Star Wars: Terminator War

Chapter 1: Not the droids we're looking for

General Kenobi's fleet came out of hyperspace in the Sol system on the edge of Republic space. He turned to his clone commander.

"Cody, what do we know about this system?" he asked

"Uncharted. Nothing beyond a basic survey from several hundred years ago. Nine planets orbiting a G-type star. Third planet inhabitable, fourth would need terraforming for it to be habitable. An asteroid belt between the third and fourth planet." replied Cody

"So why are we here?" asked Obi-Wan

"A CIS ship made the jump to hyperspace on a vector that passes through this solar system. We're to search the system and then rejoin Commander Skywalker's fleet."

"Understood, very well. Begin the search, launch reconnaissance fighters to extend our sensor range."

After several hours of fruitless searching, a fighter picked up an old style radio transmission. "General Kenobi, we're picking up a radio transmission from the third planet sir."

"Put it through."

"This is John Connor, if you're listening to this you are the resistance...

"The rest is garbled sir."

"Should I set a course for the third planet?"

"Yes. And try to contact this John Connor, we need to know what exactly they're resisting."

"Yes sir."

John Connor popped up from cover and fired a ten-round burst into a T-600. The rounds pinged of the skeletal armor. "Aerostats!" someone yelled. "Let's finish off this T-600 first! Everyone fire on the upper chest that is where it is vulnerable." Twenty assorted rifles and shotguns targeted a single T-600. It's armor shrugged off most of it but pieces began to fall off. "Keep it up, we've almost got it!" he yelled. A few more seconds of continuous fire and the T-600 fell to its knees glowing blue. "It's gonna blow! take cover!"

Everyone ducked as the Terminator's small reactor went critical and exploded with the force of a few pounds of C4. "Aerostats on the left flank! AHHHH!" someone said.

"Take'em down!"

A fierce five minute fight and the Aerostats were destroyed.

"Command to all resistance fighters we're pulling back. I repeat fall back."

"Engage, retreat, engage retreat. This is no way to win a war." said one of the resistance fighters.

"Until we can get our hands on those plasma guns, we'll have to make due with what we got. You heard Command let's fall back to base, make sure we aren't followed." said Connor.

Five hours later after a game of cat and mice with the Machines, John Connor and his group of fighters returned to base at the Griffith Observatory near Los Angeles. The resistance leader, a former Marine Colonel nodded to him. "Connor, we managed to get some power to the telescope. You won't believe what we found coming to Earth. Take a look."

Connor put his eye up to the eyepiece and immediately saw what the Colonel was talking about. "It looks like a triangle. Could it be an asteroid?"

"'s slowing down."


"It's slowing down. We think it may be an alien spaceship."

"My mom never told me about any aliens. Maybe they can help us?"

"Maybe they'll destroy the Earth itself and put us all out of our misery."

"Sir? I'm getting a transmission. On the same frequency you use for your daily broadcast. They claim they're from something called the 'Galactic Republic'. They want to speak with John Connor." said a radioman

"Put them through."

"Hello? John Connor?"

"This is John Connor."

"Greetings, I am General Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Galactic Republic. We received your transmission and wondered what exactly are you resisting?"

"The Machines. They used our own weapons against us and are waging a war of extermination."

"Strange, there are no other reports of CIS droids exterminating human populations." said Cody

"What kind of Machines are these? Who controls them?"

"We call them Terminators. About twelve years ago, a military defense computer program called Skynet was activated and quickly became self aware. It took over all our military computers and launched our own nuclear weapons against us. Several major cities were destroyed, governments also fell in short order. Three billion people were killed in the initial attack, about half the world's population. We call it Judgment Day. We've been fighting the Machines ever since. We're still using projectiles. Skynet has already developed plasma-based weapons. Our rifles are no match for the Terminators."

They both switched to another frequency to reduce the chance of Skynet eavesdropping on their continued, giving Kenobi a short history of Earth. Kenobi responded with a shorter history of the Republic and its current crisis. Connor recounted the first days after judgment day, the extermination camps the executions. The humans who went crazy and became savages. He also gave Kenobi a short geography of the earth, detailing hemispheres, former countries, states and cities.

As Kenobi listened, his jaw dropped involuntarily. "By the force. We'll see what we can do. Our forces are spread thin but I will ask if we can help here."

"Sir, I have an idea. We may not be able to destroy the machines with what we have but we can equip the resistance with weapons and supplies. We could probably spare a platoon or two of clones. Maybe just a squad of Commandos to help organize and set strategic goals." said Cody

Kenobi nodded. "I agree." he turned back to the radio

"Connor? I've talked with my officers. Although we can't really do much right now, we'll send down what supplies we can spare."

"Much appreciated General. We're about to make an assault on Skynet facilities in Los Angeles. We could use the help."

"I'll come down with a couple squads of troops. We'll help you out, leave you with some equipment and then be on our way. If I can arrange another supply drop, someone will come by to set it up."

"We move our headquarters around a-lot so it might be difficult to know where we're going to be."

"We'll figure something out. We'll be down shortly."

"I suggest you come with heavy escort. Skynet will detect you soon it might send a few nukes your way."

"Thank you for the advice. Kenobi out."

In the observatory, cheers rang out.

Help was coming.