Kidnapping 101


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Summary: Wally and the Rogues never have been able to truly hate one another. But with an overprotective Flash and the law separating them they can't really hang out legally –but that's never stopped a Rogue before! Nothing can keep them from THEIR baby.


Mist: Ok, ok. I know I said this was going to be a one or two shot story. But there are so many good opportunities for the Rogues to kidnap Wally.

Whistle: So now this will be a series of one/two shots revolving around various Rogues kidnapping Wally for various reasons.

Mist: A special note to this. This does NOT take place in the same fanverse as 'Going Rogue' in this one Hartley is not in severe need of a trip to the mental hospital.

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File 0: The reason.


The first day of summer. No better term was known to any school aged kid.

Freedom from homework, bullies, teachers, and all that other bull shit that went along with the hellhole that was school.

Everyone was outside celebrating their newfound freedom. Well, all except one boy…

Wally West.

For you see, the 12 year old speedster had managed to get himself grounded. So instead of playing outside with the other kids he was in his room staring up at his ceiling –over all hating his life, and the invention of grounding.

Being grounded on the first day of summer vacation was a cruel and unusual punishment, Wally had decided; and one that he most certainly did not deserve.

He hadn't actually done anything wrong, not as far as he was concerned. Uncle also didn't think he had done anything 'wrong' either, but had grounded him because he was 'worried' for his safety.

Why was the scarlet speedster worried? Because of a simple misunderstanding…

Wally has only been 'Kid Flash', sidekick of the famous 'Flash' for a few short months (two to be exact), but the Rogues have already taken a special interest in him. Not the usual 'We want to kill that boy' kind of interest that villains normally developed towards their hero's sidekick, but a 'We want to adopt that boy' kind of interest.

Yes, you heard right. Adopt.

You see, the Rogues had taken an immediate liking to the small red headed pre-teen. They didn't want to have to fight him so they went easy on him at first, thinking he would be a total push over that they wouldn't need to use their full strength on. But Kid Flash surprised the Rogues by not only being resourceful and winning, but also by being adorable while doing so.

So the Rogues had begun fighting harder against the child, testing his limits.

But when the leader of the Rogues, Captain Cold, had managed to grab hold of the young speedster he had noticed something painfully adorable about the child. He was extremely small. As in, smaller than Trickster small.

That was when Wally's nickname had been born. When Cold had looked down at him and exclaimed. "What the hell? We knew you were small… but this is ridiculous! Trickster's bigger than you are! You're just a little kid –no, not a little kid! You're a baby! A freaking Baby Flash! What the hell is Flash doing bringing a BABY into these fights?"

No sooner did the words leave Cold's mouth did all the Rogues stop what they were doing to run over to the 'baby'.

It went something like this…

Upon hearing their leader all the Rogues had immediately stopped what they were doing and rushed over. It was a good thing Flash was out of town, because he probably would have tried to stop them and rescue his kid. Fortunately Flash was in Italy fighting aliens, and the regular police were too afraid of the Rogues to try and interfere. So the Rogues were free to do as they want as the media videotaped the entire thing.

Trickster had pulled an in-shock Kid Flash away from Cold and held him tightly –showing everyone exactly how small the other boy was. "He's right!" Trickster exclaimed. "Kid's just a little baby!"

Kid Flash was still in shock as this happened. He didn't know what to do, so he just stared wide-eyed at the Rogues, like a deer trapped in the headlights of a very large truck.

"He's teeny, that's fer sure," Captain Boomerang agreed as he observed the child. "Looks scared outa his wits too."

"He is way too young for this shit," Mirror Master sighed in agreement. "How old do you think he is? I'm guessing six, maybe seven or eight if he's just tiny."

Some of Kid Flash's shock dissipated at the insults. "I'm twelve!" He whined, even though he knew he shouldn't give out his age to villains.

The Rogues stared at him in disbelief.

"No way are you twelve," Weather Wizard objected. "You are way too small…"

Kid Flash tried his best to glare at the Rogue, but the image was ruined by his baby-like face.

"What, are your parents not feeding you or something?" Captain Cold asked the child; no way could the child be that small for no reason. "You're shorter than a third grader!"

"I'm not short!" Kid Flash objected, surprised by how he no longer felt afraid of the Rogues despite the situation, "I'm fun sized!"

Trickster laughed at him and hugged him tight. "You are soooo adorable!" He declared before looking up at Captain Cold with pleading eyes. "Can we keep him?"

Kid Flash's eyes widened in shock and he looked up at Captain Cold, wondering what the Rogue leader was going to say.

To the surprise of the bystanders that were watching the event, Captain Cold seemed to be thinking over the Tricksters request. After a few minutes he eyed Kid Flash carefully before ruffling the child's hair.

"I don't see the harm in keeping him," He said finally.

Trickster jumped in joy before spinning around with the 'baby' in his arms. "YAY!" He squeaked. "We're adopting the Baby!"

"Like hell you are!" A new voice interrupted the Trickster's celebrating.

The Rogues and Kid Flash looked over and saw the Flash standing only a few meters away.

In a flash the Flash rushed at them and ripped Kid Flash from the Trickster's embrace and brought him a safe distance away from them before going back to yell at the Rogues about leaving his sidekick alone…

Now here Wally was. Grounded because his Uncle was terrified that the Rogues were going to kidnap him and make him their 'Baby',

Of course, his uncle wasn't the only reason he was grounded. News that the Rogues wanted to adopt him had spread like wild fire and soon every hero and villain in the world knew of his predicament. So needless to say, every hero wanted him locked in his room until the situation had been dealt with –and every villain was sending letters to the newspapers encouraging him to join the Rogues and become a villain.

That only served to make the heroes more paranoid…

It wasn't like Wally had any intention of joining the Rogues. Sure, the Rogues didn't seem nearly as evil to young sidekick –but that didn't mean he wanted them to adopt him!

Wally groaned in frustration as he rolled on his stomach. "This is sooo boring…" he muttered to no one.

Apparently 'no one' can answer you, because to Wally's shock he heard a voice respond to his muttering.

"Totally," 'no one' said, "Can't believe you got grounded for something so stupid."

Wally sat up quickly and turned around to look at the speaker. To his horror he saw one of the Rogues –the Pied Piper.

He stared in shock at the older boy whom was currently sitting on Wally's desk chair, twirling a flute in one hand as another held a stack of papers. Just what was the Rogue doing in Wally's bedroom? Was it possible that he…

Wally's expression went grave. "How did you find out?" He asked, wincing at how scared he sounded.

The Pied Piper smiled gently at him. "Not many twelve year olds with your hair and your height," he answered him.

Wally face-palmed, he knew he shouldn't have told the Rogues his age! But wait, if they knew his civilian identity…

The small speedster began to vibrate in fear.

"Don't be afraid!" Another new voice told him. "We won't hurt you! You're our baby!"

Wally felt arms wrap around him from behind and turned his head to see Trickster's smiling face.

This day was getting worse and worse for him…

"Trickster!" Yet another voice exclaimed. "I told you to stay on this side of the mirror dimension!"

He turned his attention to the mirror on his wall and saw the rest of the Rogues coming out.

Well at least that explained how they were getting into his room without his aunt and uncle noticing them. Not that that was a good thing.

"What are you people doing here?" Wally managed to squeak out.

"We're adopting you," Captain Cold informed him as he took the stack of papers from the Pied Piper. "Didn't we make that clear the other day? We even went out and got the paper work to do it."

And by 'got', he obviously meant 'stole'.

"You're all insane!" Wally snapped at him as he struggled to get out of the Tricksters hug.

"Don't be like that, Wally," Trickster told him, giggling.

Wally froze at the use of his real name. "I'm going to be grounded for life…" he muttered, already imagining how badly his uncle was going to be freaking out after this.

"No you won't," Captain Cold told him, "We're going to be your legal guardians from now on. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line."

Wally stared at him wide-eyed for a moment, now completely certain that the Rogues were in fact insane. "You barely know me!" He exclaimed. "At least take me out for ice cream first…"

He had added the last part as a joke to try to calm him down, but apparently the Rogues didn't realise this.

"Sure kid," Mirror Master told him. "Anywhere in particular you want to go?"

Wally answered, purely out of shock, "Umm… Dairy Queen?"

"Ok," Mirror Master told him as he made a portal out of him bedroom mirror. "Come along now."

The Rogues than dragged him through the portal. The portal shut just as Barry walked into the room to check on his nephew –allowing him to see it shutting.


About an hour later the Flash found Wally sitting in Dairy Queen with the Rogues, happily eating a blizzard and chatting away with the villains. As the Flash walked in he heard Captain Cold trying to convince the twelve year old to sign a sheet of paper.

The Flash was in front of them in a quarter second. "What the hell is going on here!" He snapped at the tables occupants.

Wally looked up at his uncle, but upon seeing the furious expression on his face opted instead to hide behind Captain Cold's arm.

"We said we were going to adopt him," Captain Cold answered gruffly, obviously not liking the scarlet speedster's sudden presence. "We weren't kidding around. All we need now is for him to sign the paper and he will be our baby."

The Flash speed-readed the documents. "Where did you get these?" He asked when he found that they were, in fact, legitimate.

"Same person that got us the papers that let us adopt James and Hartley," Weather Wizard answered.

A thought occurred to Wally. "So if you guys adopt me too, then wouldn't the three of us be brothers?" Wally asked Trickster.

The Trickster face lit up at the idea. "Yes it would!" He exclaimed, hugging Wally tightly again. "This just keeps getting better and better!"

"Hands off my nephew!" Flash snapped at Trickster. "And how did you even find out his secret identity.

Pied Piper shrugged. "We knew his age, height, hair, and eye colour," he pointed out, "Not exactly hard to figure out. We also know your identity, Mr. Allen."

The Flash glared at Pied Piper.

"Chill, Flash," Captain Cold told the scarlet hero. "We aren't going to go around revealing your names. That's not our style and you know it."

Flash crossed his arms across his chest. "But apparently bullying children into sign strange contracts is," he hissed.

The Flash picked up the documents and shredded them.

"Hey!" Trickster cried, looking horrified at the display.

"The legal system has intervened," The Flash hissed at the as he grabbed his nephew. "Now stay the hell away from my nephew!"

He zoomed away without another word.

The Rogues looked around at each other.

"But he's OUR baby!" Trickster started whining again.

"We know that, the other villains know that, Wally knows that, it's the Flash and the other heroes that's the problem," Mirror Master grumbled.

"But this did raise a good point," Captain Cold said, "We don't know nearly as much about our baby as we should. Because of that, Flash has the advantage."

"Then why don't we hang out with him more often?" The Pied Piper suggested.

Captain Boomerang sighed. "It aint gonna be that easy," he frowned. "Now like Flashers gonna just let us babysit the baby."

"Then we'll just have to kidnap him again," Captain Cold declared.

And that was how it all started. This was their reason for kidnapping him. Kid Flash. Baby Flash. Wally. THEIR baby!


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