Title: Crimson Moon

Summary: Prequel to 'Actually, its love not hates'. Roppi is an assassin. A well talented one. Nobody had questioning his ability on killing; his killing methods, skills, corpse and evidence disposal etc. is absolutely almost perfect. He been rumoured as the most cruel and cold-hearted assassin, the reason; he hate human. One day, he was assign to kill a young businessman, Heiwajima Tsugaru. Roppi don't give a damn care about who his prey is and just kill anybody that was assign to without hesitation. Underestimated, this one prey had already notice his existence and set a trap for him. Fall for the trap, Roppi almost giving up his life until he was rescued. By a timid boy who had mistaken him as an angel and will change his life forever from this sickening rotten world.

Chapter 2: Scarlet's Moonlight


That's what been read at the name board at the front gate. Roppi had stood in front of the huge Japanese old-styled residence and stare intensely at the house from the dark alley nearby. He had pulled out his cell phone to check out the time which shows 12 p.m. now and waited patiently for the perfect time or rather his victim to show. He had been there for two hours straight and keeps an eye for his prey to come out soon. It's rather surprising but Roppi does have lots of patient and he rarely snapped or let his anger get the best of him no matter how much pissed he felt. But when he was dealing with Izaya, he sometimes just can't deal with his anger well. That probably shows of how much he hates his dear cousin.

Just as expected, an expensive black car had strolled in to the area and stopped at the front of the residence. From inside of the car, come out the man that Roppi had been waiting for; Heiwajima Tsugaru. The said man was wearing a blue shirt inside of his white suit match with white tie and white trousers too aside from his normal kimono. He looks like was just come back from some business trip or urgent meeting till this late of night. None of that in Roppi's concern at all as what he's been aiming for is to finish his own business as fast as he could. Tsugaru had gone in to the residence meanwhile Roppi had been readying himself to sneak into the house.

Most assassins will avoid killing their victim in their own safety like at home or work place as this place had most security and the chances of being caught was high too. But it's always different when it comes to Roppi. He preferred to kill his prey on their comfort zone rather than killing them in public. Since he becomes an assassin for his own sick enjoyment rather than money like most assassins, he likes to have some sort of challenge while killing. If Izaya loves to ruin others life into miserable state for his own enjoyment and loves for human, he's on the other hand loves to kill people for his own twisted craving and his hate for human. Sometimes, he noticed how similar he was with his hateful cousin from day to day 'till there's barely any difference left. The thought of that brings shiver to Roppi. So he shrugged off the thought and focusing on his work for now. He can worry about that later on.

After making sure he had all of his needed equipment, Roppi making his way to the residence. Not from the front gate of course, rather he jump to the rooftop using the neighbour roof as the base. He had climbed the neighbour rooftop with ease and jump to the residence rooftop. He landed softly on his feet without drawing the attention of the guard who had been around the residence. He was quite skilful in parkour and it's always come in use in time like this come around. The residence was really quiet maybe due to the time as it was past midnight already. Roppi pulled out his cell phone and the time shows 1.05 a.m. From the time, he concluded that Tsugaru had gone to sleep already. The lighting around the residence was also dim and dark in some area, just the right lighting for him to freely sneak in and out or hide from being caught off. His clothing which was mostly black from head to toe except for some red fur line on his jacket which he wear normally for tonight rather than tighten it around his waist also gives him lots of advantages to blend in with the darkness. That's why he prefer dark coloured clothes and doing his job at night time rather than day time as it is more easier to hide and come in contact with the prey.

He had done some research on where was Heiwajima Tsugaru's bedroom was earlier and went there first. Based on Roppi's information, the residence normally don't have lots of people live there; mostly there will only be for Tsugaru, his younger brother, few maid but the Heiwajima's lately had been hiring just a single maid and few guard on night time. This somehow gives a lot of upper hand for him as there will be fewer obstacles for him. He had avoid some guard who had been doing their duty and hide in the shadow before arriving at the master bedroom where Tsugaru was without much difficulty. Even if there was lot of guard or security facilities near the bedroom like most of his previous victim, in the bedroom itself, there's barely anything which is why it is more likely to be the nice place for being killed off.

Roppi step quietly into the bedroom which is in Japanese styled bedroom and carefully slide the paper door open not before unlocked it as quickly as he could. After he had safely in the bedroom and slide the door closed back, slowly he walks nearing his victim without any sound of his footsteps. A skill that he had master a long time ago; mostly to avoid from being notice and be the cause of commotion or draw out attention. It's really helpful when he comes in contact with his victim too without much suspicious. Even if they do notice, it's always been too late for that. He smirked when he inspect that Tsugaru seems to be sleeping peacefully and do not notice his approaching.

Slowly, Roppi draw out a knife hidden in his sleeve all the time. He barely use any other weapon besides knife, on some occasion he will use wire or gun that had been equip with silencer of course. He doesn't like to draw too much attention when he's killing like scream or gun noise. It's rather bothersome and will be harder to dispose evidence if he had to kill in some public area like back alley or hotel. Carefully, he sat on his knee near Tsugaru and draws the knife near the Tsugaru's throat. Roppi seems to be more likely to slaughter his victim on their throat with knife as it was more quickly way to kill and less noise made. This method of killing needs a lot of skill to be done precisely but it was nothing for Roppi. Barely had he missed the correct veins to cut off as if he remembers where they were located with ease. This time too will end as quickly as just one slash just like the rest of his other job.

Or so that was what he was expected to be happen.

"You are quite skillful for an assassin of the age as young as yours,"

Shock was definitely shown in Roppi's face right now or maybe some features of disbelief too. His hand which was holding the knife earlier now was being gripped with iron-like grip by none other hand; by Tsugaru's hand. Tsugaru had his back faced Roppi right now and Roppi was making sure that Tsugaru didn't had a glance of his face. Its better that way if he wants to escape without being tracked down by police or anything remotely similar. But before worrying that, he better thinking of escaping from his obvious failed attempt of assassination. He was still stunned from being caught for the first time in three years of his career in assassination. Maybe all the success in all of his time was making him careless and pays less attention to not underestimate his victim. Well, all of the regret was too late now.

"A-ah" gasped Roppi when Tsugaru had press a pressure point on his wrist hardly and cause him to drop the knife he was holding. The knife fall softly on the mattress Tsugaru had been sleeping. Tsugaru then wake up from lying down, still with his back on Roppi and gripping Roppi's wrist, his right wrist. Luckily, his dominant hand which is his left hand was free and he quickly pulled the hood of his jacket and some piece of clothing that he wear around his neck to cover his face leaving only his eyes visible. Searching in his jacket, he draws out a throwing knife and throws it at Tsugaru. Tsugaru who had turned around to face Roppi had caught the knife between his fingers with ease. Tsugaru had release Roppi's wrist when he caught the knife and quickly, Roppi step back from Tsugaru. Not even a blink, all the door on four directions was slide open and surrounded with guards.

'Shit, he know about my coming and prepared well' grimaced Roppi at the thought. Before any of the man began step inside, Roppi had throws more knives at the man on east exit which is on his back. Shocked to the sudden attack, the men had dodged the knives and create an escaping route for Roppi to quickly sneak out as fast as he could. He run past the garden located at the centre of the residence and without any thought, run through the room opposites Tsugaru's bedroom. Roppi had memorized the blue prints of the Heiwajima's Residence and now had to find the fastest escaping route he can find from his current situation. He had planned the escaping route for him after he had finished the job but since the task had been failed, Roppi had lost his only option he had considered so far. He never planned as far as escaping if he had failed and he totally on his lost right now.

Roppi had managed to hide as soon as all the guard had been surrounding each corner of the residence in search for him. 'Since when did the guards had been this many all of sudden?! Where did they come from?!' panicking Roppi. Now the chance of him to be escape was almost reach to zero. He knows sooner or later, his hiding will be discovered and he'll be captured in no time. It's not a problem for him to fight and kill several more man in order to escape but the option was already been discarded as there are too many men! He maybe strong but to be able to fight that many men on one time was beyond his ability. He had never fought with more than ten men at one time before and he's not going to test that now. It was way too risky. It's always been his style to sneak out from the scene quietly and let people notice his masterpiece afterward. 'Looks like I've been too confident with my killing skill and overlook any possibility of failure' thought Roppi inwardly.

'But it's too early to give up now. I just need to do whatever it takes to get out of here safe and sound. I can deal with my failure later on'. Carefully, Roppi had peek from his hiding spot near a spare room he thought to look for any chances of changing spot. Being in same place for too long is too dangerous as he will be easily found. Finding a slight chance, Roppi quickly escape quietly to another hiding spot. His plan for now is to get near to the edge of the residence so he could escape. He can deal with the roof and the fences well and the only problem is to get to the edge as soon as possible. It'll be a little harder than he originally thought as there are guards everywhere he looks.

'From where I am right now, there are still long way till I'll be able to reach the edge. Just need to be extra careful not to slip at the very wrong time. Just one more mistake and it'll be over before I know it' thought Roppi. Roppi may look calm and cool but he was clearly scared to death at the moment. If he wants to be honest himself, he was freaking out the moment he was caught by Tsugaru. If he not being able to get on his sense and recover in record time, he'll be toast for sure. Everything then went smoothly like he was plan so far. He had managed to progress from step by step to reach his goal now.

He just prayed; something he's not been doing in years before that nothing will happens and interrupts just now. But how lucky he was, his luck was always on the best side of bad luck if he remember clearly in all this years. When he was trying to slip from a guard on a corner, however there was another guard who was coincidently make a turn at the very same corner and notice him.

"Hey, you!" called the guard. The call is more than enough to alert the guard that Roppi had been tried to escape before. He quickly turns to the source of voice and saw Roppi. Surprised that he was discovered more quickly that he originally thought, without hesitation Roppi launch himself to the nearest guard and slay his neck. He then throws few knives at the guard who had called him as soon he finished killing the other. One knife stab on the arm, one on his heart while another one, stab directly on his throat and result to an instant death.

'Shit, damn it. I hope the call didn't alert the others about me. Now, I need to get going faster' the scene of two dead bodies laying there will be enough to tell who did it. It'll be in no time before others found them and alert about his where being already. He keeps on edging to the edge of the residence as soon as possible. This was probably his worst day ever. After he managed to escape from here, he'll be making sure to prepare extra plan especially for escaping if it's happen any failure in his future task. He'll be sure to concentrate more on that matter next time.

"Bang!" a gunshot was heard. Roppi's eyes widen incredulously at the sudden sound and at the same time feels a sharp pain on his right arm. He quickly turns to the source of noise and throws a knife with his left arm. The knife land directly on the throat of the guard and die on spot. He was too deep in his thought and didn't notice the approaching. A hiss of pain escaped Roppi's lips as he inspects the wound on his upper arm that he received from the gunshot. He can't be so sure whether the wound was as bad as he thought or just barely miss from the darkness. Quickly, he reached for his face cover and wrapped it around his wound to prevent further bleeding. He knows that was useless but he can tend his wound later. For now, he just wishes his luck will not be further on continuing its bad luck. But well, his luck love to draw out the worst of him anyway.

The door behind Roppi was suddenly slide open. Roppi who was too busy with his new wound was stunned from the sound. Roppi had the feeling of giving up already from his newest situation. With his wound that had been throbbing more and more for the time being and his slow reaction, there'll be no way he's going to escape safely. Plus, the bleeding made him losing far too much blood for him since he had anaemia. He was even feel that the dizziness was starting to take over him from the lost of blood. The thought of giving up was always been in his dictionary of life for years. If he could remember clearly, he's always been giving up on almost everything he's been doing in his entire life.

Giving up on his mother, giving up on trusting others, giving up on loving others, giving up on his own life, giving up from being rescued by others either. He's always run from reality and said to others that he hate human. 'Maybe the one who I truly hate the most was probably me myself' Roppi had a small smile creep on his face at the thought. He probably right about that one for once. Suddenly, he remembers Hibiya; his brother or his half-brother to be exact.

Hibiya was always to be the person who wants to be in contact with him in all this years. He also the one who trying to rescue Roppi from his twisted made of mind and 'problem'. He never given up on Roppi and always tried his best to rescue him. But all that Roppi had paid for his good deeds was nothing and brought all of his effort into complete waste. The sudden invitation to spend time together on earlier day was definitely a solid proof for it. Roppi wonder if Hibiya had some sort of instinct to tell whether something will be going wrong to him. He always did come out of blue when there's some problem occurs. 'I wonder if Hibiya-nii will be upset if he found out I'm an assassin? Will he mourn for my death if I die here? Will he be worried if I'm not answering for any of his call anymore?' Roppi thought silently.

Slowly, he turned his back to face his capturer. He knows that the moment he turned there will be no turning back. His face was not even covered anymore. What he had expected was to meet Tsugaru's face or one of the guards but instead of one he was met with a pair of beautiful glowing scarlet's irises. The one Roppi was faced right now was no other than a teenage boy with a blonde hair with smaller built than him. Roppi may be not having some muscle built but he had enough muscle to be called fit for man on his twenties and had tall figure. Among his cousins and family, Roppi was the tallest. He evens tall for an average man on his age. This boy was height just above his shoulder if he's compare. Roppi was expected a gasp escape from this boy mouth and demanded who he was but instead this boy just stare at him. He was more than ready to be caught already. Due to the blood lost, only a matter of time before he collapsed. Blame that for his sickness he had since childhood and his 'healthy' lifestyle.

"A-ah," gasped Roppi when the boy had roughly dragged him into the room. Due to the sudden movement, the wound on his right arm seem to be oozing out more blood than earlier. A hiss of pain had escape from Roppi throat. 'Shit, I think the wound had been open up more'. The boy make him laid on his back on a mattress which he believe was the boy's mattress he had been sleeping before. He'd feeling more dizzy from the blood lost and his eyes was slowly becomes more heavy. He could hear the boy had been talking to someone, sounds like a male voice so it's probably the guard he guesses. He could not make out what they had been talking and his vision was becoming more blurry too. The last image he managed to capture before he passed out was the boy's blurry face and the full moon shine beautifully behind him. The scarlet irises of him match perfectly with the moonlight and without any thought, Roppi had murmured softly but enough to be heard.


A/N: If the story is confusing, I'm sorry. I write the story while I'm rushing to finish all my college assignment. I got the idea and feeling to write so I write on spot. Give your comment on this if you had one. I'll appreciate it.