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Chapter Five

Mai and I woke up extra early in order for us to get the secret admirer notes done before Mia and Janelle go to school. When we were just about done Mia began getting up. As soon as the last one finished, I used my super speed to hide the notes quickly before she could see them. Once I got them hidden I turned around ad came face to face with Mia. She looked at me confused and I just stared at her. She asked what I put away quickly and I lied to her saying that it was nothing important. Just something for someone. She looked at me suspiciously, but didn't press the matter. She turned around and began heading towards the bathroom. I called after her saying that Mai and I are heading to school early. She asked why and we said that we wanted to get there early. She shook her head and went into the bathroom. I heaved a sigh of relief and Mai said that we should get going before Janelle gets there. I nodded my head and we left the room. We were close to the dorm's door when someone called our name. We turned around and saw that it was Janelle. She asked where we were going so early and we told her to school.

She asked if we were going to breakfast and we told her that we'll meet them there but that we need to head to the school first. She nodded her head and walked towards our door. I told her that the door is open so she can go in there and wait for Mia. She nodded her head and we exited the building. On the way to the school Mai and I began talking. I told her that I think Mia's is suspicious and she told me that Mia isn't suspicious. She just thinks that we're up to something that we're not supposed to do and she's glad that she not involved. I laughed at the conclusions she comes up with. When we got to school not many people were there. The only ones that were, we're the teachers. We headed to our English room; when we got there the teacher was there. He asked why we were here and we told him that we were supposed to deliver something to two students before they got to class. He looked at us with disbelief and Mai told him the truth. He just nodded his head and wished us luck. I stared at Mai and she just shrugged her shoulders.

We placed the notes on the tables of Mia and Janelle. Once we did that we headed to our other classes. We asked the teachers if they could hand these notes to Mia and Janelle when they come to class. They were reluctant at first until we explained to them why. They nodded their heads and told us that they'll give it to them. We asked them if they can keep it a secret and they said that it was fine. We thanked them and with that we went to breakfast. We only had twenty minutes before the bell rang. When we got there we looked around to see if we could find the others. When we did we walked to them. When we got to the table, Janelle asked if we finished with what we had to do. We told her that we did. She smiled and I sat down next to Chase. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I just smiled innocently at him.

He shook his head and I knew he understood that Operation: Get the idiots together had commenced. When the bell for first period rang we all headed to class. When we got there I sat down next to Chase and looked at Mia and Janelle. When they looked at their desks the expressions on their faces made me almost bust out laughing. They were looking at the notes with mouths opening and closing. They grabbed the notes and opened them. When they then they looked around to see if they could pinpoint the 'admirers.' I caught their eyes and gave them a confused look. They showed me the notes and I just continued to act confused. They rolled their eyes and mouthed that they'll tell me and the others later. I nodded my head and looked at the board when the teacher began teaching. The rest of the day went by the same way. The teachers kept their promises and handed them the notes and we got the same response—mouth open and closing. I had to bite the inside I my lip to keep from laughing. When lunch came we headed to the courtyard there they told us about the notes and Mai and I shared a look.

I looked at Leo and Adam's faces and they were unreadable. Adam had asked what a secret admirer note was and Mia explained it to him. Once he understood what it was his happy expression became serious and deep in thought. I asked Mai if she could read there thoughts and she nodded her head. She let me listen to them and I had to keep myself from laughing. Mia and Janelle had begun to talk about who the admirers could be and I almost began laughing when Adam said that it was probably some loser thinking he has a chance with a beautiful girl like Mia. Mia blushed and looked at the table. Soon enough the bell rang and we had to head to the last three periods of the day. When we got to gym we changed and when we were ready we headed out. Once the teacher began doing attendance he handed Mia and Janelle the notes.

They took it with big smiles and read it. They sighed and I was close to bursting. The teacher soon rained on their parade when he said that we were going outside to the track field to run some laps since its Monday. People groaned and I looked at Mai with a challenge in my eyes. She nodded her head and we quickly got up and headed out. We were the first to arrive to the track and got into place. Chase and Erick were right behind asking what we were planning on doing. We told them that Mai and I were planning on racing. They nodded their heads and soon Mai and I began courting down. When we reached zero we began running. By the time we reached Chase and Erick again we were out of breath. We asked them who won and they said that it was a tie. Mai and I smiled at high-fived. That means that Mai would be able to keep up with me when I don't use my super speed.

The rest of the week was like Monday. Mai and had woken up early to get the notes done and we did exactly the same thing as what we did on Monday. Mia and Janelle hadn't suspected a thing at all. Guess they were in cloud nine. The teachers had done their jobs without giving anything away. When lunch came around Mia and Janelle didn't sit with us. Their excuse 'We want to talk about it between ourselves. If we come up with something we'll tell you guys.' Leo and Adam looked dejected when they didn't sit with us. When Friday came around Mai and I were tired and glad that the weekend was coming. We managed to convince the security guards to give Mia and Janelle the notes during appropriate times. They were reluctant at first, but we convinced the some how.

By the time it was the end of the day, Adam and Leo had grown sick and tired of hearing about Mia's and Janelle's secret admirers. When Mia and Janelle were gone I asked them why they were happy about it and they said that they were happy. Mai and I looked at them and they sighed.

"Okay," Leo said, "maybe we're not happy about it."

"Gee go figure." I said sarcastically.

"Your sarcasm is not needed." Adam said.

I rolled my eyes. "Wanna tell us why you guys aren't happy about it?"

"Because we like them. Okay?" Leo said.

"But now we're going to lose them." Adam said.

"Not unless you confess." Mai stated.

"What if the reject us?" Leo asked.

"Then you got it done with." I said. "Don't confess and you'll regret it."

With that they nodded their heads and walked away. I looked at Mai and asked her if she can keep tabs on what they decide. She nodded her head and told me that she'll tell what they decide. Chase told me that he wasn't proud of this. I looked at him with a 'What the hell' look.

"Just I feel bad knowing the reason they're upset." He explained.

"I feel bad too Chase, but imagine how happy they'll be when they get together." I said.

"If they don't?"

"I'll explain everything to them and I'll get what's coming."

With that we went to the lake with Erick and Mai. When Monday came around Adam and Leo weren't in first period. When lunch came around we began worrying over them. When the end of the day came they appeared. They asked us to come to the lake. We obliged and followed them. There we saw the place decorated with the most romantic thing you could think of. Mai told me that they were planning on confessing so that's why they weren't in school. Adam and Leo grabbed Mia's and Janelle's hands and led them to different spots. They began talking and soon I saw Mia and Janelle crying. They said something and hugged them. They kissed and Mai and I looked away. We made Chase and Erick look away. We looked back at them when Mia and Janelle called us. They told us that they're now dating Adam and Leo and we congratulated them.

Mai and I shared looks and told them that we had something to confess. They asked what it was and we told them that all the secret admirer notes that they'd been receiving we're from us. Mia asked why and we told the about the plan. They were shocked and we told them that Erick an Chase knew about it too. Mia and Janelle shared looks and we were waiting to be attacked. They surprised us by hugging us and thanking us. Adam and Leo thanked us too and we all began goofing around. I smiled at how happy my life has become after a while and then thought that it all might change if we don't stop him from coming after me. Once he's gone I'll be able to actually be happy. Chase saw me zoning out and asked me what I was thinking about. This caught everyone's attention and I told them about how happy my life has become and that it all might change for the worst if he comes after me. Chase told me they whoever he is that he's not going to get me. The others agreed and I smiled.

Soon it was time for the school dance. Students were running around trying to find dates. Some were lucky enough to ask who they wanted and others weren't as lucky. Chase asked me and I agreed. I told him that he didn't even need to ask me, but he said that he wanted to. Soon enough the weekend came. Mai, Mia and Janelle told me that today we were going to be spending the day shopping. Mai had a serious look on her face and I knew that she didn't want to go, but was being forced to. The guys said that they were going with us so they can get their tuxes to the color of our dresses. We nodded our heads and we headed to town. We split up and when we found our dresses we got them. We sent a picture to the guys showing a piece of the dresses with the colors and they said that they'll get the tuxes to match. We texted them back saying that we'll meet them at Burger King. With that we continued to shop around. When we got everything we needed we headed to Burger King.

When we got there we saw Chase and the others waiting in line. We went up to them and waited with them. When it was our time to order we decided to order by couples. When we got our food we went to find some seats. Lucky enough we found seats next to each other. After we finished eating we decided to head back to school. The guys walked us to the dorms and we bid them goodbye.

Once dinner was over we went to our special spot, the lake, and hung out. When it was curfew time we went to bed. The girls and I couldn't wait for the school dance. As I slept everything that happened the day my mom died came to me. I twist and turned, but didn't wake up.

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