Chase P.O.V.- I can't believe we are going to New York! In the building we are gonna stay at, has kids next door to our apartment. I like it because Mr. Davenport is gonna be at a business meeting to know if he can finish the thing he is inventing. I don't like that he wouldn't tell us what it is.
"Thirty minutes everyone!"Tasha yelled looking back to see who was listening and I was the only one listening to her.
Thirty boring minutes, the only thing I am doing is watching Leo get mad from dying in his video game.
~~~Thirty minutes later.~~~
"We are here kids!" Tasha yelled.
"YAY!"Bree yelled into my ear.
OW that hurt.
"Next time don't yell it into my ear Bree!"I yelled she ignored and got out of the car.
Went in a cramped car and then into a cramped elevator and I mean a slow elevator that is nothing like ours. Once it opened we all fell out and made it inside our apartment that we wont be here but like a week so we don't really needso much space. We also get beds instead of bringing our tubes. If we put them in the car it would make it so nobody could get in or into the elevator and nobody needs to now we are bionic.
"Hey everybody we can go meet the neighbors and you can play with their kids." Mr. Davenport said
"Do we have to?"Bree complained
"Yes." Mr. Davenport demanded
"Fine."Bree said lazily.
Mr. Davenport knocked on the door and we heard plates, cups fall does that mean five year old kids?
"Oh hi I am Jessie, you?"
The lady I guess named Jessie said
"Hi I am Donald and we are staying at the place next door to you." Mr Davenport said.
"Come in. I am their nanny and this is Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri."Jessie said and they made so much noise wow.
"Nice to meet you and this is my wife Tasha and this is Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo." Mr. Davenport said and all of a sudden Luke walked up to Bree and said "Hel - lo Bree."
"Sorry he is not always like this."Jessie said pulling Luke away.
Ravi started to walk up to me and said "Do you wanna see my lizard?"
Excuse me but did he ask me if i could see his a real lizard or is he mixing it like people do with my commando app.I don't know what to say and don't want to hurt his feelings.