So, I was inspired to write this fic from my girlfriend's happy Christmas armor in Halo: Reach.

Enjoy I guess.

My friends always asked my why I wanted to join the military.

I told them I didn't know; it was always just something I wanted to do.

My parents told me not to do it. When I was getting shipped out, my mom couldn't stop crying. She was begging me not to go.

I haven't seen anyone in my family for two years now.

My name is Angel. Angel Christmas. I'm a Private for the UNSC, and today, I'm being shipped off to meet my new team.

This is the day that I've been waiting for since I knew I wanted to join the military.

"You're lucky, Private. The team that you're being deployed to - they're Team Alpha. They are the best team the UNSC has. Your stats had to be pretty damn high to be with them." The Sergeant looked back at me as he spoke. "I wish you luck. This Commander is…," he trailed off, seeming unable to finish his sentence properly.

"Difficult?" I suggested.

He nodded. "Yeah. Really difficult. I wish you luck, Private." He saluted me, and I did the same. Nodding to me once more, he walked away.

I've read about Team Alpha. They've been with the UNSC since it was created. I dreamed of one day joining their ranks. And now…here I was. I took in a slow, deep breath, and I walked in.

What I walked into was a small weight room. There were bench presses, barbells, treadmills, and other miscellaneous equipment scattered around the room. Everyone on my new "team" was wearing sportswear. I felt like an idiot being the only one wearing my armor. I quickly took my helmet off and saluted. A woman stood up from a bench and walked up to me, looking me up and down.

"At ease, Private." She told me, and I relaxed quickly. She must be my Commander. She was definitely pretty. Her brunette hair was tied back into a tight ponytail, but she wore sunglasses. I'll admit it was bright in the room, but sunglasses in doors? I wasn't going to judge, though. "I'm guessing you're Private Christmas?"

I nodded. "Yes ma'am."

"Call me Commander. No need for 'Yes, Sir.' Or 'Yes, Ma'am.' We're all family here." She looked back to the rest of the team. "We're a family of six. The one who I was sitting next to is Lt. Colonel Romero."

He looked up at his name and waved. His eyes were gray, but something looked off about them…I wasn't going to ask. "Hey there," he said to me. I nodded back.

"The one on the bench press is Robert. And over there on the treadmills are Lilly and Aj. We fight for each other, we trust each other. I find out you've betrayed us, we kill you. End of story. Got it?"

I nodded slowly.

"Good. Now, let all of us get cleaned up and we'll grab some food."

"I'm not sure how to respond to the new chick." Lilly said as the three girls stepped into the showers. "I mean, I know since we lost Kate missions haven't gone totally smooth, but…really. A Private? Can't they do any better?"

"I read her file, Lilly," the Commander replied, "her stats are nearly as off the charts as ours are. She may just be a Private, but she's a damn good Private."

Aj was quiet during their shower. She hadn't totally liked Kate all the time, but she was still part of the family.

"So what? Kate was almost as good as Aaron and he's your right hand man!"

"And Kate was my left hand. I plan on keeping my eye on this Private. I'm going to take her under my wing. I have some plans for her. And hey, if she lives long enough, we'll all tell her…my little secret." The Commander sighed slowly and let the water run down her body. The three long scars on her back stinging only slightly.

I really didn't like being alone. Especially in a big room where I was just left by the five people who I was supposed to be basically living with now. A door opened and I looked up and stood straight. It was the Lt. Colonel.

He laughed and rubbed his head with the towel he was holding. He had brunette hair, just like the Commander. "You can relax. I suppose our Commander isn't really good on introductions. I'm Aaron. I'm her right hand man. I gotta say, Private. You're really lucky to be joining the ranks of us. After the, ah, incident with Kate, she got really cold, like she didn't want to let anyone else in close to her. Oh, Kate is, was, the Commander's left hand woman."

I was silent for a moment. Her left hand woman? And I'm replacing her? My stomach hurt thinking about it. "But…why did Kate leave?" I went out on a limb asking.

Aaron was quiet for a moment, his eyes cast down to the ground. "She went rouge. She was tired of the UNSC calling all her moves, telling her what to do. The Commander basically let her do what she would, like she does all of us. She trusts us, but she probably doesn't trust us as much anymore."

"Except for you." I interjected.

He looked up at me. "Yeah…she still treats us all the same. But she's a lot more distant now. She used to smile almost all the time, but now she hardly smiles. And if she is, it's usually fake. What Kate did to her was wrong. She was her best friend. The three of us…it was like we'd been with each other since birth." Aaron sighed slowly. "Maybe with you here it might make her slowly forget about the pain she's been through. I just hope so…"

In such a short amount of time I had learned so much about my Commander. I looked at Aaron sadly. He seemed so close to her. Like they really were family. I opened my mouth to ask him a question, but Robert stepped out into the room.

"Why is it that women take so long in the shower?" He grumbled, "I'm hungry." Robert was a big guy. A big, tall, muscular guy. He made Aaron look like a noodle and me look like air. He smiled at me. "A private on the Alpha Team. I think this is something really historic." He walked over to me and pat me on the back; hard. It kinda hurt. "Welcome to the family, Christmas."

I laughed half-heartedly. Christmas. I really hated my last name. The guys who gave me my armor thought it would be funny to make it red and green just because of my last name. But I couldn't complain, I did love the colors.

Aj, Lilly, and my Commander stepped out of the dressing room, freshly clean and in non-sweaty clothes. "Well," my Commander said, "Let's get some food."


Meh...more to come I suppose.