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I inwardly prepare for the worst as Coulson walks over to me. I already knew he would find out sometime, but I hate that he knows already. He throws a file down onto my desk. "What is this, Agent?" I shrug my shoulders and gently pick the object up before letting it fall back into place on the desk.

"It looks like a folder to me, sir." He angrily flips it open, ignoring my sarcasm, and points to the top of the page. "That's my two weeks' notice, sir." He crosses his arms. "I'm quitting." He shakes his head furiously and sits on my desk in front of me as he mumbles something incomprehensible under his breath and, despite being angry, his voice seems rather gentle.

"You belong with the Avengers, Barton." It's my turn to shake my head. I'm not special. I don't have superpowers – I'm just a normal human being. I can't belong there. Nat's the only exception – and that's because her spy skills should be a superpower. That combined with her brains and she's nearly unstoppable.

"No I don't – I'm no superhero." Phil sits there flabbergasted. "I'm just a person, sir."

"Steve Rogers is just a kid from Brooklyn." He counters.

"He's Captain America." I state, blankly. "He's a super soldier; he saved the world. You adore him, sir." I feel a twinge of jealousy as the statement leaves my mouth. It's what I get for liking Phil. I've only known since the day we met that he likes Captain America. I never even stood a chance compared to the blond captain – why should that change now?

"You're Hawkeye. You're a super sniper; you helped save the world. I adore you." I stare at him with my mouth hanging open. "You're important, Barton. Rethink this." He hops off my desk and I stand up with him. My hand immediately shoots up and lands on his shoulder. He looks at me with those eyes and I'm hooked.

"I already have, sir." I answer without hesitation and he smiles at me. He has such a beautiful smile. I need to make him do that more often. His laugh is adorable, too, but he doesn't do that too often anymore.

"You're staying, then?" I stare at the shimmer of hope in his eyes.

"Anything for you, Phil." It's true. I would do anything for him. It doesn't matter what it is, I love him and I will go to the ends of the earth to prove it if that's what it takes.

"Good. Come on, babe. Let's go home." He grabs my hand.

"What happened to keeping our relationship out of work?" He just smiles a bit more and entwines our fingers as we walk towards the elevator. People stare, but he doesn't seem to mind.

We step into the elevator and the doors close behind us. "I figured I'd make an exception for you."

"I love you too." He just leans over and places a kiss on my cheek and I know that's his way of telling me that he loves me and that he forgives me for nearly quitting, but he'll prove that to me later.

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