"Do you feel like going to the Quidditch match?" Piggy asked Luna, and she shook her head, not wanting to really do anything at the moment, especially with Piggy. It wasn't like she didn't like Piggy, but sometimes she didn't always want to be around him. She really missed Simon.

"Doesn't matter if she does or not," Bill muttered, passing by them. "It's been cancelled."

"What? Why would they do that?" Piggy asked. Bill rolled his eyes.

"Why do you even care?" he asked, and Luna took this opportunity to run up to her dormitory. She just wanted to be alone right now.

Unfortunately, the other girls in her year were in her dorm. She wasn't really friends with any of them, and none of them really acknowledged her existence. Luna decided that perhaps she should just wander about the castle. Maybe she could visit Simon in the Hospital Wing. It had been a while since she'd seen him. The only problem would be sneaking past Piggy, but Luna figured that if she was quick, she could outrun him. And maybe he was still arguing with Bill.

She crept back down the stairs into the common room, gaining the attention of nobody. Piggy was still arguing with Bill. It looked like it was about to get physical. Terry Boot, who had been standing threateningly behind Bill with Michael Corner, glanced over and spotted her. He muttered something to Michael and walked over to join her.

"Are you going to visit Simon?" he asked. Luna nodded. "Well… would you mind if I joined you? I mean, Simon is… was… a nice kid. I mean, I liked him."

"Alright," Luna said. "Though I would prefer to be alone."

Terry looked hurt. "Well, if you don't want me to come…"

"No, it's alright," she said. Terry still looked uncomfortable, but he nodded, and the two headed through the surprisingly empty corridors to the Hospital Wing. "Where is everyone?" Luna asked.

"Common rooms," Terry said. He looked embarrassed. "I forgot. We were told to go back to the common rooms and wait."

"Oh," Luna said. "We should probably head back then, shouldn't we?"

Terry nodded, and they turned around. Luna could hear someone coming – running, laughing, and talking loudly. It sounded like Maurice Macmillan, and where Maurice was, Roger Greyback probably was, too. Luna switched directions and headed for the noise. She heard Terry call after her and ignored him; she did really want to see Roger.

She saw him just before he turned a corner and ran to catch up. "Roger!" she said. Both him and Maurice paused, Maurice's face stretching into a grin.

"Hi Luna!" he said. "We're gonna see if we can find the monster. It has to be around here somewhere. This is where both of the girls were petrified."

"Which girls?" Luna asked. Roger spoke this time, voice low and quiet.

"Penelope Clearwater and Hermione Granger," he said. "Both mudbloods."

"Penelope's in my house," Luna said. "Why do you want to look for the monster, anyway? It doesn't seem like a very smart thing to do."

"We – well, I – figure that if the need comes, Roger can just freak the thing out enough that it will leave. Besides, we're both Slytherins and both purebloods, so we should be totally fine," Maurice said. "Are you a pureblood?"

"Yes," Luna said, though she wasn't totally sure. She thought so, probably. "I think so."

"Great!" Maurice said brightly. "Then we'll have nothing to worry about!"

The three – plus a very reluctant Terry Boot, who was trailing behind them, looking around every few seconds like he was expecting to be attacked – wandered around the library, keeping an eye out for Madam Pince even though Luna thought she was probably elsewhere, poking around in corners. Roger even managed to wriggle his way into the restricted section. He found nothing in there except a book that attacked him. He nearly lost an eye in his haste to get out.

"Luna, I really think that we should head back," Terry said, glancing around. Night had fallen by now, and they'd had to jump behind shelves more than once to avoid Filch. "We're going to get in trouble-"

"Luna, tell your annoying friend to either shut up or get out of here," Maurice said from atop a bookshelf. Luna didn't know how he'd gotten up there. Perhaps some magical creature had helped him up there. Luna wouldn't doubt it. Magical creatures often frequented libraries. "He's ruining the fun."

"I don't want to go out there alone," Terry said. His voice was small. Luna looked at him, and he met her eyes. "Please come with me."

"Aren't you a second-year?" Maurice asked, climbing down from the bookshelf. He stepped on quite a few books, and Luna saw Terry wince at the footmarks on the pages. "Should you really be scared?"

"This is Hogwarts," Terry said. "If you haven't noticed, it's a terrifying place. Last year our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher had You-Know-Who on the back of his head! There's deadly things around every corner! I have every right to be afraid, especially with a gigantic monster on the loose!"

"Are you a mudblood, then?" Maurice asked. "Half-blood?"

Terry shook his head. "Pureblood," he said. "But… I don't want to get caught by teachers, either. Please, Luna."

Luna really did want to stay, exploring the dark library with Maurice and Roger, but… they probably should head back. "We probably should go," she said. Maurice gave her a hug, and she waved and smiled at Roger, who turned a deep red and turned around.

The way back to the common room was nerve-wracking and difficult. As soon as they got back, Terry left her, joining Bill, Michael, and Anthony Goldstein. Luna hadn't seen Anthony hang around them before, but she supposed that perhaps Bill's coolness had pulled him in. As much as Luna didn't like Bill and thought he was a bit of a prick, he was very cool.

But she still liked Roger, Maurice, and Simon better.

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