Title: Chicken Soup

Pairing: Shizuru/Natsuki (duh?)

Summary: She's a chicken soup. She never learned. But maybe someday she would.

Disclaimer: I own the plot and three certain characters.

A/N: Uhhh… Hi, guys! Yeah, I'm not dead lol. This story is a bit AU-ish to my other story called My Brother's Wife. It's something akin to a Future!Fic to it but still AU. You'll be able to understand more and feel the essence of the whole thing if you read MBW though since I took some little facts from MBW that I didn't explain here. But it's also fine if you didn't.

Edit: A/N 2: I think some of you were confused about who Miyuki and Shinji were.

Spoilers for My Brother's Wife: Miyuki is Shizuru's child and Natsuki's niece. Shinji was Shizuru's deceased husband and Natsuki's brother.

-Chicken Soup-

I had been pacing inside my room, back-and-forth, for an hour now. I was nervous like hell. I didn't know what to do.

"Damn it!"

I decided that my legs had already had enough, so I sat on the edge of my bed, tapping my fingers on my knees whilst biting my lower lip apprehensively. I cursed again for the umpteenth time as I stood up from the bed fifty seconds later.

'What's so hard about doing it?' I told myself, sighing.

I had it all planned for two months now. It's not that I was afraid of failing because I kind of felt I had a chance. Yeah, I was cocky. But every damn time I tried to do it, I always ended up chickening out which was just plain pathetic. I scrunched up my face into a deep scowl, gritting my teeth frustratingly.

'Stupid Natsuki! If it's not going to be now, when? It's already 2012, people might have been already dead even before you manage to have the balls to do it!'

I inhaled deeply as I considered the thought very deeply. With another sigh, I arrived to an ultimatum.

'It's now or never.'



I was about to knock on their room's door when I heard a childish laughter along with a pretty giggle coming from downstairs. That told me that they weren't behind the door so I trudged to where they were while I held my breath. My palms were sweaty and clammy, heart beating so rapidly.

'This is killing me' I thought as I went down the stairs. I felt like vomiting. I just prayed I wouldn't end up doing that in front of her. I couldn't just afford embarrassing myself now. The giggling went on and I was curious what they had been doing.

I saw her playing with her little girl on the sofa as I reached the living room. She was softly tickling the child that was wriggling beside her. She chuckled along her daughter's giggle fits while I stared at the display.

Or at Shizuru.

'God, she's so beautiful.'

She was the epitome of elegance and beauty. I didn't have any idea how she did it, but she always managed to make anything she did appear refined and attractive. I didn't think she was aware of that though. Everything about her was just natural. Just like now, the hem of her skirt was absently getting lifted above her knee, up her smooth thigh, up her—'Whoa! Stop! Stop there! OMG! When did I become such a perv? That isn't even related to what I was trying to prove!'

I shook my head, face flushed, trying to brush away my indecent thoughts. I realized that I already had their attention when I went to look back at them, my niece grinning widely at me.

"Pappy!" Miyuki bounced toward me, small arms wrapping around my leg.

I looked down at her with a smile, ruffling her twin tail-free hair. She giggled at the act. "How's my little squirt?"

"I'm good." She beamed. "You know, Pappy, I was asking Mama if she had a date for today and she said she didn't have one...yet."

She glanced up at me like she was expecting something. My face burned as I secretly gazed at Shizuru. She was staring at me from the sofa and suddenly looked away. But it seemed like she was—'Oh dear, I-Is she b-blushing? B-but- Does she want me to-to do it?'

I knew I was sweating cold. I sailed my eyes anywhere but her, starting to chicken out again. Miyuki seemed to have noticed my uneasiness but she just smiled to herself, like she was enjoying seeing me like this.

'Gawd, I think I can't do it. Why can't I just tell her? Damn!'

I noticed Shizuru standing up with an unreadable expression on her face. She straightened up her below-the-knee skirt dress —that was just hoisted up her creamy thigh a while ago.

'What the hell? ! Natsuki? ! When the fuck did I become this dirty? !'

I secretly followed her form as she sauntered for the kitchen. I was mad at myself. I sighed. The younger tawny-haired girl on my leg tugged my armed to get back my attention to her. She motioned her hand for me to lean closer, giving an ear to her.

"Mama likes someone." She whispered in my ear then giggled. I gulped, my cheeks ablaze. I gave a quick glance at the direction of the kitchen to make sure Shizuru wouldn't hear.

"Who is it?" I asked her, hoping it was me, kneeling down to her level.

"That, my Pappy, is a secret." She snickered on her hand.

I gave her a pout making her snicker more. "Miyuki Ikezu."

"He asked her out, Pappy." She said seriously.

That made me stiff and my throat dry. "H-He asked her out?" I queried in panic. "When? How? Did she say yes to him? Did she—"

She shook her head softly, making me stop panicking a bit. "She might say yes to him if someone wouldn't stop being a chicken soup."

I opened and then closed my mouth, failing to find a word to say. I looked down on the floor, heaving a sigh. I bit the inside of my cheek, heavily contemplating on the matter. My anxiousness was making it hard to breathe.

"It's Sponge Bob time, Pappy." She gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek before she scampered in front of the T.V.

I straightened up, mustering the courage to finally do it.



I couldn't hear anything but the loud thumping in my chest. I exhaled and inhaled so many times but I was still shaking.

Shizuru was cooking something while I just stood there, watching her every move. She appeared to be in deep thought. I caught her halt from what she had been doing for a few times just to sigh.

He already asked her out while I hadn't done anything at all. That pissed me off. I couldn't stand the thought of her being with someone else but me. I just couldn't. I clenched my fists and made a last release of breath. I marched stiffly closer to her like a robot, palms covered with sweat.

"Uhhh… Uhmm… Ahem!" I started awkwardly.

She was a bit startled as she turned to look at me. I could smell her scent from where I was. She smelled like Jasmine. I blushed deeply, quickly finding the floor interesting.

'Damn! That was stupid, Natsuki. Good job there!' I told myself sardonically.

"Ara, how long have you been there? I'm sorry I didn't notice you." She gave me that smile which never failed to make my heart skip a beat. Not to mention how lovely her accent was. I could die happily just by listening to her lilting voice.

"I-It's okay." I began to stutter, shyly ducking my head while I absently drew my finger in circular motion on the counter table. "Not long. I just got in." I lied.

"Does Natsuki need something?"

I held her gaze as she did mine for quite a while. Shizuru had such lovely eyes. They literally sucked me in, making me forget everything including trying to ask her out. It was only when she dropped my gaze I realized what I was supposed to say.

"Is there something on my face?" she asked consciously, her cheeks glowing pink.

I was trying my hardest not to kiss her right there and then. She was just too much. 'Just tell her now! We're running out of time!'

"I-I-you-you see, I wanted-I wanted to—" I cursed mentally for my embarrassing stutter.

She was somehow looking expectantly at me. A raised brow was marring her pretty face.

"—know if you—Will you go—what are you—What are you cooking?"

That. My. Friend. Was. An. Epic. Fail.

I wanted to smash my head on a wall. Hard.

Shizuru rarely showed real negative emotion, but she couldn't hide the utter disappointment written all over her gorgeous face. It was only fleeting though since she had it masked perfectly within a second.

"Ara, it's Chicken Soup and something I just experimented on. I don't know what to call it yet though." she went on without glancing up at me.

"Shizuru, will you go—"

Somebody rang the doorbell. It's probably Dad.

"I'll get the door. Excuse me." Shizuru walked away with her usual expression, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

I followed her movement until she opened the door. And that instant when I saw who was with my father at the door, I knew I was a failure.

She gave him her sweetest smile.

And I was doomed.



"So, when did you two start going out, huh, Reito?"

I clenched my teeth hearing my father's query. Miyuki said Shizuru hadn't said "Yes." to him yet. But just the thought that it's going to happen made me sick. I didn't want to be here the moment I learned he was to have a dinner with us. But father insisted that I must.

"But Grandpa, Mama is yet to answer him." My niece whined on her seat beside her mother. She flailed her tiny legs lightly.

"Oh, I thought wrong then?" Father said shifting his attention to his grandchild afterwards. Both Shizuru and Reito chortled primly, just like two royalties.

'The Princess and her Prince'

I inwardly winced at that. It hurt. Shizuru's probably going to say "Yes" to him at the end of this evening and I was going to be a failure forever. And it's all my fault.

Because I was too stupid.

A Chicken Soup. Just like how Miyuki said although I didn't really know how she arrived to that.

I spotted Shizuru give a furtive glance at my direction. I thought she did that several times but I pretended I didn't see her.

Reito held her hand for the rest of the night and I pretended not to see.



The conversation went from the dining table to the living room within two hours until father somehow felt that Shizuru and Reito needed some time alone together. Reito guided her outside the house to have a night walk.

I felt pain in my chest as I watched her walk away with him. She's walking out of my life and never going to come back.

And I would be forever alone.

Dad settled watching a random movie whilst Miyuki fell asleep on his lap over the sofa. I carefully took her from him to my arms. And just as I was about to leave to bring her upstairs, father said something quietly.

"Are you really just going to stand there and watch him take away someone that's truly yours?" His eyes never left the screen as I turned to glance at him.

I didn't say anything.

"I always believed you were better than that, Natsuki. I know Shinji did as well."

My eyes widened a little at that as my father finally landed his eyes on me. I saw the same expression on his face as I did on a certain woman a while ago. I unknowingly tightened my hold on Miyuki.

My dad broke his gaze and went back on the screen. He shut it off and then stood up. "I'm going upstairs. Answer the door when she comes back."

Father cautiously took his grandchild from me so not to wake her up. He laid her head on his shoulder, carrying her by an arm. He lifted his other hand to calmly place it over my head, gaze fixed on my eyes.

I stared back at him with determined eyes.

He smiled.



I jerked the moment the doorbell rang.

' She's here!'

I fidgeted like a moron. I was so tensed yet again. I was sweating, shakily approaching the door. I took a deep breath to relax and it helped, if only for a bit.

She was a tad stunned when she realized I was the one opening the door for her. I looked anywhere but her, as usual. I actually forgot that Reito was there with her but he was already out the gate when I saw him. They probably said their goodbyes before Shizuru rang the bell.

'And they probably kissed.'

"Ara, sorry that I made you wait. Reito and I just—"

I grabbed her hand so suddenly, catching her off-guard. I managed to look directly at her. I knew we were both blushing. We were just both like that for a while until I remembered what I must be doing.

"F-Follow me."



There were no words spoken as I gently led her to where we were going. All I knew was that it felt so right to have Shizuru's soft hand in mine. I loved her hand.

'I love her.'

When we finally reached the destination, I had to spin around to look at her. My face was still akin to a tomato but I didn't care. It's not like I was the only one flushed. But she was not as much as I was.

I glanced down at our connected hands, making the both of us go red deeper. I reluctantly let go of her, already missing the contact.

"W-wait for me, please. J-just stay there." She just nodded.

I climbed the short metal stairs connecting the balcony to the roof. I had to check if everything I set up weren't ruined by the cats when I was already there. Once I was done, I went down again to fetch Shizuru.

"Uhh… You go up first." I suggested bashfully, touching the back of my neck. I was the one who led her there, so I had the right to be the gentleman.

"Okay, if you insist." She smiled at me that just had me falling for her more.

I followed her instantly once she took a graceful step on the stair. She's just so lady-like, unlike me who's rough and brusque. I almost fell off the stair when I accidentally look up and saw the inside of her skirt. Good thing I held tighter on the railing in time.

'Gawd, those lilacs look pretty on her. Her butt was just—damn!' I could feel my face growing really hot at those thoughts before I got rid of them.

"Ara," I heard her say in surprise and delight in front of me the moment we finally set foot. She spun around to glance at me, visage in mirth.

It was like a picnic. But instead in a park or under a broad daylight, it's on our rooftop, under the starry late night sky. From where we were, we could practically see almost the entirety of Fuuka.

"Y-You may sit down."

My heart began to pound so hard for the nth time that night. She sat properly on the sprawled blanket covered with snacks and a basket. She was enjoying the moment, I could tell. She stared up at me this time.

"How about Natsuki? Isn't she going to sit down as well?"

My cheeks went pink and I nearly staggered because of nervousness. I quickly sat down with quite a distance beside her. We were silent for several moments. My mouth was going dry. I observed her in a side long glance, still didn't know how to start.

She was patiently waiting.

"I love you, Shizuru." I said it through a whisper. I was looking down on the roof's floor, but I knew she was flabbergasted.

She was speechless.

I gave her a timid look, redness adoring my face. She was blushing like mad too. I was fidgeting with my hands, starting to get worried that she's not talking yet.

"D-did you hear me? I-I said—I said 'I love you'." I took the courage to close our distance and stared at her seriously.

She just gazed at me, still at a loss for words. Her features became softer than the usual.

"It's okay if you don't like me anymore. I know—I know I'm too late but-but I just want you to know that I've always loved you. And I always will. I wanted to say sorry for everything I did. I was so horrible to you and yet you were so patient with me. Too kind to me. I don't know if I still deserve you after all that happened. But I am selfish and I wanted to-I wanted to be with you. I wanted to ask you out but-but I am a failure. I-I know Reito would make you happy. He's a good man. He'd take care of you. He loves you. I love you—" I stopped when a thumb gently brushed away something on my cheek.

They were tears.

"Don't cry." she said so softly. But she was crying as well.

I did the same as she was doing. I movde much more closer to her and wiped away her tears with a thumb as I held her cheek. She leaned into my touch, closing her eyes.

"I said 'No' to him." she murmured but enough for me to hear.

I gazed at her with questioning eyes as her crimsons fluttered open. I wasn't one to easily read her gaze. But finally, I knew what they're saying.

It felt so natural when I held the sides of her head to kiss the top of her hair as she leaned to me. I lingered a touch of my lips on her forehead followed by both of her closed eyes. I could taste her tears when I landed them on her cheeks. She giggled tenderly as I kissed the tip of her small pretty nose.

Shizuru's mouth curled upward when I reached both corners of her mouth. And as I threw an arm around her waist to pull her close, our lips collided in a soft and tender kiss. It was like eternity. It never felt so wrong as I had her in mine. It was meant to be.

We were meant to be.

We lovingly stared at each other for a while after we parted. She brushed away a stray strand of my midnight hair from my face, tucking it behind an ear.

"I love you forever." she whispered.

"I love you so much forever and ever always." I smirked at her, challenging her to topple that.

"I love you so very much forever and ever always and always." She chuckled at her words, leaning her head on my chest.

I pouted at that but kissed the side of her head. I entangled myself from her and stood up. I gazed down at her curious form. I grinned before I looked up across the dark sky, the sight of Night time Fuuka before me. I inhaled deeply before I shouted at the top of my lungs.


Her eyes were already wet when I stared back at her.

I was tearing up too.

She sauntered toward me and then pulled me into a hug. We ended up kissing though.

"I thought Natsuki would never ask."

A thought suddenly came back to me, making me grin.

'And from here on, I am a chicken soup no more.'



From a disturbance, somewhere inside the Kuuga Residence, a young little girl and an old man went back to their slumber, broad smiles painted on their faces.


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