Donald Davenport P.O.V- "Well I have some news for you Emma. Your not pregnant but you will be in trouble once Jessie finds out." I said with my arms crossed looking very professional.

"Why does Jessie need to find out? I'm not pregnant so she doesn't need to know about Chase and me." Emma said

"Yes she does and so do your parents." I said

"Why?" She whined

"I'm trying to keep you safe and protected." I said

"Fine, can I go back to Chase?" She said sounding mad

"Your not allowed to be with Chase alone."

"Whatever." She said walking off.

I think I handle that very maturely.

Emma P.O.V.- Well I'm not pregnant so thats good but I hate that I can't be alone with Chase. So now I'm on my way back to Chase and I get stopped by Tony.

"Hey Emma, What's up?" Tony said all happy

"I'm being punished, Whats up with you?" I say sadly

"I'm going to get Jessie, Why are you being punished?" He asked

"Just stuff with me and my boyfriends, So where you going with Jessie?"

"I'm taking her to this nice resturant and then taking her to look at the star."

"Well have fun Tony and don't keep her out too late."

"I won't, Bye Emma."

"Bye Tony." I said walking off past Tony and knocking on the Davenport's door. Right away the door is opened by Leo.

"Hey Emma, soo what's the news, you prego or nahh." Leo said

"Hi Leo and no I'm not pregnant." I said laughing at how he said nah

"Ahh Okay." Leo said walking off. I spot Chase on the couch and walk up to him and sit on his lap.

"Hey Babe." Chase said.

"Hey." I said putting my head on his shoulder.

"So your not pregnant."

"Yeah not pregnant." I said and started making circles on his chest with my finger. He put his mouth to me ear.

"I kinda wish you were." He whispered.

"Why?" I whispered back.

"So that I can't leave and we can be together forever with a little mini you." He said kissing my forehead. I giggled and just barried my head in his shoulder.

"Does Jessie know?" Tasha asked.

"Huh, oh no I think Mr. Davenport is telling her. Do you mind if I stay the night Tasha?" I said

"I don't mind I love having you here but you also have to ask Donald."

"But I don't think he will let me." I said staying latched to Chase.

"Well I'll ask him for you, dear."

"Thank you Tasha."

"Your welcome Honey, Hey do you like baking?"

"I don't know I've never done it."

"Well tonight You, Bree and Me can start baking."

"Okay sounds fun." I said slowly falling asleep in Chase' arms.

****** After Emma's Nap*****

Chase P.O.V- I am soo wishing we could like in New York right now so I don't ever have to leave Emma. I know I haven't known her long but I think I have fallen in love with the first person I have ever been with, and she likes me back which is so weird, I didn't think anyone would like me, especially someone so beautiful and amazing. I have to show my love and see if I can take her on a fancy date at a romantic resturant and a movie of her choice. Yes that's what I'm going to do with the help of Tasha and Bree who are very good at this type off stuff. This feeling is so amazing I wish I could savor it forever.

All of a sudden I felt something on my cheek that took me out of my thinking. I looked down to see Emma kissing my cheek.

"Yes?" I question

"What are you thinking about?" Emma asked

"You, what else would I be thinking about?"

"Hehe I don't know." She said giggling in my ear.

"Your giggle is very cute."

"Thank you." She said giggling more.

"Hey two love bird." Davenport said.

"What you need Mr. Davenport?" I asked

"Are you two planning on being together?"

"Yeah I want to be." I said

"Well I don't know what to do, since we live in California and she lives here in New York. I can't just move everything because your in love. But I'm talking to her parents and they were thinking about moving, I will recommend were we live if you two promise to be good."

"Yes we promise." Me and Emma said at the same time.

"We have a deal. I will talk to them later and I better not hear and noises that aren't talking or laughing, got it?"

"Got it." We said.

"Hey Emma, ready to begin learning to bake." Tasha asked.

"Yes ma'am." Emma said.

The next chapter will be of the Baking scene and Tasha and Bree helping Chase with his perfect date. Review how the date should go, what resturant and what movie they should watch. Thank you love you guys for reading.