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Roger clutched his trunk, glancing at the brick wall in between platforms nine and ten. His father had said to just run at it – just run straight at that brick wall, right there. Of course, the man hadn't stuck around to see him off, or even show him how to run through. So, he could wait until someone else came along to show him… right?

He glanced at the clock. Oh, yeah, he had about twenty minutes before the train left; he could afford to wait a bit longer.

Luckily, a group that had to be bound for Hogwarts walked up in about four minutes. Roger hung back, watching as the older, blond boy ran through. It was then that the younger-looking one noticed him.

"Mum, I think he's a first year, too," the kid hissed. The boy's mother glanced over at Roger, who shifted uncomfortably.

"Are you a first year?" she asked. Roger nodded quickly, going back to staring at the wall. "Just go in with Maurice, he helped see off Ernie last time. Meanwhile, I need to get your father to work. Can you handle this, Maurice?"

The boy nodded and grinned brightly at Roger, who averted his gaze. "Hi! I'm Maurice!" he said. "Follow me! We've gotta find a compartment to sit in, so we should probably get going."

Roger took a few steps toward the barrier, but apparently he was moving too slow, because Maurice grabbed his hand and pulled him through. He could barely stop a startled yelp as he went straight through the brick wall and ended up on the other side, one of his hands clutching his trunk, the other clutching Maurice's hand.

Maurice, however, wasn't fazed at all. He just got a better hold on his trunk and pulled Roger up to the train.

Roger usually thought people who thought random objects beautiful weird, but even he couldn't deny the train was beautiful. It was gigantic, and shiny, and… he could marvel at its beauty any longer, because Maurice had pulled him onto it. His trunk got stuck on the way up, and he had to yell at Maurice before the other boy took his arm off.

"Hey! Stop!" he said. Maurice looked back.

"Oh, sorry," he said, laughing a little and setting down his trunk. It took both of them to try and get the thing to even move. "What do you have in here, rocks?"

…Maurice didn't need to know that he'd brought along a few rocks for fun, did he?

After about five minutes of pulling, they eventually got it up onto the train. Maurice sighed.

"Now we're gonna have a harder time finding a compartment," he muttered.

"Sorry," Roger said. He wasn't even sure why Maurice was still hanging around him; once most wizards and witches found out who he was, they usually left right away-

Of course. Maurice had never asked his name. Well, he'd have a friend until the sorting ceremony. Maurice didn't seem too bothered about not knowing his name.

"Are you coming?"

Roger blinked and nodded, shaking his head free of those irrelevant-for-now thoughts. He followed Maurice down the train until the taller boy stopped in front of a nearly full compartment and opened the door. "Is it okay if we sit in here with you? Everywhere else's full."

Roger rolled his eyes. They'd only been down half of the train at most, but, whatever.

"I don't know; you're not mudbloods, are you?" one of the smaller boys said, a boy with almost white hair and grey eyes. Both Roger and Maurice shook their heads. "Then I suppose. Just for the way there."

The redhead that was stretching out across one of the seats sat up and scooted over to sit next to the window. Maurice smiled brightly and sat in the middle, leaving Roger to the side by the door. "I'm Draco Malfoy, and these are Crabbe, Goyle-"

"And I'm Jack Merridew," the redhead said. He looked at Roger for longer than most people did, until Roger dropped his gaze, flushing. Maurice smiled brightly.

"I'm Maurice Macmillan. And this is… uh…" Maurice said, just realizing that he'd never gotten Roger's name. Roger rolled his eyes.

"Roger," he said. Draco Malfoy looked closer at him.

"Roger what?"

Roger swallowed and glanced at the floor. Was it too late to move compartments, to move somewhere where they wouldn't be asking him about his last name? Clearly him and Maurice had stumbled upon a group of Slytherin – if the names Malfoy and Merridew were anything to go by – pureblood supremacists. And though Roger was a pureblood, people learning his family name usually didn't go over very well. There was always some cousin or uncle or sibling that had gotten attacked by his grandfather.

"Well?" Malfoy said. He sniffed. "I'm starting to think you're just a mudblood parading around as a pureblood so you'll get some friends."

"M'brother's best friend is a muggleborn," Maurice muttered under his breath. Roger ignored it. He wasn't a werewolf, but he'd inherited more finely tuned senses than most people.

"It's Greyback," he said. Everyone – not including Goyle, who was staring out the window with a blank expression on his face – gasped.

"Like- Fenrir Greyback?" Jack Merridew said. Roger bit his lip and nodded.

"He's my grandfather," he muttered.

"You're not a werewolf, are you?" Malfoy asked. Roger shook his head. Malfoy leaned back in his seat, looking satisfied. "Then I suppose it's alright. Just don't eat me."

"You can be like Crabbe and Goyle – we use them to scare people," Merridew said, nodding. Roger rolled his eyes. Wonderful. He'd found people that weren't distant as soon as he told them his name and they wanted to use him to terrify people.

That wasn't bad, though. He did kind of like scaring people…

"We should change into our robes," Goyle said suddenly. They all jumped. He pointed out the window to some obviously significant piece of scenery. "We're almost there."

And I'm just assuming Fenrir Greyback's old enough to have a son with a son old enough to go to Hogwarts, seeing as he's the one who turned Remus Lupin into a werewolf.

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