Name:Karai Yuhi



apperance; slender, short black hair with purple streaks, brown eyes

personality; capable, serious, kind, sarcastic

past;Karai was Cale's lover but since she and her mother moved away they had to break up with each other,she doesn't know that cale with Jim's older sister nor she didn't know she had a cursed form

curse form; sabor(she has no control over her form she was nearly killed if her mother hadn't came to her rescue)




Father; Sinbad(but doesn't really know that sinbad is her father)

Home:the forest(where her mother and herself live deep in the same Forest as Jim and his family)

Enemies:Kayley(by an accidental kiss with Cale)

Quote:"chill out i'm not anywhere near your boyfriend"

Dislikes:Kayley attacking her for no reason even if she's no where near cale and for some Reason Arial triggers her cursed form,Sabor to take control over her and attack

likes:Hunting in her cursed form when she has control of it,exploring and beating Kayley at her own game


Fear factor;Karai is afraid of Arial and wants no part of being with Jim or Arial whe she's with jim on a hunt she can't control her lust for Arial's blood since Jim has her scent on him