All right, now I don't really have the specific details ready, but to let you all know- the new MAD 4 fic I promised is being worked on.

This time, instead of updating one chapter when I finished, I'm going to wait until I've written ALL of it. It's a lot more exciting story- in my opinion of course, I AM the writer XP. It also has a lot less rubbish that the old one- I just thought I'd let you all know, since the whole lot of you were upset and I received some very angry and somewhat ridiculous reviews and PM's.

But I'm not going to judge, I did lead you all on and I deserve every bit of it. If you want updates on the story, just go over to me DA page: Furattii on deviantart. There I will post both updates and art of the fanfic, in case you guys are still interested for some madly madness X3

Also, I will address questions you may have about this new fix, I will just let you all know not to use my email to contact me, there's a PM box as well as notes on DA. I will not use that email anymore so any emails you send me won't be viewed by me.

So onto questions!

1) How long will the story be?

The story may be up to 24 chapters. Some may be deleted, or I may add some, but just a few more like 1 or 2. I'm trying to make it short but still good so you all do not feel it is rushed.

2) Have some characters changed? How much?

Some characters HAVE changed. Their characteristics, their appearances, and even some of their names! But do not worry, you'll know who is who and if you don't… well just ask but you should be able to figure it out.

3) Have you "deleted" or "added" characters from the story?

Sadly I have "deleted" some characters. They didn't really add to the plot, they were just there and had no purpose whatsoever. I'm sorry to those who really liked the characters but really, if they have no purpose other than being someone's mate and have NOTHING to do with the story progressing, why should I continue to write them? Also, I made this fic specifically for VitalyXOC, and some GiaXAlex. So that's are the two main pairings I will focus on. Others may have little screen time but that is the way I intended for them to be.

4) Are there still lots of pairings? Have you "deleted" or "added" any? Why?

No, while there are pairings present, the two I will be focusing on are VitalyXOc, and AlexXGia. MartyXGabby, StefanoXCatalina, MauriceXSol, are going to be permanently deleted. Maybe in future fics, but no promises. Those other pairings I listed honestly had little to do with the plot so I did away with them, that is not to say I didn't enjoy writing them. I thank funkywatermelon for allowing me to use her characters and give them life. It was an honor to do so. ^^

5) How long will it take you to write the story?

I am honestly not sure as I am still on the planning stage, but the vibe has been returning slowly and this new story is certainly getting me excited. I have the timeline set up, I just need to plot all the chapters and then start writing. So hopefully not long. I have 5 days out of 7 free so hopefully I'll be working a lot on it.

6) How many times will you update when you do finish it?

I may update the story on here two or three times a week, depending on how many chapters I do so that ya'll don't have to wait too long on seeing the next part and you don't have to deal with horrific cliffhangers anymore. X'D

For any more questions, don't be shy to PM me, I will also answer it on DA for the others to see as well ^^ I will no longer update this as a journal as I have read somewhere that don't allow that shiz. 3: