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The Legend of Zelda: Rise of Majora

Chapter Twenty-Six: Majora's Wrath


She looked out the front passenger-side window as Walter drove through the city. Zelda looked down at her hands in her lap as they shook involuntarily, and then to the watch that was around her wrist. She squeezed her eyes shut as images in Link, Impa, Sheik and all her friends flashed through her mind. She wanted to go back, but she knew she couldn't. For whatever reason her life was in danger and she had to leave the city. "How do you know that I'll be safe where we're going?" Zelda suddenly asked Walter as glanced over at him with a worried expression.

Walter sighed and gave Zelda a weak smile. "I don't, at least not one hundred percent." He said. "But I knew your father, and he told me this day would one day come."

Zelda appeared confused and disheartened. "It feels like I don't even know who my dad was…"

Walter released his right hand from the steering wheel and took Zelda's, giving it a gentle squeeze. "I won't deny that your father had some pretty big secrets, but I can say that without a doubt your father loved you, Zelda. And everything that he has done was to protect you."

"I just wish I had known…" Zelda muttered, looking back outside the window as Hylia Dam stood out in the distance.


She watched the news with her hands clenched tightly together below her lips as tears slowly trickled down her cheek. Link hadn't come home, hadn't called or even answered his phone. Her mother eventually explained what happened between her and Link and proceeded, then, to tell her everything she knew about Link's past.

How could something like this have happened? Link...did you leave because you couldn't face mom and dad after what they did? Or is it because of something else… Saria shook her head. No, Link wouldn't do that. He knows that we are his real family.

The doorbell suddenly rang and Saria looked towards the direction of the front door. Midna, Colin and Malon had all contacted her after the news of Zelda's house burning down, and she had told them all to come over so they could talk and possibly get some clarity. Saria gathered herself and made sure she appeared decent before opening the front door, looking through the peephole first of course. "Malon, it's good to see you. Come in." Saria greeted kindly.

The red-headed girl stepped into the foyer of the Kokiri home and took her brown knee-high boots while admiring the area. "You have a lovely house." Malon said with a kind smile.

"Oh, thanks…" Saria replied, not really knowing what else to say. She had other things on her mind. Like who Link's real mother is…

"Not to be rude, but is there somewhere we can sit?" Malon suddenly asked.

Saria blinked and then quickly shook her head. "Yeah, sorry, follow me." She said, leading Malon into the living room where the TV had been playing the news. The two girls sat on the couch next to each other just as Laura, Saria's mother, entered the room. "Oh, hello Malon, I don't think we've ever formally met." She said, extending a hand out to Malon.

Malon stood and smiled with extending her hand as well. "No, I don't believe we have, Mrs. Kokiri. It's a pleasure to meet you." Malon suddenly looked solemn, at least more so than she had already. "I'm sorry to hear about Link. I'm sure he's alright - he might not have even gone to Zelda's…" She trailed off, wondering if she had done more bad than good.

But Mrs. Kokiri smiled. "Thank you, Malon, yes we are all praying for both their returns."

"Oh…yes…" Malon replied softly.

"And Sheik, mom." Saria pointed out. "I tried calling him after I couldn't reach Link, but he hasn't said anything yet."

"Oh, yes that is terrifying." Mrs. Kokiri said suddenly realizing her comment of two instead of three. "I do hope, for all of their safe returns." She said, bowing her head.

Midna, Colin and Mido showed up soon after and the five sat huddled in a circle before the TV as it continued to air footage of helicopters dowsing Harkinian Manor in water to put out the fire. The thought of Link and Zelda out there somewhere possibly hurt, lost, captured...or who know what else was enough to cause the group to be worried and anxious.

"Why do you think they haven't returned yet?" Colin asked suddenly, breaking the temporary silence. "You don't think they were both…" he stopped suddenly, and before he could continued, Midna cut in.

"Even if they were, Sheik is probably already halfway to saving them!" Midna said in a hopeful manner. "After all, he saved Zelda the first time. So he must know something about what's going on - "

"Then why hasn't he told us anything?" Colin asked. "Don't you think he'd come and at least tell his parent's something!?"

"Well maybe he's already out there, looking for them!" Malon defended.

"I sure hope so…" Midna replied, looking back at the TV. "I really do."

[Agent Nayru]

Navi and Ralph waved their badges as they entered Hyrule State Penitentiary and asked to speak with prisoner Onyx Gerudo.

"Right this way, agents." The security guard said as he led the two down a hallway. He stopped in front of a cell and then unlocked the door. A metal clang rang out in the vicinity as the prison guard opened the cell door. "Here you go." The guard said before walking away.

Agent Nayru stepped into the small cell and eyed the sleeping body, whose back was turned to her, before her and folded her arms across her chest. "Ahem..." She coughed.

The mangy body stirred and then jerked around to see who was talking. "If you keep showing up I may have to register for conjugal visits." Onyx said with a sneer.

Agent Nayru scoffed and entered the cell. "You wish - we here because we need more information."

Onyx shrugged and sat back into his cot. "Sorry, that's all I got sweetie. If Agahnim got away then he's in the wind, I can't help you - "

"You can start by telling us what Majora is planning on doing to this city." Agent Baret grunted as he approached Onyx. "Why did he have the Mayor killed?" He questioned.

"Ahaha!" Onyx said as he sat up and waved a finger. "That wasn't part of the deal. I said I'd tell you where to find Dr. Agahnim, but beyond that I can't say a word, I prefer to live - "

"You mean 'rot behind bars' don't you?" Agent Baret said with a rough chuckle.

"Be that as it may, it's still better than the electric chair." Onyx said as he glared at Agent Baret.

The two continued to glare at each and it was clear that Ralph was beginning to lose his cool, as indicated by his clenched up fist.

"Hang on." Agent Nayru said, stopping Ralph. "You worked closely with Dr. Agahnim, didn't you?" She asked Onyx. "You must know something about your employer - "

"I know plenty, It doesn't mean I'm going to spill the beans!" Onyx muttered, clearly annoyed. "Might as well sign my own death warrant…"

"That can be arranged." Agent Baret said wearing a smirk.

"Just tell us what he's planning - "

"Planning?" Onyx repeated with a laugh. "Listen, just pack your bags and get the hell out of here, because the Hyrule you once knew will be gone - and trust me you won't wanna be here when the new "authorities" show up." Onyx said ominously.

"Oh yeah? And how exactly do you fit into this all of this?" Agent Baret asked.

"Me?" Onyx questioned. "Well..nothing, I get to stay here remember - "

"Who's planning on taking over this city? It can't be Majora - because if it was you would be more scared." Agent Nayru explained as she pieced things together. "So why aren't you?" She asked again.

"What?" Onyx asked, blinking a few times.

"Listen to me, you piece of shit, you're gonna tell me what I want to know or - " Agent Nayru was now on the verge of snapping as she grabbed Onyx's shirt and pulled him up a few inches when Ralph suddenly cut in.

"He has a way out." He suddenly said.

"What?" Agent Nayru looked back at Ralph with some confusion while Onyx glanced back and forth from the two agents.

"He's got a friend on the outside who can get him out - don't you?" Agent Baret questioned as he looked from Navi to Onyx.

"What? No, I don't have any friends." Onyx stated solemnly.

Navi stared at Onyx while Ralph questioned him and noticed that something had changed in the prisoners expression. She wasn't sure what it was, but it seemed that Agent Baret was on to something. "Even so, it's policy to move a person of interest in situation's of possible escape plans - I'll phone it in." Agent Nayru pulled out her cell phone and walked to the corner of the room.

"W-what? Y-you can move me! Majora's men will be after me!" Onyx suddenly protested as he stood up.

"Relax it's just car ride." Agent Baret said as he pushed Onyx back down.

"This is Agent Nayru with the HSA, authentication code 119267 Sierra-Bravo - yeah I need to transport a prisoner, he's a POI and possibly planning to escape….yeah I can hold."

"W-wait, hold on!" Onyx stammered. "I-I was bluffing about the friend, I'm not really planning on escaping!" He admitted.

Agent Nayru glanced over at Onyx wearing a blank expression. "I don't believe you." She stated as she placed the receiver back to her ear.

"Ahh, dammit!" Onyx cried. "Put down the phone and I'll help you out…" He muttered.

"What was that?" Agent Baret asked as he walked up to Onyx.

"I said I'll tell you what you want to know, just don't go through with the transport!" He pleaded.

Navi looked at Ralph and lowered her phone. "Alright, start talking." She said.

Onyx sighed and relaxed into his cot. "The Hylia Dam…Majora plans on flooding the city…"

Navi and Ralph looked at Onyx with wide eyes and fear. "You're lying!" Agent Baret shouted as he pulled Onyx up by his shirt.

"Why would I lie?" Onyx chuckled. "You think it was just coincidence that Hyrule never elected a mayor after Daphness was killed? Majora has been using his influence and power to stall any election's from happening so he could prepare a take-over!"

"Why would Majora want to take over Hyrule?" Ralph asked roughly.

"I-I'm not sure!" Onyx stammered. "He never told me anything about his plan outside of taking over Hyrule - it was all I had cared about, I just wanted to be Mayor!"

"You must have heard something about his reasons for this particular city?" Agent Nayru commented.

Onyx swallowed hard and looked concerned. "O-okay, yeah I heard something alright - but you're probably not going to believe so there's no point - "

"Try us!" Ralph growled, edging closer to Onyx with a tightened fist.

"He's looking for three stones." Onyx said.

Agent Nayru and Baret stared at each other for a moment before looking back at Onyx. "Stones? That's his big plan? Come on, you don't really expect us to believe that?" Ralph grunted with a chuckle.

"I told you, you wouldn't believe me - " Onyx began.

"What are these stones exactly?" Agent Nayru asked.

Onyx shook his head. "I don't know. Honestly, I only meet him once and I never say his face - he wears a mask, you see…"

"This doesn't help us!" Ralph grunted angrily.

"I told you what was pertinent, now it's on you to stop what's about to happen!" Onyx declared.

"When does Majora plan on flooding the city, then?" Ralph asked as he folded his arms across his chest, expectantly.

"It could be today, it could be tomorrow." Onyx replied with a shrug. "Honestly, with everything that's happened, I can tell you that Majora isn't happy." He said ominously. "It wouldn't surprise me if his men have already begun."

Agent Nayru looked at Ralph as concern flooded her eyes. "Ralph - "

"I'm on it!" He said as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. "This Agent Baret…" His voice dimmed out as he exited the building.

"So...you guys aren't going to move me?" Onyx asked apprehensively as he stared at Agent Nayru.

Navi looked back at Onyx with a glare. "No, I was bluffing." She revealed as she spun around and exited the cell. " We're done here." She told the guard before she too exited the building. It was no surprise to her to see Ralph standing outside the main doors and she quickly got his attention. "You didn't actually phone it in, did you?" She asked.

Agent Baret scoffed. "Course not! Gotta inform the general first, don't we?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Agent Nayru nodded. "Yeah, but we still need to talk to Sheik..." She quickly pulled out her phone and dialed Sheik's number. "Let's hope he's taken care of whatever it was he needed to do with that kid." She stated while waiting for Sheik to answer. It rang several times before his voicemail finally answered: "You've reached Sheik Saber; sorry I can't get to the phone right now, but if you leave your - "

Agent Nayru hung up and frowned. It wasn't like Sheik to ignore a call from her, especially when he specifically told her to call when she found something.

"What's wrong?" Ralph asked.

"I don't know but…" Navi seemed worried now. "Something doesn't feel right..." She said, looking at Ralph. "Think I could meet you back at base?" She asked hopefully.

Agent Baret nodded. "Sure, call me when you find him." He said before running off to the vehicle they came in.

Agent Nayru nodded and ran off to hail a cab. I just hope you're alright, Sheik, for all our sakes…


He groaned and stretched as he sat up. Looking around him, Link noticed that he was lying on a mat on the floor of a small room with metal walls around him. Apart from a plain white couch and a coffee table, the room was otherwise empty.

He rubbed his head and tried to remember what happened when a door suddenly opened. Link jerked his head towards the steel door to see Sylvia enter the room. No, not Sylvia...my mother… Link thought as memories suddenly flooded into his mind.

"Looks who decided to wake up - how are you feeling?" She asked, taking a seat on the couch. She wore grey leggings and knee high black leather boots. Her long, blonde hair was down and flowed in thick locks.

"Where are we?" Link asked as he slowly got to his feet and walked around.

"An old safe house on the outskirts of Hyrule." Sylvia said. "It was the last place I stayed in before leaving the country…"

"Where's Sheik?" Link suddenly asked, looking frantic.

"He's fine, don't worry." Sylvia said, standing up. "You can see him, but he hasn't woken up yet, and until he does we won't know how to find Zelda."

Link nodded. "I know…"

Sylvia took Link through the door she had entered through and led him through a small corridor that slowly branched out into small rooms, each one was different. She stopped before a closed door and opened it, allowing Link to enter.

It was about the same size as the one he was in, but unlike that one this one had countertops along the sides, a vast variety of medical equipment, towels, blankets, and a small bed where Sheik was laying. "Sheik…" Link breathed.

He approached the bedside and pulled a nearby chair. Sheik seemed to be alright, though his brow was slightly damp. When Link glanced at Sylvia questioningly she straightened up. "He had a fever." She began. "It's come down quite a bit now, but he's still pretty banged up." She hesitated for a moment before looking back at the door. "So don't aggravate his condition more by asking question's, alright?"

Link merely nodded and watched as she left the room, closing the door behind her. Link sighed and looked back at Sheik and frowned. He looks like he's just asleep… He observed. If only Sheik was, he could use his help right now.

"Sheik...Zelda...Zelda's gone." Link swallowed hard. "Her house is destroyed - I-I don't know what the hell's going on!" He said frantically, trying to keep his voice down. But it was hard. It was hard because he felt like he was cracking. "I just need you to wake up." He whispered. "So we can find Zelda, together. Because I don't know who I can trust anymore…"

Link sat in silence for minutes just listening to Sheik's unsteady breathing, when Sheik suddenly coughed softly. "Link…"

"Sheik?!" Link jerked his head up in shock.

"Link…" Sheik coughed again.

"I'm here buddy!" Link said quickly.

"Zelda...cell phone tracker…" Sheik said weakly.

What? Link wondered. He tried to get Sheik to say more, but his friend had passed out. Link sighed and stood up, he should leave Sheik to rest. Exiting the room and closing the door behind him, Link noticed his mother had her back against the wall opposite to him. "Have you been out here the entire time I was in there?" He asked.

Sylvia shook her head. "Of course not, I came once I heard voice's. So you were able to get him to talk?" She asked.

"Yeah, but not much." Link said. "He mentioned something about his cell phone and Zelda, but I couldn't find his things anywhere in the room. Did you find a cell phone on him?" Link asked.

"I did, among many other things. "I didn't turn it on because his people might be monitoring it."

Link's eyes widened. "We need to turn that phone on! It could led us to Zelda!"

"If I turn that phone on the HSA would know where to find us, we need to be smart about this - " Sylvia began to explain.

"Then let's leave this safe house and turn it on when we're farther away!" Link said.

"And leave your friend here alone? He still needs to be monitored!" Sylvia countered.

"Fine, then I'll stay!" Link offered.

Sylvia remained silent but raised an eyebrow.

"I'll watch over Sheik, just go find Zelda!" Link shouted.

Sylvia sighed and pushed herself off the wall. "Alright, I'll do it. But promise me you'll stay here and won't do anything stupid!"

Link sucked in deeply and nodded. "I promise." He said.

Sylvia nodded and turned to leave. "Keep that phone I gave you close, I might be calling at some point." She said before leaving the safe house.

[Majora's Estate]

A large hologram depicting a man shroud on black and sitting high on a large throne-like chair filled the basement chamber. Majora stood at the front of a waist high, circular pillar that held a fist-sized purple orb in the center from which the hologram was being projected.

"My Lord...it is good to see you." Majora stated as he gave a slight bow.

"Do not patronize me." The figure boomed. "I gave you power in the understanding that you would be able to retrieve what I am looking for! So tell me, what have you found?"

Majora chuckled and pulled out a photo, showing it to the shadowy figure. "It isn't much, but I am certain it must have something to do with what you're looking for, my lord."

The man peered down from his chair, his eyes were bright red and their bore into the photo intensely. "Excellent." The figure replied, sitting back up. "Do not contact me until you have found at least one of the pieces…" The figure commanded as the hologram flickered away.

Majora stared at the empty space where the large figure had just been speaking and remained silent for several minutes until the doors to the now dark chamber boomed. "Enter!" Majora yelled coldly.

The doors opened and the sound of heavy boots clapping the floor rang out. Majora turned around to see Gal slowly approaching him. Blood covered his face and his military gear was torn in several places and covered in black dirt. "I thought I told you not to return without the girl...and where is dear Sylvia?" Majora asked, not sounding pleased.

"There were complications…" Gal began. "Sylvia and those HSA rats got in the way." He said with a sneer.

Majora didn't move save for his left arm which shifted and moved to his hip. "It matter not." He finally said as he turned around. to face Gal. "Thanks to Dr. Agahnim's nanomites I can track her. She may even lead me to one of the stones...yes…" He said thoughtfully. Majora pulled out a small hand-held device and tossed it at Gal, who caught it with impressive reflexes. "Use that to locate the girl once you've taken care of Hylia Dam, there's no way she can escape now

"There's something else." Gal began. "Sylvia has a son...and he's here, in Hyrule."

"So, that was her plan all along? She was a fool to try and hide him from me, but no matter. Soon she along with everyone else in this pathetic city shall know my wrath." Majora whispered ominously. "Contact Pierre and have your men get into position." He ordered.

"What about Sylvia?" Gal asked eagerly waiting for his chance to kill her.

"I will handle her." Majora replied. "It's time for Hyrule to know my wrath…"

[HSA Headquarters]

[Agent Baret]

Ralph stealthily navigated his way through Hyrule Square and into the secret door that led down the their underground base of operations. Making his way down the metal stairs, Ralph walked into the briefing room and turned on the monitor. He grabbed the round conference-call machine in the center of the table and pressed a button.

The blue screen with the HSA emblem vanished and General Carter's office was now in view. General Carter, herself, was in clear view sitting at her desk and with her hands folded together as she read something. She looked up at her monitor and her eyes fell on Ralph. "Agent Baret, I assume you're calling because you and Agent Nayru we successful in gathering intel?"

Ralph nodded though his face was hard and his eyes flashed with some concern. "Ma'am, we have a situation…" He quickly explained to her what he and Navi had uncovered from Onyx.

"And where is Agent Nayru now?" General Carter asked sternly.

"Ma'am, she went looking for Agent Saber when we he didn't answer our attempts to contact him." Ralph explained.

General Carter did not appear to be happy. "This situation has gotten out of control!" She fumed. "Clearly Agent Saber wasn't ready for this task - Agent Baret, I want you to assemble a squad and move in on Hylia Dam, but do it quietly, we don't want to start a panic." She instructed.

Ralph raised an eyebrow. "You're giving me command...ma'am?"

"I'm promoting you to Major, agent." General Carter corrected. "If Majora does plan on flooding the city tonight then we'll be ready. You have your order, Major, see that it gets done." She finished before the monitor reverted back to its original blue hue.

Ralph stared at the blue screen as several thoughts buzzed through his head, but he soon pushed them all away and left the briefing room to gear up. He had orders to follow…

[Onyx] - [Hyrule State Penitentiary]

Onyx was laying on his back with his right leg crossed over his left, staring blankly at the ceiling as memories of his first encounter with Majora reeled through his mind. He would never forget what that man had first said to him…


Onyx Gerudo walked up to the steps before a large office building. There were no words on the building indicating a company name, however a strange looking emblem resembling something of a maze with the letters T.I. was in the center of the building's exterior.

Entering the building, Onyx fiddled with his tie as he glanced around the corporate looking floor as men and woman dressed in work attire all stared at him. Now Onyx… He thought to himself, don't let them get them better of you - you're here to meet with Majora! How many others here can say that? He wondered.

He gave everyone a terse smile before falling into the line for security. After passing the screening tests, Onyx picked up his guest badge and made for the elevator. Stepping inside, Onyx pressed the 44th floor button and waited for the doors to close. Who would want their office so high up? Onyx gave it no more thought and exited once the doors opened.

Immediately before him stood two large men guarding a set of large double doors. The two men approached Onyx and padded him down before one of them reached for his ear.

"He's here…" The guard said.

Seconds later the two guards opened the doors and allowed Onyx to enter the dimly lit room. Onyx was awestruck by the size of the room and all of its interior designs and various artwork that was spread out. Even the rugs looked expensive. Far ahead of him was a single desk with a man sitting in a chair, facing the window behind him. As Onyx neared, the man raised a hand and he stopped walking.

"That's far enough." The man said. His voice was almost like a whisper, yet there was something dark and foreboding about it that caused a shiver to run up Onyx's spine. "Forgive me but I'm not too fond of newcomers seeing me so informally for the first time…" The man said as he stood up. His face was covered in darkness, however Onyx was able to see that he had long hair that hung over the left side of his face. The man moved again and disappeared for a moment in the shadows before reappearing before Onyx.

Onyx almost jumped at the man's sudden appearance, combined with the odd mask he was now wearing. "Do not be frightened." The man said.

"Majora...sir, it's an honor to finally meet you." Onyx said with a bow.

"Indeed, I am sure it is." Majora replied.

"I understand you have a business opportunity, I believe I can help you with that…" Onyx said, getting straight to the point.

Majora chuckled. "What makes you think I need help?"

"You need someone who knows a thing or two about politics - I promise that I can not only defeat Daphness in the next campaign!" Onyx explained.

Majora said nothing for several seconds before turning around and putting his hands in his pockets. "I don't want just anyone in control of Hyrule. What I need is someone who's not afraid to get their hands a little dirty for the greater good. The city had tremendous potential - it only needs the proper guidance."

Onyx nodded. "I couldn't agree with you more." He said truthfully.

"Very good." Majora said as he walked back to his desk. "I believe you'll make a perfect fit."

"Thank you, sir, I won't disappoint you." Onyx replied with a curt bow.

"I know you won't…" Majora said darkly. "You know, Onyx, to be honest the only reason I allowed you see me today was because of your son."

Onyx blinked a few times and appeared confused. "My son? What does he have to do with this?"

"I was merely curious...why did you give him that name?"

Onyx's eyes widened. "What do you know about my son? Leave him out of this!" He suddenly yelled as he tensed up.

Majora laughed loudly, his voice boomed inside the room. "Fear not, my friend, I have no interest in your son directly. I was merely curious as to his name...it carries great power." He said in a low voice.

"I named him after my grandfather." Onyx began. "And he after his - the name has been in our family for centuries." He explained.

"Interesting." Majora mused. "Very interesting...I look forward to working with you, Mr. Gerudo. Until we speak again…" He said before turning back around in his chair to face the large window.

Onyx remained still for a moment before turning around to leave.

[End of Flashback]

Onyx sighed and put his right leg down on the cot just as he heard a set of keys jingle outside of his cell. "Hello?" He said while quickly sitting up.

A guard wearing a low hat that covered his face walked by and Onyx relaxed. The guard suddenly stopped outside his cell door and unlocked it. "Is there something you need, officer? Onyx asked with a sneer.

"Not at all." The guard said with a smile as he raised his head to reveal his face.

Onyx's face turned white as a sheet of paper. "W-What the hell are you doing here?!"

Gal grinned and approached Onyx. "I'm here to deliver a message." He said simply before he grabbed Onyx and pulled him into a death grip. "Majora says thanks for all your help, but your services are no longer required!" He whispered into Onyx's ear before crushing his neck and windpipe.

Onyx struggled and fought hard but it was no use, Gal was too strong for him, and within seconds Onyx was dead. Gal laid his body on the cot in a sleeping position on his side and made everything appear as normal as he could before exiting the cell and locking it behind him.

[Hylia Dam, 8:05 PM]


When Sylvia was far enough away she turned on Sheik's cell phone and watched as his tracker app picked up something moving west towards the dam. This must be Zelda, I hope Gal hasn't found her yet. Sylvia thought as she sped off towards the location.


His men loaded up the two trucks behind the Northern Lights Club with two large car-sized objects covered by tarps. The men carted the mysterious objects onto the loading platforms of the two trucks and turned on the lifts. After the objects were loaded Gal's men all looked to him for orders.

"Don't forget to blow the bridges and block the exits to the city, no one get out alive." He said with a dark glare. "When you get inside, arm the two devices where I told you to and set the timer for ten minutes, now move out! I'm going after the girl." He ordered before pulling out the tracking device Majora had given him.

[Agent Baret]

Hylia Dam looked to be deserted as the sun began its slow descent. Let's hope we're not too late. He thought as he ordered half of his men to stay at the entrance and set up a perimeter while he along with the other half of his men would make there inside the large tower that controls the Dam's functions.

"Alright me, let's move." He whispered to his squad of five just as two trucks approached the facilities main gate about a hundred feet from their current position.

"Hold on," Ralph said as he watched the trucks keenly. "Let's check it out." He said as he moved towards the front gate. "HSA, what's going on here?" Agent Baret said roughly as he approached the three guards monitoring the gates.

"Just a standard supply drop-off, sir's. Nothing to worry about." One of the guards said with a smile.

Ralph narrowed his eyes and looked from the three guards to the first truck driver. "What're you hauling?" He asked the driver.

"Like those men said, just some standard equipment to run the facility. I've got all the papers right here - " The man bent down to his left to reach for something while Ralph glanced at the Dam guards. "You got confirmation papers too?"

One of the men nodded and handed him a clipboard while the truck driver did the same. Ralph glanced over the papers and they all seemed to be in order. But something still didn't feel right. "Open it up." He said sternly to the driver.

The man looked at the guards and then nodded as he stepped out. As he led Agent Baret and his few men towards the back of the first truck, the second driver got out and walked towards them while the three guards behind them did the same. When they were all standing in front of the first truck's loading door, the driver unlatched the lock and lifted the door up.

Agent Baret pulled out a flashlight and aimed it at the center of the space to see a car-sized object covered in a black tarp. "What the - " But agent Baret's words were cut short when the two truck drivers and the three guards suddenly attacked the HSA men, catching them all off guard, and knocked them all out.

"Tie them up and lock them in the boiler room." The first truck driver said. "And get those gates open!" He ordered as he closed the truck door and got back into the driver's seat.

The gates lurched open and the two trucks drove through while the guards began to move the HSA men's limp body's.

[Somewhere Underground]


He paced back and forth in Sheik's room for the past half-hour as anxiety and frustration began to build inside him. He had turned the small flat-screen TV on in Sheik's room, but nothing interesting had popped up yet. At first, Link had no problem with watching over his best friend, but what he really wanted was for Zelda to be safe and to fix this whole mess. His mother, an assassin for a ruthless yet elusive arms dealer, and Sheik's team were out there fighting to protect Hyrule and he was in some underground room. Link sighed and looked back at the room Sheik had been resting in; it was terrifying to see the military soldier/secret agent in such a bad state. Link had always seen Sheik as a force that would never break down, but recent events allowed him to realize that no one was invincible, and everyone has limits.

"Link…" Sheik whispered weakly just then.

Link jerked his head towards Sheik and quickly sat down in the chair beside his friend. "Sheik!" He exclaimed softly as Sheik slowly moved around and opened his eyes.

Shike groaned and tried to sit up, with much difficulty, before Link quickly helped him prop up against the headboard. "Thanks." He said weakly.

"How are you feeling?" Link asked, looking at Sheik worriedly.

Sheik half chuckled/half groaned in pain at Link's question. "Don't worry about me, Link, I've been through much worse." He gave Link a hard look then, "Link, where are we, and how did we get here?" Sheik asked, looking around.

"My mo-" Link began before stopping himself. "I mean, Sylvia brought us here…she's the one who cleaned you up. I…" Link stopped himself again and looked away for a moment.

"What about Zelda?!" Sheik asked. suddenly appearing worried.

"Sylvia's out looking for her, we found the tracking system in your jacket pocket." Link explained.

Sheik raised an eyebrow. "How did you know it was tracking Zelda?"

"Because you told me." Link said with a deep breath.

Sheik leaned forward and covered a part of his face with his hand. "That's right, now I remember." He glanced at Link and gave him an odd look. "I'm surprised you're still here, usually you just run off trying to help." He said with a chuckle.

Link averted his eyes downward. "That's why I offered to stay here - not that there were other options. I just get end up getting in the way - "

"That's not true at all Link." Sheik said, giving him a serious look.

Link scoffed. "Please, if I hadn't run off to rescue Zelda -"

"Majora would still be looking for Zelda and this city would still be in danger." Sheik explained, cutting Link off.

Before Link could say anything the TV suddenly caught their attention. "This just in: Hyrule City has been closed off by unknown assailants." Images of Hyrule's two bridges and interstate highway sections barred off by large black trucks, where men with heavy guns stood blocking the path. "No word yet on what these masked men want or what they will do. Authorities advise that everyone stay in doors…"

"My God…it's begun." Sheik whispered. He grabbed Link's arm and shook it. "Link, you need to get out of here, go and find Zelda and get out of town." He said.

Link gave Sheik a shocked look. "What? No, I'm not just going to leave you here! Besides I don't even know what I'm supposed to do - i'm just a kid!"

Shiek shook his head. "You're more than just some kid, Link, even I could have told you that."

Link said nothing but continued to stare at Sheik with intense shock written across his face. "You're the most courageous teenager I've ever met." Sheik said a laugh. "You've already helped save her once, I know you can do it again…"

"Why are you saying this to me?" Link nearly shouted. "Not too long ago you were the one who was telling me to stay out because I was just an innocent civilian, and now you're telling me to go after Zelda?" Link exclaimed heatedly.

"I know this is all confusing, but we don't have much time, Link. Something very bad is about to happen and you two need to get out of here - I don't trust Sylvia." He explained.

Link opened his mouth to speak but Sheik cut him off. "I know she's your real mother, Link, but you have to understand that you don't know her - and I know her types."

"Even if I believed you , how do you expect me to find Zelda when Sylvia took the only tracking device?" Link asked.

"Give me you phone." Sheik suddenly said."

Link raised an eyebrow. "My phone, what for?"

"Just give it to me!" Sheik said urgently.

Link shrugged and pulled out his phone, unlocked it and handed it to Sheik. "What are you doing?" Link asked curiously.

"I'm downloading an app that will mirror my phone's tracking system to your phone - you'll know exactly where to find Zelda." Sheik explained.

"Hold on, what about you?" Link asked as Sheik handed his phone back.

"I told you, don't worry about me. I'll find a way out, you can be sure of that." Sheik said with a slight grin. Link stood rooted to the spot, unable to process what was going on. "Link!" Sheik yelled, snapping him out of his trance. "You need to get out of here, now!" He yelled.

Link clenched his teeth and the phone in his hand. "Okay, fine, but I'm coming back for you!" He said as he bolted out the room, stopping only once outside of a separate room in the hallway, where various guns, ammunition and armor could be seen through the small glass window. Link hesitated for a moment before grabbing the door handle and entering the makeshift armory.

[Hylia Dam]


According to the GPS tracking in Sheik's phone, she was getting closer. Hylia Dam was only a few miles ahead but something told Sylvia that wasn't Zelda's destination. Sure enough when Sylvia got closer and closer to the Dam, Zelda's tracker passed it and continued down the road before taking a left turn down and road that ran parallel with Hylia Bay.

What is she up to?" Sylvia wondered as she sped down the road in her car.


"We should be there any minute now." Walter said as he drove down a narrow road.

Zelda looked out the window but there wasn't much to see as it was relatively dark outside now, however faint outlines of large warehouses could be seen on either side of the road as they continued onward. They must have been a mile or two outside of Hyrule now. The whole area looked abandoned and destroyed, and the smell of fished filled the air. "Ugh," Zelda groaned, "smells like dead fish…" She said, feeling as though she wanted to retch.

"This was once an old port for shipments that didn't need to go directly into Hyrule, but its other regions." Walter explained. "But political issues forced the port to be closed down, and that was when Hylia Port was built along with the Northside Pier - Ah, this should be it!" He suddenly said, slowing the vehicle down.

The two got out and looked around at the empty area. "Are you sure this is it? It doesn't look like anyone's here…" Zelda pointed out, sounding worried.

"I doubt anyone even remembers this place exists." Walter said. "But this is the place, I'm sure of it, your uncle must be around here somewhere…" He said, looking around.

"Let's just get off the road, those men could show up at any moment - " Zelda began before getting cut off.

"You're damn right they could!" A man growled behind them.

Zelda and Walter spun around to see a man standing several feet from them wearing heavy combat gear and a terrifying skull mask over his face. "You've been a real pain in my ass, little girl." The man growled as he walked forward.

"Zelda, stay back." Walter advised as he blocked her with his body. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave, sir!" Water yelled at the approaching man.

Gal chuckled and continued to approach the two. "I don't think so, little man! Give me the girl, and I'll let you live." He said.

"And what's to stop you from killing me anyway?" Walter yelled back. "You're just a low-life thug who thinks he can kidnap innocent girls and take what's theirs!"

"Walter don't, that man - " Zelda tried to warn.

"Just stay back!" Walter yelled at her.

"You're a smart man." Gal said with a laugh. "So I'll make this easy for you…" He pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Walter. "I'm going to count to three, and if you don't hand her over I'm going to kill you, understand?"

Walter didn't say anything, but the look of worry and concern that flooded his face was more than enough to understand what he was thinking.

"One…" Gal began.

"Walter, it's okay. I'll go with him!" Zelda said.

"Are you insane, Zelda! Do you know what these men would do to you if I did that!" Walter said.


"But you'll die!" Zelda pleaded, her eyes were starting to turn red.

"I made a promise to your father to bring you to your uncle, and to safety, and if that means losing my life then I would gladly give my life to protect you!" Walter exclaimed.

"Three…" Gal grinned and was just about to pull the trigger when the sound of tires screeching down a road rang out. Everyone looked back down the road to see a car speeding right for them. Gal grit his teeth and fired straight at the car, which didn't swerve to avoid the bullets. He hit the car a few times in the windshield, but it didn't shatter.

The car was now only a few feet from them and Gal tried to jump out of the way, however the car suddenly turned on its side while still traveling forward. The rear end managed to hit Gal and sent him flying several feet away.

Zelda and Walter stood frozen to the ground as they stared at their mysterious savior. Zelda swallowed hard and began to walk around Walter, towards the car.

"Zelda - wait!" Walter began, but suddenly the door opened…


She got out of the car and looked directly at Zelda. "Zelda, are you alright?"

Zelda nodded as she stepped away from Walter and towards Sylvia. "Yes, thank you." She said kindly.

"Zelda...do you know this woman?" Walter asked with a somewhat shaky voice.

"This is Link's mother - his real mother." Zelda said with a half smile.

"We don't have time for introduction's, Link is waiting for you." Sylvia replied.

Zelda's eyes widened. "You know where Link is?!" She gasped. "Is he alright - "

"He's fine but we need to hurry." Sylvia cut her off. They really did need to hurry, that blow wouldn't keep Gal down for long.

"You don't understand, my Uncle is here to help me we just need to find him." Zelda explained as she began to look around.

"You uncle?" Sylvia repeated. "Zelda, we don't have time to wait for your Uncle, this city - " There was a loud explosion and they all looked back to see large clouds of smoke and fire billow upwards into the sky.

Almost instantly the water of Lake Hylia that was flowing in the direction of Hyrule began to speed up. "We're too late!" Sylvia yelled. She wanted to hit something really hard, unfortunately that wouldn't do her any good. I'm sorry, but we can't wait for your uncle." Sylvia said as she started to get back into her car. But before she could a bullet struck her in the back and cleanly out the front through her abdomen.


Zelda screamed as she watched Link's mother stumble as a gunshot rang out. Fear shot through her body as Gal rose to his feet. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment." He grunted sinisterly at Sylvia. "Unfortunately you'll have to wait, I have orders…" Gal said as he turned to Zelda and Walter, aiming his gun at them. "You heard that explosion!" He yelled at the two. "Hyrule will finally be cleansed and a new, better city will be built in its place. My city!" He said with a grin.

"You'll never get away with it." Walter said sternly as beads of sweat rolled down his face. "You and whomever you work for - you're all the same, just like any other criminal. All you care about is destruction and power!" He spat.

Gal shook his head, and then without warning, shot Walter in the chest. Walter fell to the ground, blood covering his shirt. "Walter!" Zelda screamed as she fell to this side. "Walter~." She cried. Blood covered her hands and parts of her clothes as she tried to stop Walter for losing anymore blood, but before do anything more she was suddenly pulled up by her hair by Gal.

"Time to go, kid." Gal said emotionlessly.

Zelda tried to struggle and even swung a few punches at the man, but to no avail. Gal chuckled and pulled Zelda' hair harder. "You've got some guts, kids, I like that. Majora said he wanted you alive, however he wasn't too specific on how alive you were." He bent his head and angled his mouth to Zelda's ear. His breath was hot, and it washed over the side of her face like smoke against a glass window. "So you see, a person with no hands is still alive…"

Zelda's eyes widened and she struggled less and less. "Good - "

"Let her go, Gal!" Sylvia yelled as she stood up from behind the car. She was pointing a gun at Gal in one hand, while her other was currently over her abdominal wound.

Gal cocked his head back and laughed loudly. "You're a lot tougher than I thought -"

"You know as much as I do that it's going to take more that a minor trifle like this affect me." Sylvia retorted. "Let her go, and I may be inclined to let you live." She said threateningly.

Gals smirk faded and was replaced with a look of anger. "You just don't know when to quit, do you?" He asked before whistling loudly. Two men appeared behind Sylvia from out of the darkness and two more appeared behind Gal, all wielding automatic rifles or pistols. Gal motioned to the ground then. "Drop it." He ordered.

Sylvia clenched her teeth but soon complied, dropping her gun and raising her hands in surrender. "Good." Gal said with a smile. "No, if you'll excuse me, I've got a city to build." He said with a smile as he raised his pistol and aimed at her head, but before he could get a shot off something clanked against the ground and then there was a loud explosion as smoke billowed in the immediate area.


"What the - " Gal grunted.

In the ensuing confusion, Sylvia quickly spun around and took out the two men behind her in quick succession before grabbing one of their guns and aiming for the other two men. Firing multiple times, she was able to hit one of them, but the other managed to slip behind one of the many warehouses that littered the area. The other slipped behind one of the many warehouses that littered the area.

More gunshots suddenly rang out and Gal screamed. "ARRGGG! Find her!" He yelled.

"It's over Gal, give it up!" Sylvia yelled, pointing her gun at him.

Gal spun around and fired his gun at her. Sylvia quickly rolled over the hood of her car and ducked behind it for cover as Gal continued to fire. SHe stuck her head out a few time to try and get some shots off, but Gal was impressively accurate. He shot her once more in her upper left chest region and Sylvia cried in pain as she fell over.

Gal chuckled and reloaded his gun. "I'm going to enjoy this…" He said, licking his lips. Just as Gal's finger fell on the trigger, another gunshot rang out and hit Gal through the back.

"That's for my friend!" Someone yelled.

Sylvia crawled away from the car to take a look at who just saved her life, and her jaw nearly dropped. "Link?! What the hell are you doing here?"

Link appeared out of the dissipating smoke wearing a bulletproof jacket and various guns and weapons strapped to him. He quickly ran over to her and dropped by her side. "I wasn't about to just stay behind." He said. "Besides, Sheik said it was better for me to get out of here - what's going on? I saw on the news that the city was closed off…?"

Sylvia was taking in heavy breaths now. "I'm surprised you were able to make it here considering…" She said weakly.

Link raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"Link...Hyrule's been flooded. They blew up the dam…" She explained.

Link's eyes widened. "What the hell?"

"We need to get out of here, now!" She said while reaching into her pocket. "Here, you need to drive…" She said, thrusting a set of keys into Links hand.

Link looked flabbergasted. "Hold on, where's Zelda?" He asked, looking around frantically.

"I don't know." Sylvia said. "She was just here, and then a someone threw a smoke bomb...or something?" She muttered, averting her eyes.

"'or something'?" Link repeated. "What the hell does that mean?"

"She's gone, alright. I don't know where...I couldn't see properly." She said, sounding more and more weak. She noticed Link's worried look as he looked around the vicinity for any signs of Zelda.

"What about tracker?" Link asked suddenly as he pulled out his phone. He was shocked to find that the green dot that indicated Zelda was no longer there. "She's gone…" Link gasped, looking at Sylvia.

"I'm sorry, Link, I tried to get her out of here but she insisted on staying. Something about her uncle…Link we need to leave, now…" Sylvia said as her eyelids began to droop.

"Where should we go?" Link asked as he helped Sylvia up and into the passenger seat.

"We can't go back into the city." Sylvia exclaimed as she slumped into the seat. Link shut the door gently and hopped into the driver side.

"Then where?" Link asked as he started the car.

"Termina…" Sylvia breathed.

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