

"Listen up! your leader is wounded, so is this woman. Let's get them to the hospital."

They all looked at the red head all wondering who she was, and why she was so close to the Yondaime.

"If you don't mind me asking Lord Hokage-sama, who is the lady? And the kids?" A taki masked ANBU asked. Sarutobi and Jiraiya sighed. They knew who she was, but they didn't need that to become open knowledge.

"I do mind, Now do as I say and act as back-up incase anything else pops up!" They sprinted away. All of them missing the clad in black Shinobi standing on one of the many trees.

'Interesting.' Were the figures thoughts as he disappeared.

Two weeks later

The village been buzzing with news of the fourth being hospitalized, their leader was in a coma and people were scared it could be permanent. The rumor about the woman found at his side spread like wild fire. Some believe the woman was heaven sent to help the Yondaime against the demon, others thought it was the Kyuubi in human form and believed she should be killed.

Konoha hospital

Two people laid in bed, one was a blond haired man who was drooling with a nose bugger sticking out of his left nostril. The woman to his right had long red hair. She looked tired and moved about like if she was having a bad dream.

"They look so normal for two people that should've been dead." Jiraiya said, sneaking a quick glance at his teammates, assets.

"Shut up you old pervert. They should wake up any minute now." Just on cue the blond man began to stir, before comepletely jerking forward.

"Jiraiya hold him down!" The woman barked. He might reopen his wounds if he began to jerk around looking for the fox. The woman seemed to be bothered by the noise as she began to wake up. she didn't do anything too sudden, just open her eyes and mumble something barely audible. This snapped the man out of his rant as he looked to his right, and calmed down when he saw he was in a hospital.

"Kushina thanks god you're okay!" The blond haired man shouted. He looked up at the man who was still holding him down and raised a eyebrow. "Pervy-sensei?"

"Nice to have you back Minato." Jiraiya said. "And will it kill you to show some respect?!" Minato ignored the man for the minute and turned his head to his right to once again look at his wife.

"Minato where are the kids?" The red head yelled.

"They're in the next room, let me go get them for you." Tsunade went into a back room and came back with two kids, one in each arm.

"Here you go Kushina-chan, two healthy baby's." Kushina took the kids into her hands and couldn't help but let a couple of tears flow. She hugged them hard enough to wake them up and they cried, hard.

"Gomen, Naruto, Gomen Nami. I'm just glad I still have you." Minato looked at the scene and caught himself smiling wiping a tear from his eye.

"Can I see Naruto?" Kushina nodded giving him the boy. She held Nami close to her and hushed her, and began to rock her from side to side.

Minato looked at his son. "You look just like me little Naru-kun." Minato pressed his stomach lightly. Naruto giggled and reached for his fathers face. Minato complied bringing his face closer to the infants hand, he was surprised when Naruto grabbed his chin and closed his eyes. He fell asleep, Minato smiled.

A knock on the door interrupted them.

"Come in." A anbu with a Hawk mask walked in.

"Hokage-sama, I hate to interrupt this moment but you are needed in the council chambers both you and her, bring the kids." Spoke the anbu. not just any anbu he was root.

Minato sighed, a Hokages job was never over. He asked for his and Kushinas clothes and they got dressed. Minato took Naruto, while Kushina grabbed Nami.

"What do you think they wan't? Asked Jiraiya.

Minato looked at Naruto like it was his last time seeing him.

"I got a pretty good idea."


The room was filled with tension, Minato cursed. He took his seat in the middle of the room, handing Kushina Naruto and she took her seat in the Namikaze section. This didn't go unnoticed by the audience.

"Why is she taking your clans seat?" Asked Fugaku, the leader of the Uchiha clan.

"Because that 'she' your reffering to is my wife Kushina Uzumaki, and those are our childrens." The whole room went crazy, after the Kyuubi attacks and now their Hokage was secretly married without informing them.

A strong killing intent stopped the arguing, it didn't come from Minato, no this killing intent was much more deadly.

"Are you questioning are love and marriage?" Kushina calmly asked, it was a deadly question, asked sweetly and like any smart person it was left unanswered.

"We are not here to talk about your marriage, We are here on a more important note, what happened to the Kyuubi?" Asked Danzou. He took a small look at the kids in her hands, but this went unnoticed.

Minato cursed, he couldn't keep something so big from the council. They'll impeach him and then he'll really wont be able to protect them or keep an eye on them.

"I did the only thing a Hokage faced with my dilema could, I sealed it... more importantly I sealed them inside my kids." The council room went so quiet you could here a pin drop, before the civilian section erupted.

"Kell them!"


"How disgusting!"

three people dropped dead the moment those words were spoken, each one of them being a civilian clan head. He expected this from the civilians.

"Let the Hokage speak." Was heard from the Shinobi section. He smiled, he knew the people of Konoha were good people but he wasn't dumb.

"According to the rules made by the Shodaime Hokage, We could not have two jinchuriki housed as that would cause a imbalance of power, especially since they are both related to the Hokage." Said Danzou smirking, One of them will be forced to leave and when they did he'll take him into his own custody.

Minato nodded. Kushina couldn't believe it, did this mean her family will be split. Or worse one executed, Minato wouldn't let that happen, right?

"Kumo and Iwa both have two pairs of Jinchuriki not to mention so those the mist." The leader of the Nara clan said. Danzou nodded.

"Yes, but they have the man power to defend both of their jinchuriki if they needed too. Konoha is still recovering from the last war, and now are village is destroyed, and thousands of our ninjas are dead, some of them valuable chunin and jounin. If we are to survive as a nation we need to be able to keep this a secret, which is next to impossible now since it was spoken in-front of the civilian section of the council, and we all know leaked information happens."

The Nara head frowned but continued.

"But we still have the fourth Hokage, not to mention the third, and both of the sannins in the village, those are really big names, that should keep the other villages away." Danzou nodded.

"You might have a point but 4 people cant win a war." Shikaku sighed, the war hawk had a point, he gave Minato a look that said 'I tried'. Minato gave him a curt nod.

"In that case Danzou, I will arrange for my wife to take my younger son Naruto back to Uzu no Kuni, I will stay here with my daughter Nami. This should both prevent any harm from coming to any of them, while also keeping the village safe. No one is crazy enough to attack Uzu as they are one of the strongest villages. If that is all, this meeting is over."

Kushina couldn't believe it this was to much. She got up grabbing Naruto and left the chamber. Minato watched her leave.

He found her at the Namikaze estate, packing her things. He could see her shoulders rising and falling, she must be crying.

"How could you?" Kushina asked, not looking back.

"I had too this wasn't my plan believe me, I thought I was gonna be die and I was gonna make a decree that both my kids are to be raised in Konoha-."

"But your didn't! Your the Hokage you could've said screw them!" She said turning around tears falling from her eyes. He didn't bother showing emotions... He didn't deserve it.

"I have a village to think about and two jinchurikis will be a hazard. they need to be separated for their safety and the safety of everyone else, my duty as the Hokage."

"But what about your duty as a father and husband." Asked Kushina the tears stopped, leaving nothing but resent and anger. She finished packing she sealed the bag into a scroll and strapped her katana to her back, she might be weak at the moment but she was still a kage level shinobi.

"I hope you and your village burn in hell!" She grabbed Naruto and was about to leave, when Tsunade came in with Nami.

She looked at her daughter and smiled. She took Nami from the sannins hands.

"Don't worry dear, we'll be reuinted. Here-" Kushina took out a small necklace with a blue emerald. " As long as you wear this, you'll always have a piece of me and your brother."

She handed the girl back to Tsunade and began to leave. Nami began to cry, while Naruto stood shut,both baby's made eye contact and there eyes glowed before they died down to there natural color.

The door closed and Minato collapsed... His body shaking and tears began to hit the floor.

"I failed." Tsunade didn't talk. she walked forward and handed him the child. Minato looked at the child in his hands and smiled.

"Your mom was right you will always have her, and soon we will be reunited. Come on let's put you to sleep." Tsunade smiled.

'You have a good heart.' And she left the compound.

Kushina reached the rendevous location and found a group of Uzu nins already there. She noticed the gold bands on there shoulder's, the royal guard.

"Kushina-sama, welcome back." Kushina nodded as they all bowed there heads in respect. Now she remembered why she left, she hated being known as the princess of Uzu. She sighed as she entered the carrage that will carry her to Uzu.

"Let's go, I don't want to keep looking at this place." She said. The guard nodded.

"Hai Kushina-sama, let's go!" And just like that they were gone . Kushina sighed, looking at Naruto.

" I wonder what the future got in store for us." Naruto looked up at her his blue eyes smooth and reflective.

10 years later

It's been ten years, ten years since the Kyuubi attacked, ten years since Naruto and Nami was born, ten years since she returned home and ten years since his betrayal.

After leaving Konoha she traveled west towards her former home. Whirpool was a small island off the coast of river country. Her family took control of this land hundreds of years ago when the clan wars just started.. The Uzumaki were a strong military force, but remained solitary and didn't get involved in any conflicts. The few they did, well lets just say not one Uzumaki was harm.

"Kushina-Hime, your father awaits." She sighed. She looked as the masked anbu.

"Hai, I'll be there in a minute." She returned home and her family welcomed her with open arms and a celebration was thrown all across the village, her family was rich, rich enough to buy what ever they wanted. She was never one for royalty and her family was basically the epitome of royal. They were a rich bunch, probably had enough money to buy half of konoha and fire country, which brought a smile to her face as a dark thought went across her mind, she will but that half, but only to destroy it.

She thought about everything Naruto's been through. She smiled, for the most part he had a good life. Always had what he needed, but still managed to stay humble. He was turning ten this friday and she was thinking of throwing him another party. Last year the party was so big they had to close down all the businesses because of all the noise. She knew he was getting older and would probably be mad at her for it but she was his mother.

Naruto was a weird kid, wise beyond his years and mature... a little too mature. He was trained by many of the top ninjas of the village. Till she took over his trainning as Uzumaki tradition said. He was strong maybe low chunin. He was a master of the blade, she never saw a kid take up the sword so fast, he was a Uzumaki prodigy and the whole village recognized it.

She was proud of him. She most have spaced out, since she was in front of her fathers office. He was the leader of the village and was always locked inside his corridor. She paused as she tried to listen to the conversation already going on inside and her heart skipped when she heard the familiar voice.

'It can't be..." She thought before barging in. She froze, It was him. She recognized the man he was copy nin Kakashi AKA that mans student. Her killing intent flared.

"Calm down Kushina! Now take a seat." Her father yelled. She fought his glare for a minute but gave in. Her father was a middle aged man, had a good build stood at around 5'9. She got her red hair from him, and also her green eyes.

"What is he doing here?" She demanded. Kakashi cocked his head to the side.

"And you are?" He had no idea who she was, but she looked at him like if he was someone she knew. Kushina almost kicked herself, she forgot he was just a kid when those things happened.

"Kushina before you rudely interrupted, me and this young man were adding the finishing touches to a piece treaty we've been working with konoha for the last 9 years. After the Kyuubi attacked a couple of days later the current Hokage sent out a ambassador to negotiate a treaty between the two countries. We agreed right away but he was very explicit when he said it was two be finalized 9 years from now, that way we do not think they were begging for our help and lose face in the eyes of the world." Her father finished.

She felt a pain across her chest. The only reason he called her here was because it affected her in some way. No, anything but that..

"You were personally selected by the Yondaime Hokage to be exchanged with one of there own ninjas known as Anko. Kakashi came to escort her, and to escort you and your son back to Konoha. Normally I would not agree, giving up such a valuable future ninja and my daughter who I thought will succeed me. There is a safety in play, if I were to die and no one else was capable of doing my job you will be next in line, and as so will have to return to Uzu." Kushina cursed, her dad was one of the strongest ninja she knew, the chances of him dying from anything but natural causes was slim, and even then his Uzumaki body will still be capable of fighting for another twenty years, and live for another 50.

"You are to pack your bags because for the next few years you will be a ninja of Konoha and I expect you not to disappoint me!" The man said.

And just like that her world flipped upside down, She looked at him her eyes about to burst with tears.

" Hai, sir." And she stormed out.

" Excuse my daughter and her rude behavior. She has a lot of 'history' with Konoha." Kakashi nodded.

"None taken Kitako-sama. I'll stay here for the day and tomorrow we should be on our way back home." Kitako nodded.

"You'll be staying at the Uzumaki residence, one of the Anbu will escort you. Please, make yourself at home." Kakashi nodded bowing one more time before leaving.

Kitako sighed and his age began to show.

'I'm sorry Kushina but you need to face your demons even if you end up hating me... for the good of the village.'

Town district of Uzu

A blond haired boy could be seen walking down a crowded avenue. He was wearing a black body suit with gold plates around his shoulders, ankles and shins. He had a katana over his shoulders and was ignoring the many compliments he was getting from the people around him.

He just finished training and decided to grab a bite to eat. He never told his mom but he hated the way people looked at him like if he was some kind of god. He found his favorite ramen stand and took a seat.

"Two misu ramen please."

"Coming right up."Was heard from behind the counter. He sighed when he felt the eyes of the people in the bar looking at him.

"You're Uzumaki Naruto!" Said a kid. Naruto looked at him and looked away as if the kid wasn't important. "Don't look at me like that! Like if I'm a nobody, you Uzumakis are all the same."

Naruto didn't even seem to be paying attention as his order was placed infront of him. The kid growing more and more impatient realizing he was being ignored, cocked his fist back.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Naruto said, still not taking his eyes off the food. The kid did it anyways, too him his fist was going a thousand miles per hour and was just inches away from the cocky kids face.

'" Slap." Naruto didn't move as the fist hit his face. Instead he just grabbed the kids wrist twisted it till you heard a crack and kept eating. The kid yelled and rolled on the floor as the pain was to much to bare. Naruto payed his due and left the bar. Once again ignoring the fan girl squeals of him being so cool and mysterious.

He walked home and didn't take long to reach the border of the village were the Uzumaki clan estate was located. The thing was huge and could fit about 200 familys. He jumped over the gate and the security system went off but he spiked his chakra to tell the guard it was him.

He walked home which was located in the middle of the whole estate and was also the biggest house. He walked inside took off his sandals.

"Mom! I'm home." No reply. He raised a eyebrow his mom was always home when he came back from trainning and he raised the other eyebrow when he saw all the luggage in the living room right infront of the pearl stairs that you had to take to reach the second floor. He ran up stairs and into his moms room to find her packing the last of her things and noticed his clothes were also packed.

"Umm, mom whats happening?" Kushina jumped when she heard the voice and grabbed her chest in shock.

"Oh its you Naruto," Kushina said not really paying him no mind. "Here take this down stairs." He picked up the luggage pretty easily and slung it over his shoulders.

"Are you gonna tell me?"

"Oh yeah, meet me down stairs." Naruto shook his head, He never seen his mom so distracted. He took the things down stairs and waited. His mom came down a little later with a giant treasure chest looking thing. He recognized it as the chest they put all their weapons not to mention over 3 billon ryos. He raised a eyebrow, his mom been saving that money up for awhile and this wasn't what you usually took on a vacation trip.

"Mom, whats happening?" He said his voice no longer covering his confusion. Kushina put the thing down and sighed. She took a knee for she could be face to face with her son.

" Naru-kun.. I'm sorry for this, I promised you'll never have to step feet there again but its out of my hands now." Naruto looked at her confused.

" I'm sorry son but were going to Konoha." Kushina said taking him into a hug.

"Konohagakure no Sato? Why?" A confused Naruto asked.