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Chapter One

It all started when my dad said that they would be sending me off to a boarding school so he can go around the world with his scientific partner and his wife. My dad works with inventing new things with his partner and installing them around the world. My mother had died when I was eight because of a fire at her job. Before she died my mother and father told me that they had to tell me something. They said that when I was born, my dad had installed a chip in me that made me a bionic human. Which mean I have powers and can use them. After my mom had died, dad had begun training me.

Now when he told me about boarding school, I was sad because I would be leaving my friends Mai and Mia—who know my secret—and happy because I would be leaving the insufferable household that I lived in for the past eight years. Don't get me wrong I love my dad, it's just been hard with him training me and not being there for me when I need him because he's addicted to his work that he barely spends time with me.

When I had told Mai and Mia about my moving they were depressed. We made a pact that we'll always be best friends forever and that we'll never lose touch. When I had first met them, we got off on the wrong foot. Mai is your average silent, mean attitude type of girl, though she'll be nice to her people who she cares about. Mia on the other hand is the opposite. She's you chatty, nice attitude type of girl. We had first met when we bumped into each other during lunch and we accidentally spilled each others food on ourselves. Mai had given us attitude but then we began talking and boom, we became friends. Soon enough I told them about my secret and they accepted it without running away screaming calling me a freak.

When I finished packing, I grabbed my suitcases, put then out into the hallway and looked at my room one last time.

"Bree," I turned around and saw dad, "are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." I told him.

He grabbed two of my suitcases and I grabbed the other two and we headed out to the car. The ride to the boarding school was fairly long; an hour and half long. On the way there, he told me to behave, not to get into any trouble and to make sure that I don't use my bionic powers unless he ha a mission for me. I had nodded my head listening to him say things over and over again for the past eight years. When we got there I heard a female's voice call my dad's name. I turned around and saw this lady, blacked toned skin, coming over and engulfing my dad into a hug. Behind her were four males. One was about the same age as my dad, but with black hair. Another was about maybe the same age as me fifteen, but the same skin color as the lady.

Then there was this tall, black haired, slightly buff guy who looks to be older than me by maybe a year and a half or two years. Finally was this guy with the same hair color as mine, light brown, who looked to be a year older than me. Then dad began introducing them to me.

"Bree, honey, this is Tasha Davenort, one of your mother closest friend, and her son Leo," he said pointing to the black toned kid, "her older step-son, Adam," he motioned to the two year older than me guy, "her other step-son, Chase," he said motioning to the light haired guy, "and lastly this is her husband, Donald Davenport and my partner." He finished of motioning to the older looking guy.

"So this must be Clara's daughter." Said Tasha. "She looks so much like her."

"That she does." Said Donald.

"Bree!" I turned around and what I saw surprised me. "Mai? Mia? What are you two doing here?"

"Well we convinced our parents to let us come to this school so we can be here for you for moral support and we told them that this school has the best education and that we may learn something here instead." Said Mai.

"Well whatever the reason is, I'm glad you two are here." I said hugging them.

"So are we." Said Mia. "So what room did you get?"

"1A; what about you?"

"Same." They said and we squealed.

Then I remembered about dad's partner and his family. I turned around and smiled innocently at dad. "Sorry; forgot about you guys."

"It's okay." Donald said. "Looks like Leo and the others went to find their rooms."

"And you three should be too." Dad said.

"Right; well call me when you guys arrive to your first destination." I said.

They nodded their heads, dad bid me goodbye and they drove off. I looked at Mai and Mia and told them that we should go and find our rooms too. When we found it we each got our own full beds and began unpacking. When we finished unpacking Mia told us that we should go a look around. We agreed and left the room. So far we saw how big the school is. There are two housing areas. The north is for the girls, the south is for the boys. Then the school is in the center. Around the area are places that we can all hang out.

As we walked around Mia brought up the conversation of the three guys that were with my father's partner. I told them who they are and I saw that Mia had already taken an interest in Adam. Then Mai surprised me by saying that Chase is cute. I looked at her with wide eyes and she said that he was cute, but is not her type. That he would be better for me. I scoffed and reminded her about my hiatus of boys.

"Come on Bree," Mai said, "just because you and Ethan broke up doesn't mean that you should stop dating other guys."

"That's not the reason why." I reasoned. "I just don't want to get hurt like how Ethan hurt me."

"You mean by when he ran away like the coward he is when he found out about you being bionic?" she whispered the last part. I nodded my head. "Bree not all guys are like that. There maybe some guy out there that is understanding and will accept you for whom you are. Maybe that guy is the same as you."

"Still." I said. "I just don't think I can handle being broken hearted again."

"Fine, but if you find a guy that is like you and you have feelings for him, give him a chance. He may just surprise you." Mai said.

"Fine." I said.

With that we continued walking until we neared a secluded area. I told them that we should head back and they agreed. We began turning around until we heard a noise. We looked at each other and began walking towards the sound. We hid behind some bushes and peaked through. Standing there we saw Leo, Adam and Chase. Leo was off to the side writing something down and Adam had this huge boulder in his hands. He lifted it up and threw it farther into the secluded area.

"He's bionic." Mai whispered.

"Whose there?" Chase asked turning around.

Apparently Chase is also bionic. He's got sensitive hearing pr maybe senses. I looked at Mia and Mai and they didn't say anything. We knew one thing: talk and he'll find out that we're here. As soon as Chase turned around we heaved a sigh of relief. Bad call because he turned around again. He told Adam to throw a small boulder at us and Adam did just that. Mai and Mia yelped and I used my super speed and agility to get them as far away from the boulder as possible.

"What the hell?" Mai asked coming out from our new hiding place.

"You saw?" Leo asked surprised.

"Saw that you three are bionic?" Mia asked stepping out also. Leo nodded his head. "Well duh!"

"Now Mia," I said coming out, "we don't know if Leo's bionic also. All we know is that Adam and Chase are."

"How'd you find out?" Adam asked.

"One: we heard a noise so we came to check it out. Two: Chase heard Mai whispering. Three: you threw a boulder at our heads and almost killed us." Mia said. "Now if it wasn't for Bree we would have been dead. Not a good cal to tell your brother to throw a fifty pound boulder at someone."

"Wait," Chase said, "it's not possible for you three to have dodged that so quickly."

"Oh yeah?" Mai challenged.

"Yes." Chase deadpanned.

"Bree." She said.

I smiled and knew what she wanted and I was going to prove it. Since I know that they're bionic I'm not scared of using my bionic powers. I sped through the three of them and went back to stand next to Mai and Mia.

"Now do you believe me." Mai said.

"Yes we do." Leo said.

"Good and nice work Bree; I love it." Mia said.

"Thanks; couldn't do it with out my super speed and agility." I said high fiving them. Leo, Adam and Chase looked confused. "Give it a minute."

With that their pants fell down to the floor revealing their boxers. Leo and Chase had normal boxers and Adam had kid designed boxers. Mai busted out laughing and Mia and I just giggled. Leo and Chase hastily put on their pants again with red faces and Adam just stood there looking confused.

"Looks like he's not as bright as we thought he was." Mai said to Mia.

"Well Mia," I said, "he's a keeper."

She glared at me with red tinted cheeks. Adam still stood there confused until Leo whispered into his ear about the situation. Adam looked down and picked up his pants like nothing happened.

"Looks like you dad forgot to tell you that two of his partner's sons are bionic." Mai said.

"Yeah well, eh." I said.

"Eh?" Chase asked.

"She does that when she can't think of a word." Mia explained.

"So we're not smart are we?" Chase teased me.

"Actually she is." Mai said. Chase looked at her confused. "She's in honors English, AP Art, AP Algebra and Academic History."

"Really?" he asked looking at me with his intense looking eyes.

I felt my heart fluttered. You can't fall for him. Remember he can hurt you. I thought, scolding myself. "Y-yeah."

"Well," Mia said, "we should get going. Have more grounds to cover. That way we won't get lost."

"We'll come with you." Chase said still looking at me.

"Um, no thanks; we need time for ourselves." Mia said cover up for me; she knew that I was battling with myself right now.

"Okay." He said dejectedly.

"But we'll catch up with you guys during lunch." I offered.

"Sure." He said excitedly; his face lighting up.

"Okay then. See you guys at lunch." Mai said.

With that we walked away from them. I heard Leo and Adam say 'You like her' and Chase saying 'I do not', but paid no attention to it. When we knew we were far away from Chase's sensitive hearing Mai and Mia stopped and looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You like him." They said.

"I do not." Déjà vu, I thought.

"Bree," Mai said.

"Okay maybe a little, but it's probably just a crush. It'll go away." I said.

"Bree," Mia said, "you, Mai and I know that that's a lie. You like him, but you're scared."

"So what if I am?"

"Bree he's not going to hurt you like Ethan did." Mai tried to reason. "He's like you. Remember you said you'd give the guy a chance if he was like you."

"And I will." I said. "I'm just not going to date him."

"Fine." Mi said. "Do what you want, but don't come crying to us when he finds and dates a girl that'll accept him for him."

"I'll see." I said. "I just need him to be a friend first, and then we'll see what happens from there."

"Okay." They said and dropped the subject.


I had woken up to Adam banging on my door saying that dad wants us downstairs. Adam and I are brother, but not by blood. Mr. Davenport, or dad, had adopted both Adam and me when we were only babies. His ex-wife couldn't have any kids so they agreed to adoption. But four years later when she found out that he had put in a bionic chip into us she left him with divorce papers that he had unwillingly signed. Then eight years later he found a woman online on a dating website and they instantly fell in love.

He married her and she moved in with us. That same day her son, Leo and our new best friend, found out about Adam and me being bionic. At first she was surprised, but soon accepted us for how we are. Leo on the other hand was ecstatic for what we could do. Now we come back to today. I got up, did my morning routine and went downstairs. When I arrived into the kitchen, dad told us that he has some news. Adam soon began guessing and they were all wrong.

When Tasha, or mom, put a stop to it, dad told us that Leo, Adam and I were going to boarding school. Leo and I asked why and Adam asked what a boarding school is. He may be the eldest, but he sure is not the brightest. Dad told us that he's going to travel around the world with mom and his partner installing the newest inventions. He told us that the boarding school we're going to is one of the best out there and that we'll meet his partner's daughter there. Leo asked why his partner's wife isn't going and Tasha said that Clara, her closest friends, and his wife had died in a fire eight years ago.

We looked shock, but then dad told us to go and pack up. When we finished we got into the car and dad drove off. The ride to the school wasn't long with only a half hour drive, but it felt like eternity with Adam not shutting up; when we arrived Tasha noticed something or someone and ran off to said thing or person. We followed behind her and when we found her we saw her hugging this guy. Dad said that that guy is his partner and the young girl with him is his daughter.

They introduced us and soon we heard someone else yelling the girl's name. Bree, is what they call her, turned around and looked confused as to why these two girls were here. Mai and Mia, is what she called them, told her how they convinced their parents to let them some. They squealed and hugged each other. Than Leo suggested that we go find our rooms. Since we had the same room it wasn't going to be a problem for us; we told mom and dad and they said that they'll call us when they arrive to their first destination. Once we found our room we began unpacking and we left to go look around.

When Adam found a secluded area, Leo said that we should practice a little. We nodded our heads and began doing light training. Then I heard someone whisper.

"Whose there?" I asked.

When I got no response I turned around and then I heard three sighs. I told Adam to throw a small boulder towards the direction I heard the noise from. He did just that and then I heard nothing.

"What the hell?" I turned around and saw the same brunette from before.

"You saw?" Leo asked.

"Saw that you three are bionic?" Leo nodded his head. "Well duh!"

I asked them how they found out and then Bree came out of hiding and told us; when I realized she knew I was hoping that she wouldn't run off screaming freak at me. Not going to lie, yeah I like her, but I don't know how deep the feeling is. When Mai, the first brunette said that Bree was bionic too I heaved a sigh of relief. Then Mai spoke up again.

"I like what you did Bree."

"Thanks; couldn't do it with out my bionic powers." Bree responded.

With that I felt a breeze and Leo and I looked down. We pulled up our pants quickly, blushing like crazy. Mai had busted out laughing and Mia and Bree were giggling. Leo noticed that Adam was still confused and whispered to him the situation. He pulled up his pants like nothing happened and sometimes I'm glad that he's not that bright. Mia said that they were going to have to leave and I looked at Bree dejectedly. She suggested that we meet up at lunch and I agreed with her instantly.

Once Leo thought she was out of hearing range he and Adam began teasing me about liking her. I denied it, but in my mind I knew it was true. Now all that mattered was if she felt the same way too. We continued training lightly a little bit more until the bell rang. It lasted for a few seconds and then the intercom came on. Someone said that all students are needed at the outside lunchroom court for lunch. We went there and got our lunches. With my super sensitive senses I was able to find where Bree and the other two were at.

When I found them I told Leo and Adam to follow me and I began walking. When we were nearing I saw that this guy who looks to be her age with brunette hair that is slightly spiked. Bree looked about ready to explode. I activated my super sensitive hearing and listened in.

"Come Bree," he said, "give me one last chance. I know that what I did was wrong, but I needed to adjust to it and before I knew it you dumped me and then began ignoring me. Bree I'm sorry, but please give me a second chance."

"Ethan," Bree said. Adam, Leo and I had gotten closer and Mia and Mai noticed us, "listen. What you did hurt me, a lot. And honestly I don't think I can take you back. Ethan you ran away from me when you found out. And as you were running you called me a freak. That hurts. And it still does. Now if you don't mind either you leave or I'll get someone to make you leave. And don't think he won't do it because I know he would."

By now Adam, Leo and I were right behind them. Ethan took one look at Adam and decided to leave. He told Bree that he'll be back and responded to his retreating back not to bother. She turned around and looked at us. There were tears in her eyes that were threatening to fall. I put my lunch down next to hers and looked at her again. What happened next surprised me. She hugged me all of a sudden and I stood there surprised. When I felt her sobbing I hugged her back, soothing her; trying to calm her down. I looked at Mai and Mia and they had murderous looks on their faces. Never knew they could feel that type of anger and emotion.

When Bree finished crying she wiped her face and sat down. She pushed away her tray and Mai and Mia told her to eat. She began refusing and the other two began arguing that she needs to eat. It went back and forth until Mai grabbed a fork full of pasta and shoved it in her mouth, though not hard enough for it to hurt. I looked at Bree and saw that she began eating. Albeit slowly, but she was eating. When she finished eating Leo asked them who that guy was.

"That, Leo, was Bree's ex-boyfriend." Mai said like as if that gave us all the answers which it kinda did, but not a lot of information.

"You don't have to answer this," Leo said, "but why did they break up?"

"People in our old school found it weird that they broke up all of a sudden because they thought they were the golden couple. You know the one that will last forever and marry each other." We nodded our heads and she continued. "But one day Bree was training at the park—her father was there helping her and so were we—when her dad threw a red orb like thing and she dodged while using her bionics. Halfway through training Ethan pooped up, literally, and asked what was going on. Bree stood there stunned, her father had a hard face on because he knew what was going to happen next and Mia and I were surprised. He, again, demanded what was going on and her father told him. After the explanation his face was pale and he had a pure look of fear on his face."

"He ran away scared," Bree began, "and as he was running away he called me a freak. I was deeply hurt and took it out on my father. I told him that if he never made me into a bionic superhuman than none of that would have ever happened and I ran to my house crying. And hour later my father went into my room and told me the reason he changed me into a bionic human. He said that if he didn't he would lose me like we lost our mom."

"Why would he lose you?" Adam asked interested.

"There are people that loathe my father and you father. They would do anything to bring them down. The fire that killed my mother was no accident. It was planned. The car that had crashed into me a few days after I broke up with Ethan was no accident; it was planned, if it wasn't for me being bionic than I probably wouldn't have survived. When I realized that I stopped blaming my father and began focusing more on training. Mai and Mia began taking self-defense classes, but that wasn't going to do anything."

"Why?" Leo asked.

"Because we're not bionic." Mai said. "She had tried to convince her father to make us bionic too though we'll be more inexperienced like she because it wasn't planted within us when we were younger."

"Did he do it?" I asked.

"That is classified." Bree said. "Well not really, but we're not just ready to let it out yet. When we get the okay from dad then we'll tell you."

"Okay; so what happened after you set things straight with your dad?"

"We went to school like any other day. I had come across Ethan many times and all those times he ignored me. So during lunch I got fed up with it. I got up went to the new table he began sitting at and told him in front of everyone that we're through. They all gasped and I just began walking away. A girl came up to me and asked me why I did that and I told her 'Because he hurt me and I can't get hurt again by him.'" I said.

"And that was the end of Ethan. Until today." Mia said.

"Yeah; looks like he found out about Bree coming here for high school and decided to come along." Mai said.

Then the intercom came on again.

Will all freshmen please come to the auditorium? The freshmen orientation will begin.

With that we got up and headed for the auditorium.


After a few more minutes of walking the bell rang and the intercom came on. Someone announced that all students are need in the courtyard for lunch. We went there got our lunch and found a seat. Mia began looking around to see if she could find Chase, Leo and Adam, but she didn't; then I saw her face harden. I looked in her direction and saw that Ethan was coming this way.

"What's he doing here?" I hissed.

"Who knows, but we're going to find out." Mai said menacingly.

"Mia, Mai, Bree." He said not taking his eyes off of me.

"Ethan what do you want." I said through gritting teeth; every memory that I got from him after he found out abut my bionic powers came back. Each was a stab trough the heart.

"I just came to ask you to take me back." He said. "When I found out that you were coming here I convinced my parents to let me come so I can be near you and try to win you back."

"Well sucks." Mai said. "Cause she doesn't want you back."

"Come Bree," he said; ignoring what Mai said, "give me one last chance. I know that what I did was wrong, but I needed to adjust to it and before I knew it you dumped me and then began ignoring me. Bree I'm sorry, but please give me a second chance."

"Ethan," I said looking at him with hurt eyes, "listen. What you did hurt me, a lot. And honestly I don't think I can take you back. Ethan you ran away from me when you found out. And as you were running you called me a freak. That hurts. And it still does. Now if you don't mind either you leave or I'll get someone to make you leave. And don't think he won't do it because I know he would."

Ethan took one look behind me for some reason and left. I turned around and came face to face with Chase, Leo and Adam. I looked at Chase and knew that I was close to crying. I honestly don't mind if they know or not, but at the moment all I needed was a hug. Chase put own his tray of lunch and when he faced me again I surprised him by going into his arms. I stood there stunned and I began crying. When he felt me sobbing he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. When I finished crying I wiped my face and sat down.

I pushed my tray away not hungry and Mia and Mai told me that I had to eat. I told them that I wasn't hungry and we began arguing. After a while Mai grabbed a fork full of pasta and shoved it into my mouth, but not a lot to hurt. When I finished eating Leo asked why we broke up and Mai began telling them. Soon I finished explaining it oo them and I felt better. Then the intercom came on and that same voice said that all freshmen need to go to the auditorium for orientation.

When we arrived we saw Ethan and I told them that we should head to the front. They nodded their heads and followed me. We sat down on the chairs and waited for it to start. Soon enough the principal came to the podium. She was small, albeit chunky, with blonde hair and looked like, by her attitude that she was in the army. Maybe.

"Welcome maggots to Mission Creek Boarding School. This is a high school that you'll be staying in because your parents don't want you around. Two things; one: do what you have to do and don't slack off, and two: don't humiliate the football team. They're the stars of this school." I rolled my eyes. "Do these two things and we'll have a great four years."

With that she left the podium and walked away. Then this dirty blonde hair guy, who looked like he could be in his twenties, stepped up to the podium.

"Sorry about Principal Perry. She can be a bit. . .extreme. Anyways, welcome to Mission Creek High School and we hope you guys have a great four years." He said. "Oh and I'm Vice Principal Honors, but you can call me Rick or whatever you want. You can all go hang out again, but at seven thirty dinner will be served and you will have to be in bed by ten. Dismissed."

With that well left the auditorium. Leo had suggested that we go and tour the school and we agreed since we only toured the surrounding area. When we entered the school we were surprised by what we saw. There were four levels. The pamphlet, yes pamphlet, we got from the front door said that the top level is for freshmen only. The third level is for sophomores. The second level is for juniors. And the level we're standing on is for seniors. We toured all four levels and were amazed by how many classes there are.

Then we went to check out the gym. When we arrived we saw that it was huge. There were bleachers surrounding the whole gym, which could be moved by some sort of key for when you're going to use the gym. Then we went to check out the second gym called the back gym. It wasn't as big but it still had two set of bleachers off to one side of the wall. Then we went to check out the clubs. Chase took an immediate interest in the chess club and I just giggled. He smiled at me and I felt my heart flutter again. Adam checked out the football team and he instantly made friends with them. I just shook my head. Leo on the other hand was a little bit more difficult. Any of the clubs or teams here he didn't like.

So he didn't choose a club. Mai, Mia and I had signed up for the dance club. When we finished signing up one of the football players came up to me.

"Hey babe," he said, "how about you and me go do something alone." He said suggestively.

"How about you and your brain dead friends leave me alone and go to some girl that's more easier for you. You know the ones with out a brain."

People 'oh'ed and I began walking away. Mai said that if they ever come near us again that there'll be hell to pay. Chase, Adam and Leo came up to me and asked me if I was okay. I said I was fine and they smiled. I asked Chase if he signed up for the chess club and he said that he did. I smiled and murmured geek. He looked at me and asked what I said. Soon I remembered about him and his sensitive hearing. I said nothing and looked away.

But he didn't have any of that. He asked again what I said and I took a deep breath. I called him geek, but he knew I was kidding. He chuckled and began advancing towards me. I started walking faster, but he caught up. He was going to grab me when I stuck my tongue out at him and began running away. My father had taught me how to control my bionics with out setting it off and now I can act like a normal person.

Soon enough it was time for dinner and we all went into the lunchroom. When dinner was ready Adam, Mia, Leo, Mai, Chase and I decided to hang out before it was time for us to go to bed. When the time for us to head to bed came we bid each other goodnight and went to the separate dorms. When my head hit the pillow I fell asleep instantly and wondered what tomorrow would bring. I knew that we all had the same classes, but who knows what could happen and I was waiting for that.

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