The Fallen Renegade

I do not own Harry Potter, Dresden Files, or the Denarian Series.

Based on Shezza's Denarian Series WITH HER PERMISSION.

Summary: He hated his life, his relatives, and most importantly, his own weakness. So when he chances upon an ancient Denarius coin, he took it. Even if it meant damning his own soul in the process. And now, he's a Denarian, the host of a Fallen Angel, and the Fallen is hungry for vengeance, and absolutely nothing will stand in his way. Based on Shezza's Denarian Renegade. Slight HP/FD.

Harry is 1 year older than cannon. He's rather dark and sarcastic. Wrong Boy-Who-Lived theme.


thinking/parsletongue/foreign language

The Boys-Who-Lived

James Potter was overjoyed, yet terrified at the same time. He was faced with one of those moments that ALL males learned to fear: His beloved wife was in labor. Like any men, he started panicking when his wife announced that her water broke and he rushed his very pregnant wife to St. Mungos while sending Patronus messages to his close friends. Now as he sat next to Lily while holding her hands, he wondered if he would ever regain his hand functions.

"AAAAHHHHH! JAMES CHARLES POTTER, DAMN YOU ALL THE WAY TO HELL FOR MAKING ME GO THROUGH THIS! I SWEAR WHEN I'M DONE WITH THIS I'LL CASTRATE YOU AND RIP OFF YOUR BALLS AND SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!" James instantly paled upon his wife's threats. While Lily was normally sweet and kind, she was scarier than an angry, fire-throwing Veela when angered and her death threats, combined with her bone-crushing grip, was making him whimper in fear.

Behind the closed door from the room, James could hear faint sound of loud sniggers from his so called friends as Sirius Black and Remus Lupin shared a laughter at his expense.

Apparently, Lily had good sense of hearing as she snarled at him. "AND DON'T THINK YOUR STUPID FRIENDS ARE EXCEPTIONS CAUSE I'LL KICK THEIR BALLS TO NEXT CENTURY SO THAT EVEN THEIR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN WILL FEEL THE PAIN!" Immediately, the sniggers stopped as two marauders gulped as they knew that Lily did not hand out death threats idly since Lily ALWAYS kept her promise of pain.

After long agonizing hours Lily Potter nee Evans finally gave birth to her first born on 11:59 p.m. on July 31st. As the newborn baby's cry filled the room, James whispered to Lily. "You did it Lily! We are finally mother and father!"

The doctors wrapped a warm blanket over the newborn baby and gave it to the tired, yet proud parents. "Congratulations! You gave a birth to healthy baby boy!" Lily gave a tired yet satisfied smile as she accepted her bundle of joy from the doctors.

The doctors quietly left the couple to their privacy as Sirius and Remus all but ran into the room shouting "Where is he? How are you? Wha-" "James where is-" James Potter turned to his friends with wide grin and was about to answer them when they were cut off by an angry female voice. "SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! I SHOULD REALLY HEX YOU LOT WITH TESTICLE RUPTURING CURSE!" The three marauders immediately closed their mouth as they gulped in unison. They had learned over the long years, quite painfully, how deadly furious Lily Evans could be.

A sudden gurgling noise from Lily's arms stopped her from giving now meek and terrified males severe tongue lashing as she turned toward the source of new sound. Wrapped in a blanket, the newborn baby sleepily opened his eyes and took in his surroundings and tried to reach out with his arms to the person who held him.

"He has your eyes Lily!" James quietly exclaimed in awe as he and the rest of marauders(minus Peter) gathered around Lily. "And he has you infamous Potter hair." Remus said with small chuckle as he observed the patch of raven black hair. "What will be his name?" Sirius asked curiously.

"Aries. Aries James Potter." Lily said quietly as she fondly gazed at her child. "Aries? Are you sure? Why not name him Sirius Sexgod Po-" Whatever Sirius was about to say quickly died on his lips as he quivered under Lily's glare much to James' and Remus' amusement. "Don't you dare finish that sentence Black!" Lily hissed at him.

Turning her attention back to the child in her arms she fondly muttered "He shall be my Aries of Zodiac."


1 year later.

From then on Aries returned to Godric's Hollow with his parents and was frequently called as "Arry" by his parents and everyone eventually began to call him "Harry" as his nickname. James and Lily gave birth to an another boy at July 31st and they named him Benjamin. While Aries had messy raven black hair with almond shaped emerald eyes, Benjamin received red hair with brown highlights with hazel eyes of his father.

On the night of the Halloween, Voldemort confidently walked up to the house that held his so called enemy. Just few hours ago, his worthless minion, Peter Pettigrew, informed him how he became Potter's secret keeper with Sirius Black acting as a decoy and gave him the location he needed.

He sneered at a rabble of kids dressed in ridiculous customs and idly fingered his wand beneath his robes. 'Muggles. Such a worthless waste of human flesh. I should cull the lot of them in blood and fire.' In the end, he decided he didn't need to cause give out his location by pointless killing them and give away his intentions for tonight. He needed Potters unaware until it was too late.

His mind wandered to the prophecy he had heard from Snape. "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies..."

He sneered as he thought 'Do they really think they'll defeat me! I, Lord Voldemort, the greatest Dark Lord in history and heir to noble Salazar Slytherin, being defeated?' But still, he decided he wouldn't take any chances and proceeded to his destination.

Upon reaching the Potter manor hidden under the Fidelius Charm, Voldemort gave a swish with his wand and bypassed the ward thanks to Peter selling them out. Pointing his wand at the front door, he hissed softly "Bombarda!" and stepped in as the door exploded inward, sending wooden splinters flying into the house. He smiled coldly as he heard a terrified scream and startled yelp from within the house and was confronted with James and Lily Potter.

"It's him! Lily! Take them and run! I'll hold him off!" James shouted in panic as he dived away from the Killing Curse and hastily grabbed his wand as he finished the roll by coming into a crouched position.

"Reducto!" James snarled as he slashed his wand with fury, hatred and fear all rolled into one.

Smiling cruelly with dark amusement, Voldemort easily batted away the curse and cackled gleefully. "What's this? There is also Longbottom in Potter manor? Looks like I'll be killing two birds in one stone!" The Dark Lord hissed as he saw a glimpse of two baby faces when Lily Potter hastily picked up the babies and ran upstairs.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort snapped.

The sickly green curse erupted from the end of his wand and sailed over to the Potter patriarch but James was able to conjure a chair to block it. As the chair was blasted apart, he quickly transfigured nearby sofa into a lion and ordered it to attack. As amusing as it was to see Potter struggle against him, he was running out of time and decided to end it quickly.

"Enlecarum Tolarose!"Voldemort hissed.

Bright yellow ball of light gathered at the end of his yew wand and exploded outward. James Potter only had a second to register before the spell tore through his transfigured lion and onto himself. He felt the spell impact him and it hurled him across the hall where he crashed into the wall with painful crack. Without glancing at his downed foe, the Dark Lord ascended the stairs until he reached a closed door to nursery while hearing Lily desperately try to barricade the door. He enjoyed the sound of terror and hopelessness from the red head for a moment before blasting away the door like he did with the front door.


Lily fought a wave of fear and urge to sob as she tried to barricade the door. Everyone else was at Order meeting and she just had sent a plea for help with the phoenix medallion Dumbledore had given to all Order members. Despite her actions, Lily knew that it was already far too late for them to arrive in time.

Stepping in to the room as he blasted apart the door, he saw Lily with wide eyes as tears ran down her cheeks in fear.

"Step aside girl, you are in my way!"

"Please not the children! Take me instead!"

As he was about to respond, the mother of chosen children flicked her wrist and yelled "Reducto!"

Voldemort quickly batted away the curse and sent a dark cutting curse at her. She quickly conjured up a shield but her eyes widened when 3 different curses immediately followed after and shattered her conjured shield. The last one slammed into her defenseless body and flung her away like her husband as she crashed unconscious onto the wall before sliding down in a motionless lump.

He muttered derisively. "How pathetic, Dumbledore must finally be suffering from his old age if this is the best his Order can do." Stepping closer to the children, he carefully observed his prophesized foes with his malevolent, glowing red eyes. Three children lay before him, two were wailing in fright much to the Dark Lord's irritation while the other sat carefully observing him in return.

One of the crying children had red hair with hazel eyes while the other had mousy brown hair with brown eyes.

'The brown haired brat must be Longbottom and the red hair one should be Benjamin Potter.'

Snorting in disgust at their increasingly annoying wails, Voldemort turned to the final child. Unlike the crying brats, this one was closer to him than the other two. He had a messy black hair with alabaster skin and glowing emerald eyes that reminded him of his favorite Avada Kedavra curse.

Aries Potter. The eldest Potter child.

Staring into the eyes of his fated foe, he felt as if two killing curses were aiming into his soul. Voldemort carefully aimed his wand at the child's forehead. Despite the countless number of people he killed, he wanted to see the death of this one more than any others.

"This must be the one. Goodbye Aries Potter. Too bad you had to die today."

He softly whispered "Avada Kedavra" and watched as jet of deadly green beam erupt from end of his wand and strike at the head of Aries Potter. To his shock, the sickly green beam actually stopped as it struck the child's forehead. Before he could process what has happened, the child gave a pained yell and the curse rebounded at him.

Voldemort gave a scream of pain, shock and anger as the rebounding killing curse connected with him, ripping his tattered remains of soul from his body. The room exploded with shower of green light, dust and wooden beams as the force of the curse tore apart the nursery. Voldemort's body turned to ashes and the sharp, flying splinters made deep cuts on Benjamin's cheek in crudely shaped "S" while glowing edge of a perpendicular shaped metal fell onto Neville's forehead and branded the "V" shaped scar.


Frank and Alice Longbottom were currently at the meeting of the Order of the Pheonix with other members. The war against Voldemort and his Death Eaters were increasingly turning grim as more and more people were slaughtered and everyone knew that magical community was being slowly torn apart.

"Albus, the Dark Lord is planning something big. Based on Snape's report, he's been hiding something from rest of his Death Eaters that not even his Inner Circles are aware of." Moody grunted as he shifted his weight from wooden leg to other one.


From the front of the house, a rat with tail resembling a worm gave a terrified squeak as Potter manor's upper level exploded. Shivering with fear, it cautiously made its way into the house and came upon the nursery. The Dark Lord was nowhere in sight and a pile of ashes, dark cloak and his wand remained. Thinking quickly, the rat took the wand with its mouth and scurried into the darkness of the night.


Albus Dumbledore, the leader of light and headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, turned his blue eyes to scarred veteran and nodded. "Indeed, whatever he is planning Voldemort has chosen not to divulge his plans to anyone but himself and I doubt Severus could find out his goal." Dumbledore spoke while ignoring the flinches everyone made at the Dark Lord's name.

Remus Lupin frowned as he asked "Perhaps, Snape has been found out that he is a double agent?"

"No, I do not believe so. I know for a fact that Tom had undertaken few missions he considered crucial by himself from the past. He had done several while he was still a student at Hogwarts." Dumbledore answered with worry in his voice.

Sirius ran his hands through his hair and sighed "Well shit, whatever he is planning it's extremely important that he trusts no one but himself."

Nodding in tired agreement, Dumbledore swept his gaze upon the room. Some were old while others were young. Yet, on each and every faces of the Order members Dumbledore could see the weariness that plagued them due to the toll war had taken on them.

"On the other hand, the Dark Lord seems to be planning a raid on several families." Dedalus Diggle said in tired voice.

"Which ones? Are they those of the Order?" Molly Weasley asked with worry as she shuddered at the idea of her family being targeted.

Surprisingly, it was Mudungus Fletcher who answered "No, it seems to be the Greengrass, Davies, Zabini and several other neutral families. Heard from my sources in Knockturn Alley that Death Eaters have been visiting their homes."

"Thankfully, they seemed to have refused aiding him and was adamant about staying neutral." Fletcher continued.

"To the Dark Lord there is no such thing as neutrality, either they are with him or against him." Amos Diggory stated grimly.

Dumledore nodded "No doubt, Voldemort will be attacking them to send messages to the public and get his hands on their vast fortunes to fund his war efforts."

Frank grunted in frustration "I don't get it. Why don't they just join us if they rejected the Dark Lord? Might as well just fight against him if they are going to get attacked for staying neutral."

"They are quite stubborn and are not inclined to change." Moody grunted back.

"I do not see James and Lily here. Where are they?" Dumbledore asked while looking around the room.

Alice answered "They are at Potter manor with Neville. Lily volunteered to look after him with Aries and Ben."

"And Peter?"

"Well he said -" Whatever Frank Longbottom was about to say was stopped as Dumbledore suddenly stiffened and turned his wide, panic-filled eyes to his phoenix medallion. It was vibrating and emitting red aura.

"The Fidelius Charm! Potter manor is under attack!" Dumbledore shouted hoarsely as fear entered his voice.

"No! Our son and Potters are there!" Alice yelled with fear and panic for her child and friends.

Dumbledore swiftly rose to his feet along with rest of the Order. He shouted out "We must go at once!" and swiftly ran out of the room to apparate to Potter manor.

'The prophecy children are at one place and I cannot allow them to perish or our world is doomed. It looks like this is what Tom had been planning all along...'


Apparating to the Potter manor, the Order of Pheonix popped into existence with loud CRACK. The sight they saw shocked them. The second floor of the manor was blown up and the roof had caved in. Alice let out a chocked sob and raced into the house yelling in fear. "Neville! Lily! James!"

Snapping out of their stupor, Dumbledore led rest of them into the house and saw James Potter slumped on the far side of the entrance hall face down. Sirius quickly ran over and checked his pulse, to his immense relief, his best friend was still alive, albeit barely. "James is still alive! He's suffering from cracked skull, 2 broken ribs, and shattered arm!"

Nodding in satisfaction, Dumbledore quickly gave out orders to have someone take him to St. Mungos and ascended upstairs. Upon entering the nursery, he scanned the room for any dangers.

Alice rushed past him and shouted. "Neville! Lily!"

The three boys were lying in middle of what once was nursery. Aries laid on his stomach and was quiet while Ben and Neville were wailing with tears rolling down their cheeks.

"Albus wha- what is this?" Remus stammered as he pointed at a pile of ashes and a black cloak.

"It seems the Dark Lord has been vanquished. The prophecy has been fulfilled." Dumbledore stated almost in disbelief as he beheld the children with relief and incredulous expression.

After making sure Lily Potter was fine and sent to the hospital like her husband, Dumbledore turned to the three boys. Ben and Neville were crying and were bleeding from their scars on their cheek and forehead respectively while Harry seemed to be knocked unconscious. Looking more closely, he could make out the "S" shaped scar on Benjamin's cheek and "V" shaped scar on Neville's forehead while Harry had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"And the Dark Lord shall mark him as his equal..." Dumbledore muttered. Unable to distinguish which one the Dark Lord had chosen, Dumbledore quickly scanned the boys' scars and to his dismay, could not decide which one was the curse scar due to lingering dark magic around them. Seeking another method to identify the Boy-Who-Lived, Dumbledore scanned their magical core and found that while Ben and Neville had average amount of magic, Harry's core was low in magic.

'There is no way that the one Voldemort have chosen could have low magical strength. It must be Ben and Neville together...' It never occurred to him that Harry's magical core was low due to reflecting the killing curse. And thus, Albus Dumbledore made a decision that would alter the flow of fate.

By now, Potter manor was being flooded with people as Order members, ministry officials, aurors and other people apparated in. Striding out of the house, Dumbledore confronted the throng of people and raised Neville Longbottom and Benjamin Potter so they may see the children.

"Lord Voldemort has been defeated! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Neville Longbottom and Benjamin Potter! The vanquishers of the Dark Lord and Boys-Who-Lived!"

The crowd erupted in cheers and joy as they celebrated the downfall of the Dark Lord. Some wept with joy while others literally broke down in sobs with relief.


6 months later...

Upon announcing the fall of Voldemort and birth of Boys-Who-Lived, Benjamin and Neville were hailed as Wizarding world's heroes and were showered with affection by their respective parents.

Currently, Potter manor was filled with people as friends of Potter gathered at their home to socialize. Laughter and joy was in the air as they talked, danced and generally enjoyed freedom that had been denied since Voldemort.

Aries, or Harry as he is often called these days, was just sitting on the floor enjoying the new shiny toy he had found: his father's golden Snitch. He giggled and reached out with his arm as the shiny golden ball fluttered its wings and stayed just out of his reach. Ben and Neville, seeing the elder child's fascination, crawled to his direction and attempted to catch the Snitch themselves. However, before they can do anything, Aries caught the golden sphere with surprising dexterity for a two and a half year old.

Ben who had inherited James' personality, loved being in center of attention like his father and has grown quite spoiled by his parents past six months. Seeing that his older brother had the object of his fascination he determinedly crawled toward him and pried the Snitch from Aries' hand. Upset at his loss, Aries tried to take back the Snitch but was caught in three way struggle between Ben, himself and Neville, who also wanted the shiny golden ball.

As his frustration built, Aries lashes out and his magic reacted and performed his first accidental magic: he flung Ben across the floor about a meter. Ben immediately shrieked as he was skidded across the floor and began to bawl his eyes out for his parents.

The adults who were talking short distance from them, immediately turned heads toward the source of shriek and watched with shock-filled eyes as Benjamin was flung across the floor away from Harry.

Lily quickly made her way to her precious son and began to coo "It's alright sweetie, mommy's here. Shhhhh."

"Albus did you see that!" James exclaimed

"Yes. It seems that Harry has just performed his first accidental magic. I'm quite surprised that he performed it at such a young age." Dumbledore answered with furrowed brows as he contemplated this new development.

"He could have hurt his brother and my Neville!" said Alice as she picked up Neville to her arms.

"Albus we must talk." With that James, Lily and Dumbledore quickly made their way into an empty library and shut the door.

"What should we do? Harry almost hurt Ben!" Lily whispered with fear.

"We cannot allow Benjamin to be hurt! He is our savior for Merlin's sake!" James muttered while rubbing his forehead.

"Perhaps a distance is needed between them." Dumbledore suggested.

"How? Keep them in separate rooms? It's still too risky." Lily nodded in agreement with her husband.

"Maybe we can let him stay with other families until he turns eleven, then we will reclaim him." Dumbledore suggested once again.

Lily and James spoke quietly trying to come up with a solution. Finally, they reached an agreement.

"You are right. We have decided that Ben and Harry needs to be kept separate. Ben is going to be trained by you and we cannot afford to have Harry become jealous of him or hurt him as result. We have decided to give Harry to Lily's sister." James spoke in calm manner.

Dumbledore's brows shot up "Are you sure my boy? Surely such drastic measures doesn't need to be undertaken? Why not some other magical families? I'm sure they'll be delighted to receive the brother of the Boy-Who-Lived."

"No, we cannot afford to have Harry hear about Ben since it might cause him to be jealous. Besides, with Lily's sister Harry will be safe from Death Eaters with blood ward you can create." James replied back.

With a sigh, Albus Dumbledore turned to them and nodded. "Very well, Harry will be sent to Lily's sister."

As Potters went out, Dumbledore grew pensive. While he did not want their savior to be hurt, he did not want Harry to be largely ignorant of the magical world by being sent to live with muggles.

'I hope we know what we are doing...'


And so Albus Dumbledore found himself at the doorstep of Number Four of Privet Drive. He gently laid down the baby wrapped in blanket and a small note to inform Petunia of situations. Before he turned and apparated away he muttered. "Good luck Aries Potter, I truly am sorry but it is for the Greater Good. I hope you can forgive his old man for his actions." With one last sorrowful expression, he vanished into the night.