Chapter 2: Help from above

General Kenobi, Commander Cody and several gunships worth of clone troopers landed near the observatory. Skynet had tried to intercept them but the ARC-170 fighters escorting the gunships destroyed the HK-aerials that attacked them. Other fighters destroyed what few spy satellites remained in orbit and also intercepted a pair of nuclear-tipped ICBMs targeting the Republic cruiser. General Kenobi talked with Connor about the Jedi and the Clone wars. Then they discussed the battle plans for Los Angeles. The clones broke into smaller groups and taught the resistance fighters about the DC-15 blaster rifle and the DC-15s sidearm. Every resistance fighter at least got a fact that it recharges itself is a plus no extra ammo to carry. They were also familiarized with the thermal detonator a type of grenade. The clones also carried ECD grenades to test the effectiveness against the Terminators. A Clone Commando squad was assigned to Connor to not only protect but advise him as well.

The assault on Skynet came fast and hard. ARC-170 starfighters greatly outclassed the HK-aerials even with the plasma guns which were a similar technology to blasters but not quite as powerful. Several HKs were destroyed in the opening minutes of the battle with a barrage of concussion missiles. While the ARCs held air superiority, some old Air Force fighters joined the battle as well getting a handful of aerial kills. Helicopters joined by a dozen Republic gunships landed in the center of LA near what the resistence called 'Skynet Central'. The resistence advanced into the city. The blasters they were given quickly proved to be more effective than the old rifles they used. Several T-600 were taken down in just a few short bursts. Kenobi was there, deflecting plasma bolts and slicing Terminators in half. A T-7T rushed at him and Kenobi used the force to flip over it and stab it in the back, destroying its reactor. ECD grenades proved effective as well as they shut down machines for several minutes while they rebooted, giving the resistence enough time to slap some packs of C4 on them and set them to go off when the machines rebooted.

Then over the comm. everything changed. "General Kenobi, a fleet of Separatists ships have dropped out of hyperspace. We have to withdraw. We're sending gunships to pick you up."

"No! We're staying through the battle. Get the fleet out of here, led them away. Then come back for us."

"But sir"-

"Get out of here Captain. That's an order. Pick up whoever you can. Jump to hyperspace as soon as the gunships are onboard."

"...understood. We'll be back sir."

"I know."

Kenobi turned to Connor, "I guess we're on our own."

"Looks like it. Command this is Connor, requesting orders."

"Connor, Skynet is massing for a counterstrike. We can't hold them off. Get to the evac point. We have choppers on the way. Kenobi, a few of your gunships are sticking around. We'll use them to cover us."

"Understood. Connor out. We better get moving. The evac is this way."

Connor pointed to a building across the street. He nodded to the Commandos.

"Covering fire!" yelled the leader.

The four commandos broke from cover and sprayed automatic blaster-fire at the approaching machines. They didn't duck for cover but it did distract them long enough for the group to make it across the street. Kenobi deflected plasma bolts as he crossed then the commandos came. The last one, the leader let off a long burst that took down a T-600. The energy rounds punched through the heavy metal and destroying its reactor core.