It burned, at first. A screaming sensation from every nerve as the long practiced flow of chi through her body stopped altogether. It didn't last long though. One moment, maybe two or perhaps it was a year and she just didn't notice because where the burning stopped, nothing was left. Like fire bending, where once stood a tall, green, proud tree, after the burning, stood nothing. Maybe it was slower like water bending, where once stood a great mountain which could bend in no breeze, after years of waves lapping it away, stood but rubble and dust. Was it like earth bending? Where a tall city stood, was it through the toppling of all the buildings, one by one, as a city screamed for freedom, that the ground swallowed the city whole and left nothing there?

But it didn't really matter what it was like anymore, because it was over. The last 17 years of training didn't sizzle under her skin, the air didn't feel like a spark waiting to be ignited, the ocean in the distance wasn't there at all, and the ground beneath her didn't beg to move.

And it was so wonderful.

But only briefly, because then Mako was in trouble, and she was not the Avatar. She had nothing to use to help him. No weapon. But he handled himself. He didn't need her.

They ran down the halls, and nothing around her buzzed in the back of her mind to be used, to be bent, to be warped by her hand, the only hand that could save the city, the only hand that could reach into the spirit world and come out again as a living being.

She was not the Avatar.

And it was so wonderful.

If she died now, no one would rely on her. She would not to be the one to blame. If she died now, the city could move on. She could live any way she wanted.

It was sick and twisted of her to think like this. To fantasize now of a life in the Southern Tribe, with her family, without that compound they trapped her in, without having to think about all the world's problems and how she alone could fix them.

She was so free it hurt.

For the first time in her life she could taste freedom, feel it pumping through her.

Absolutely no one could rely on her now!

And, after all, air is the element of freedom.