Title: Crimson Moon

Summary: Prequel to 'Actually, its love not hates'. Roppi is an assassin. A well talented one. Nobody had questioning his ability on killing; his killing methods, skills, corpse and evidence disposal etc. is absolutely almost perfect. He been rumoured as the most cruel and cold-hearted assassin, the reason; he hate human. One day, he was assign to kill a young businessman, Heiwajima Tsugaru. Roppi don't give a damn care about who his prey is and just kill anybody that was assign to without hesitation. Underestimated, this one prey had already notice his existence and set a trap for him. Fall for the trap, Roppi almost giving up his life until he was rescued. By a timid boy who had mistaken him as an angel and will change his life forever from this sickening rotten world.

Chapter 3: Angel with Crimson's Irises



I gasped aloud and cause me to regains consciousness from my sleep. My breaths had becomes shorter and fast too. Slowly, I lift my hand to feel my cheek and guess what? Its feels hot. It's mean I'm blushing in what so ever dream I had in my sleep. I'm sure it's not wet dream considering I'm not feeling anything throbbing or dampened in my lower half . It's normal in someone of my age but I'm still feeling embarrasses about it. I know it was morning already from the sunlight that beamed in my room from the window nearby. I hate it when I woke up to find sunlight burning my eyes first thing in the morning. I much prefer to wake up early in the morning when it's still dawn and the sunlight was not as bright as this. The air feels much fresher in dawn and I had a lot of time to prepare myself for the day. I don't like to rush up as I'm easy to had panic attack and make a fool of myself easily.

Held one of my arms to protect my eyes from the burning sensation, I reach for my glasses with my other hand. Able to see more clearly through the glass, I read the time in my alarm clock it was near afternoon already. It's not like me to wake up so late even in weekends or school off. Today is Monday but my school had a day off due to renovation. I wonder why they would need to renovate the school in this time of years. Something like that had never bothers me so I just shrugged it off as nothing burden. Stretching my arm in cat like move, I turned my head to my side and froze instantly. There is something or I supposed someone extra within my room. 'T-There is another man in my room and h-he's sleeping next to me!'

The man was sleeping peacefully on my mattress with bare top and that's where I realized that we were sleeping together. Immediately I shrugged off any un-innocent thought that had crossed my mind that time even I know my face was definitely hot right now. 'How did this man end up in bed with me?' I try to remember the night before while inspecting the still sleeping man next to me. Then I noticed that he had his left arm wrapped in bandage and there are blood smeared it. I flinched when I heard he groan in pain. I felt a pang of sympathy for him but the fact I don't know him had frustrated me to no end. 'Why on earth did I let a man that I don't know myself into my room and sleeping next to me?!' Looking one more glance at the man, I began to wonder where he got the wound. Then, a realization shot me.

'OH-MY-GOD! This man…last night…he…he was the one in front of my room. T-that wound…it-it's gunshot!' To think I was panic was an understatement; I was hysteric to be precise! How on earth a normal person does would at any chance dragged a potential murderer into their room?! And guess what, I did. Congratulations myself, I feel so proud of your successful way of digging your own grave. The memory of yesterday began to flow into my mind.

After dinner, I went to my room and reading a novel that Tsugaru had bought for me the day before. Tsugaru is my step brother and my current guardian. My parents died in plane crash landing when they went for their twelfth wedding anniversary. I was eleven at that time. Okay, just leave the nostalgic part and get on with the story that I was supposed to memorize right now. Yes, after dinner I went to my room and read the novel. I finish reading the novel almost exactly the time when I heard that Tsugaru had back from his business trip. I saw my clock read 12.15 a.m. and decided to go to bed already.

I tried to sleep but no matter how hard I try, I just won't fall asleep. I keep tossing in my bed a few more times before giving up. Considering that I can't seem to be sleepy at all, I decided to continue reading with another new novel that I had bought one day. I'll read it 'till I fall asleep or 'till I finish it. The novel was interesting and good if I say so myself. I love to read almost every kind of genre available but my most preferred was mystery, action and horror. I'm not a person who love horror and gore thing with all the blood and violence in a movie but I can tolerate when it come in reading material. It'll be more interesting if there is a piece of romance to spice up the story. Too romantic story will give me goose bump and shiver to my spine every time I read one so I mostly avoid reading one.

I remember my first time reading a yaoi novel before. It was an accident to say. I was curious with the new terms and decided to try reading one when I heard a bunch of girls in my school talk about it. I remember the shopkeeper had asked whether I had bought the right book before allowing me to pay for the book I ask. I choose the same title the girls had been talking about since they had been so enthusiastic. I also remember that the shopkeeper keep glancing my way when I'm strolling out of the store. I swear I could feel his stare on my ass. Guess what, innocently I read the novel 'till finish. That was the hardest time I had when reading. Whenever I remembered about it, I still wonder how did I able to finish reading the novel to the end of its word.

The story was filled up with mostly rated R stuff in it. I never read anything about sex that much details before. To be honest, I had a wet dream after finishing the novel. It was embarrassing to say and I never let anybody know about it. To have a wet dream after reading erotic novel was normal but having one after reading an erotic homosexual novel was not normal! Luckily, I don't easily blush whenever there's another guy coming near me or me feeling unwanted reaction from a guy. That's mean I'm not completely interested in having sexual relationship with guy. But I'm always wary if there is something odd about certain guy towards me and avoided it at any cost.

The novel that I'm reading right now is not yaoi genre, that for sure. That novel was my first and my last yaoi ever. I put that novel at the furthest back at my book shelf. I can't bring myself to throw it away so I put it far, far away from me. Okay, back to the novel I'm reading; it was a mystery novel with some romance in it. The story was about an assassin who was rescued by a girl. Even thought she knew already that the man is an assassin, she can't bring herself to let the man with his wound and decided to nurse him. As thanks, the assassin promised to not continue the contract to kill the girl's family and leave. I was mesmerize by the storyline that full of suspends, mystery and action in it. That was the best novel I read so far.

Around 3.00 a.m. or so, I was shocked with a gunshot. I mean a gunshot in this time early in the morning doesn't make sense at all. I thought, it was my imagination as I was too enthusiastic in reading the mystery-action novel right now and my imagination was probably playing trick on me. But when I heard another noise following after like some sort of body falling on a wooden floor, I know I wasn't just hearing things. Slowly, I make my way to the door and slide it a bit. My room is a Japanese styled bedroom so I had sliding door rather than the normal door where you swing to open it.

From the small portion of space I open with my door, I peek that there is an individual standing in front of my room. His back was facing me so I can't see his face. I had become wary on why would that man in front of my room and I know he was not one of the guards that Tsugaru had hired to guard the house. The guards always wore a black suit like a yakuza rather than normal guard's uniform like most guards. Sometimes I wonder if Tsugaru had any connection with underground world. Back to the man, he was wearing a jacket with fur-trimmed at the end and was clutching his arm.

My eyes trails over his arm and saw a pool of blood (its dark but I'm sure it's blood. What else that flow from body when wounded) dripped from his arm. Instinct, I slide the door open in fast move and produce loud creaking noise. He flinched from sound and took a long time before spin to face me. My next respond was comical to say. I was momentarily stunned from the scenery in front of my eyes. The man, I'm sure he was an adult, around twenties I think but never had I met such a handsome man before. His short raven hair shine beautifully like silk under the moonlight, creamy pale skin match up with crimson irises that glow dimly in melancholic shine.

I know what I did later but the reason why I did it was still a mystery for me. Unconsciously, I dragged the man into my room. I heard he gasped in pain from my sudden grab. When I look back at him, I saw that the wound on his arm had been oozing out more blood from earlier. Looks like I had made his wound open up more from my clumsiness. I laid him on my mattress and took off his clothes to inspect his wound. I remember later on that the gunshot probably be heard by the guards and went out of the room. Like I guess, there are several of guards coming towards my direction.

"Tsuki-sama, are you alright? We heard a gunshot near your room. Did you saw someone suspicious?" asked one of the guards. The other two was inspecting the dead body I supposed lying not far from my room. I didn't notice that body lying there a minute ago. Maybe, I was too occupied with the man in my room at that time.

"N-no, no one. I don't see anyone. I just woke up from the noise. W-what happening?" lied me. I don't know why I'm tried to hide the unknown man.

"Please don't be panic but there is an assassin in the house. He was trying to kill your brother, Tsugaru-sama just a moment ago. Luckily, Tsugaru-sama had anticipated his coming and we were almost got to catch him but he's escape. Based on this," the guard pointed at the dead body of his companion. "Looks like he was able to escape again. He had killed several more of our man. Looks like an attempt to escape. If you are unharmed, then please just sleep, Tsuki-sama. We'll handle this pest so don't worry," assured him. I just smile weakly and nodded to him as to show that I'm clear from his statement before went back to my 'safe' room.

And here I am with the assassin that I had just rescued in my room, alone. I gulped and weighing on what I need to do next with the injured assassin. When I glance at him, I saw he's staring at me with emotionless expression on his face. It sends shiver to my spine went he's staring at me with such intensity. I just hope he don't suddenly pounce at me and make me hostage or stab me like the guards. But what he did later was definitely caught me off guard.

"Tsuki" muttered him before past out. I went silent after that. I blinked several times in disbelief. 'H-he called my name isn't it?' Slowly, I crawl to him to inspect whether he was still conscious or not. Looks like he had fall asleep and slowly I raised my hand to feel my cheek. I had an urge to bang my head to the nearest wall as my cheek feels hot. It's mean I'm blushing when the assassin call for my name. I'm not sure whether he calls me or just babbling. I turned to my back and saw the full moon shone brightly from my window. 'He probably talks about the moon'. I can't believe I'm blushing for an assassin that just a moment ago tried to kill Tsugaru.

I had nursed his wound with first aid kit stored in my room. I had one since I'll always ended up wounded myself and other reasons. His wound was not as deep as I expected and so are the bullet. I'd patched up the wound and bandaged it skilfully since, I'm used in nursing such kind of wound before at my school whenever the kids had some fights among them. They pay me for tending their wound, it's not much but I feel good doing such thing for them. I'm wishes to be a doctor when finishing my study after all.

End of the flashback, I was trembling heavily from remembering the event. I can't remember when did I fall asleep but to think I can casually sleep next to an assassin I began to question my sanity. I glance one more times to him. He was still sleeping peacefully on my mattress. 'He's kind of cute when sleeping. I can't argue that he was definitely handsome. I thought assassin was someone with scary looking face that can drive child to the verge of crying' I keep on inspecting his calm face and didn't realise that my door was slide open.


Hearing my name, I froze instantly on my seat. Reluctantly, I lift my head to see the caller. Sakuraya, the maid who works in the house had look at me and then the man in disbelief. I forgot that Sakuraya usually came to my room either to call me for meal or when Tsugaru want to meet me. He blinked a few times in disbelief while I've fidgeting on how to explain the situation to him. He slides the door close and come to me. Kneeling next to me and he holds my hands. I was curious on what he want to do next.

"Tsuki-sama, don't worry. I won't tell Tsugaru-sama about this man. I don't think he want to know that his dearest little brother had become an adult and had a relationship with a man. I'm so happy for you that you had found someone special," said Sakuraya with his eyes gleaming brightly with hope and happiness. It took me a while to process his words before I manage to digest each words his pronounced.

"W-what?! N-no! Y-you made a mistake! I-it not like what you think," stuttered me. 'How come he jumps into that conclusion?'

"It's okay. I'll leave you two alone now. Want me to bring the lunch for two? Tsugaru-sama had gone to work already so there's nothing for you to afraid of," Sakuraya had leaved the room instantly after saying that, leaving me dumbfounded. 'I think its okay that way I supposed. If I told him the man is the assassin that trying to kill Tsugaru, he maybe had panic attack and fainted. That's not a reaction I wanted to. Since he won't tell anyone, I think everything is under control for…' When I glance to the sleeping man, I saw he had awake and looking at me. '…now?'

I was stunned when he stares at me. We were so close to each other and look directly at each other's eyes too. His eyes later had trail over to the entire room to identify his surroundings. After inspecting his surrounding, he began to move and lift his body from laying position. Involuntarily, I flinched when he's moving. A hiss of pain escaped his lips when he trying to sit up.

"You're wound will open up if you move too much. It's better if you lay down for now," commanded me. I take a look at the wounded arm and noticed that the bandaged was soaked with blood and need to be changed. The fact that he is an assassin was not my priority anymore as he was badly wounded that catches my attention right now. He looks at me with unreadable expression before handing me his arm to nurse it.

"Why don't you hand me to the guard?" ask him suddenly. Its surprise me when he suddenly speak. His voice was deep and husky. A voice of an adult man was really different from teenage boy's voice. It took me a while to respond for his question since I don't know either why I hide him rather than handing him to the guards. It's confused me greatly actually.

"Why?" ask him again.

"Um..Um…I…I…," 'I can't think of anything even to lie to him!'

"Yes?" Patiently, he waits for my answer. Its make me wonder if this person is really an assassin. He seems too nice to be one. I thought he would threat me or anything similar but he just asks me nicely. He titled his head a bit in confusion when I don't respond to his question, again. I know I'm blushing when he did that. He looks so adorable and cute acting likes that.

"Hey" call him. I shake my head to regains conscious from admiration and look at him.

"Are you okay? You're face is red," he lift his unwounded hand to touch my cheek. I blush more furious when his hand reaches me.

"You're hot," he caressed my cheek and look at me with half lidded eyes. I don't know whether he's trying to be seductive or he done it unconsciously, but my heartbeat was beating really fast.

"I-I'm fine, thank you," quickly I moved away from his hands. His expression doesn't change when I swept his hand away from me.

"You still didn't answer my question yet," remind him.

"I thought you're an angel, that's why!" the lie slips so fast from my lips. When I realize what I had said, I froze. 'W-what that hell did I said? Even kindergarten kids can lie better than me. I'm such a terrible liar. There's no way he'll buy it'

"Angel?" he stare at me in disbelief. There is an awkward silence filled the atmosphere. I was stunned from my own stupidity and just wait for his respond. After what feels like forever, he just sighed before smile weakly.

"You really had a wonderful imagination, kid. I'm no angel and I'm sure you know who I am already," tell him with a small smile craved on his face. 'Honestly, I do. It's just a silly excuse for my reason to hide you' Somehow, this situation sounds familiar to me. He keeps quiet after that leaving me to re-bandage his wound in silent.

"Thank you," muttered him. I just nodded from his thanks. It still awkward after all this. I take another look on him and realize that he was bare top. His body was well toned even if his skin was too pale for a healthy person. Realized that I had been staring his bare body for too long, I turned my head and walks to my wardrobe. I took out my shirt which is in bigger size for him to wear.

"You can wear my shirt since yours was dirtied with blood," I hand him my overly size red T-shirt to him. He takes it without any words and wears it. The T-shirt was too big for me but it fit him perfectly. Then, he sat up and search for something. I quickly assumed he was looking for his jacket and hand him. I placed it on my desk earlier.

"I leave for now. It's up to you whether you want to told them about me or not. Since you had saved me, I leave this residence for peace as repayment," said him. Rather than walk to the door, he walk to my window. The window was big enough for a person to go through but I never thought he will go out from there. When he was half way out from the window, he turned to look at me.

"When we meet again in another time and places, I would like to thank you properly next time," said him with a bright smile etched on his face before disappearing from the window. Slowly, I touch my cheek and it feels hot. I really need to bang my head to the wall to gain my sanity back. 'Why on earth does I keep blushing to him?! He's an assassin for real and he was trying to kill Tsugaru last night too!' Then, I remember something uncanny about this current situation.

"Hey, isn't this situation…like the novel that I read last night?"

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