"Senri! Open up!" Aidou kept ounding on the door. Senri refused to let him in. Aidou had knocked on the door, but Senri told him to go away. So he tried to open the door, but it was locked. "No! Akatsuki had told me what you were looking for! That's DISGUSTING and GO AWAY! I don't hate it!

"Well fine, then!" Aidou stomped away angry.

There was only one room left to visit. Rima's.

Aidou knocked on her door and, unlike everyone else, actually came to open the door. "What do you want, Aidou?"

He opened his mouth to speak, but then noticed what Rima was wearing. She was in a black lace bra with a matching thong. "Uhhh…." He blushed. Then thought of the incident with Ruka. "Never mind!"

He RAN away. Rima watched as he ran. "I knew that would keep him from entering my room." She turned and went back in her room to change.

Aidou now was at a loss of words. All while trying to find it, he made his cousin angry, said cousin punched him, saw an almost naked girl, and a girl in all her glory! So he went to his room and sulked. He wanted- no- needed to find it!

Sometime after, he fell asleep. Around 4P.M., he was suddenly awoken by a pounding at the door.

He groggily got up and stumbled over to the door… Falling in the process. "Who is it?"


Aidou blushed at the memory of Ruka's wet skin. Her hair cascaded down her face, she had full, round boo- well, he had liked what he saw. Actually, by the bulge in his pats, he REALLY like what he had seen.

He opened the door and a ball of fabric was thrown into his face.

"There, Aidou. There it is!" Ruka had on latex gloves a she didn't like the fact that she had to carry that up to him.

"OMG! Where was it?"

"In the laundry room." A look of horror flashed across his face. "Was it washed?!" "Unfortunately… No." And with that, she walked away. Aidou closed the door and smiled. "I love these. Kaname is all over them! My mom made them! They're my favorite, and lucky, UNDERWEAR!" BTW, they have NEVER been washed… He's had them for 2 years. THE ENDSo, how did ya like it? Wasn't Aidou funny? What was your fav part or chapter? REVIEW PLEASEEEEEEE!